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Updated March 2017. The information stated below is based on the DFA website and is accurate to the best of the writer’s knowledge. However, according to personnel from DFA Cebu, the DFA website is not updated regularly. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to personally get a list of requirements from their nearest DFA office, as there may be changes in the requirements that are not reflected right away in the DFA website and in this page. You may also call DFA for verification of information. (Contact details and overview of the application process can be found here: Passport Application/Renewal at DFA Cebu: What You Need To Know.)



To get a passport, you need 1 ID and 2 supporting documents in addition to your NSO birth certificate and application form.

Gawas sa NSO birth certificate ug application form, kinahanglan ang usa (1) ka ID ug duha (2) ka supporting documents para makakuha ug passport.


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As of March 16, 2017, these are the IDs accepted by the DFA:
Mao kini ang mga ID nga dawaton sa DFA:

  • Government-issued picture IDs such as the following:
    • BIR ID (Digitized)
    • Driver’s License
    • GSIS E-card
    • IBP ID
    • OWWA ID
    • PRC ID
    • Senior Citizen’s ID
    • SSS ID (Digitized)
    • Unified Multi-purpose ID (UMID)
    • Voter’s ID (Source)
  • Other acceptable picture IDs such as the following:
    • College ID
    • Alumni ID
    • Employment/Work ID
    • Improved premium/postal ID (new addition)

You need only 1 valid ID.
Usa ra ka valid ID ang kinahanglanon.

Regarding the Voter’s ID, it is listed as one of the acceptable IDs in the DFA website but there are some government websites (such as the Official Gazette of the Philippines) that still don’t include the Voter’s ID as one of the acceptable IDs — so, to be safe, I would suggest that you try as much as possible to bring/secure another valid ID and not rely on the voter’s ID.

Regarding the new postal ID, it is now listed in the DFA website as one of the accepted IDs, with the emphasis that it should be the improved/premium postal ID — the one with the QR code and other security features and that was launched relatively recently — and not the old one. You can find out how to secure the new postal ID in this article: How to Get the New Postal ID in Cebu.

Find out how to renew your PRC ID in Cebu — it’s very easy! — in this article: PRC License Renewal in Cebu in Less than 2 Hours.

dfa cebu online passport application appointment

Supporting Documents

As of March 16, 2017, these are the supporting documents accepted by the DFA:
Mao kini ang mga supporting documents nga dawaton sa DFA:

  • Form 137 (Elementary or High School) or Transcript of Records with readable dry seal
  • Government Service Record
  • Land Title
  • Marriage Contract (NSO/PSA)
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Postal ID (Digitized)
    • This is still in the list of supporting documents although the list of acceptable IDs already includes the improved/premium postal ID (see here).
  • School Yearbook
  • Seaman’s Book
  • SSS-E1 Form or Microfilmed Copy of SSS-E1 Form (must be readable)
  • Voter’s Certification, List of Voters and Voter’s Registration Record (please attach receipt)

These documents must have been issued at least one year prior to date of application and must show correct name, date and place of birth, picture, and signature of applicant.

Note that there are documents that used to be accepted as supporting documents — namely, the Barangay Clearance, Birth Certificate of Child/Children, Community Tax Certificate (Cedula), and the Income Tax Return — that are no longer in the current list. The Voter’s ID used to be in the list of supporting documents but is now in the list of acceptable IDs.

You need at least 2 supporting documents.
Labing menos duha ka supporting documents ang kinahanglanon inigkuha ug passport.

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs: List of Acceptable IDs

For an overview of the passport application process, see:
Passport Application/Renewal at DFA Cebu: What You Need To Know



avoid offloading



Immigration officer tips



Again, for your convenience, here are the articles that you might find useful:

Passport Application/Renewal at DFA Cebu: What You Need To Know 

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Renewing A Philippine Passport at DFA Cebu: List of Requirements 

Getting A Philippine Passport: List of Acceptable IDs and Supporting Documents

Good luck! 🙂

92 Responses

    1. Di ra man kaayo! Just 1 ID and 3 supporting docs. Pwede ra old college ID or old work ID. Then sa supporting docs pwede ra cedula, SSS E1 form, and school yearbook. I think mao nah ang mga sayon-sayon kuhaon. (Kapuy bitaw kuha mga NBI clearance uy…hehe…)

      1. Ay bitaw… I think ang pinaka-sayon na ID kuhaon kay ang postal ID, kanang bag-o na postal ID kay dawaton na man daw sa DFA. Then naa pod daw sa SM, tupad sa Prime Care, pwede daw ka kuha ug UMID didto. Or kung unsa lang ang pinaka-convenient nimo. 🙂 Good luck!

  1. Hi good day to you,ask lng ko kng unsa ang requirements sa pg renew sa passport kng balik manggagawa? Ma expire ako passport sa oct.19,2017 pa pro ky plan nko nga mg vacation ko sa april nxt yr pa..nka renew ko sko passport sa abu dhabi pgka oct 20,2012,ask lng f mao na bha na ang new passport

    1. Hi Cielo! Wala ra man gi-mention sa DFA so I think okay ra if taod2 na ang imong birth cert as long as it’s in SECPA paper. If you want to be sure though, you can try calling DFA. Sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer.

  2. hello…ask lang ,new applicant man gud ko so confused ko f do i need to get a marriage contract from NSO or the marriage cert from LCR will do na kay my ids’ man gud wa pa nga change ang surname.

    ang naa ra nako:

    alumni id
    birth cert (nso)
    voters id (single pa ang status)
    marriage cert from LCR
    tin id (husband surname na ako gamit)
    philhealth id (husband surname na ako gamit)
    updated voters cert (husband surname na ako gamit)
    cedula (husband surname na ako gamit)
    barangay clearance (husband surname na ako gamit)
    nasad ko tor

    ok na ba ni cla e approve kaha nii sa DFA Ma’am

    1. Hi Jessa,

      You can use your BIR ID as your primary ID. Okay ra man pod ang alumni ID or employment ID even if single pa nimo sya na name, tutal naa man ka’y marriage certificate.

      For your supporting documents, you can use your voter’s ID, cedula and barangay clearance.

      Ang marriage certificate, naa ka’y 2 choices:
      1. Marriage Contract issued by NSO
      2. Original and photocopy of the marriage cert from LCR, but it must be authenticated by NSO

      Hope this helps. Good luck!

  3. Hi maam.good day.kani mga supporting documents.pwede rANi cia expire na nga documents?

  4. ma’am pwede school id ra akong e present as valid id? I’m still unemployed since I just graduated a month ago. Then wala pakoy mga gov. Id. Completo naman akong mga supporting documents ang sa ID ra part ko nag problema. Please help.

  5. Hi Good day…

    ask lng ko about sa ako NSO.. ky wala koy middle name is it possible nga accepted siya although wla ko middle name sa NSO?? thanks

    1. Hi Samantha,

      As long as you really have no middle name (for example, if you are using your mother’s family name), then that should be fine. But if you have a middle name in your other documents, and you don’t have a middle name in your NSO, that might be questioned.

      Good luck!

  6. good morning…pwede ko mo ask? Kung kailang pa ba ug NBI? Nana koy Postal ID kadtong bag-o nga postal ID..nana koy NSO birth certificate..nana sad koy baranggay clearance ug police clearance..nana sad koy cedula..please reply…thank u

    1. Hi Everlita! Ang NBI clearance usa ra na sya sa pwede nga gamiton nga supporting documents. Kinahanglan ka mo-submit ug tulo (3) ra ka supporting documents. Since naa na man ka’y barangay clearance, police clearance, ug cedula, dili na kinahanglan ang NBI clearance.

    1. Nganung gikinahalan pa man nila and 2 valid ID one is enough diba i have enough supporting documents that can prove that its not scan or any reason..
      I have newly postal I’d
      Old school I’d
      Police clearance
      Form 137
      SSS E1

      But why and why they don’t accept my ID’s

  7. I also had NSO
    But its useless .
    They don’t accept.
    I’m also looking good.
    What they want.

    I’m sorry for the bad words
    I just exist my feelings and experience.
    It was a big disappointment to me.

  8. may question lang po ako.kukuha sana ako ng passport kaya lang wala akong baptismal cert. and voters cert.kasi mali yung voters id ko at diploma,tor,school id. yung meron lang sa akin ay postal id,nbi clearance,police clearance,brgy clearance and community tax,birth cert. my question is makakuha pa kaya ako ng passport?

    1. Hi Del,
      Hindi naman kailangan ang baptismal certificate. Sabi ng DFA, tatanggapin na raw nila ang postal ID (yung bago) as valid ID. Meron ding nagsabi sa akin na 2 IDs daw ang kailangan pero hindi ko pa na-verify, nung time namin isa lang, at isa din lang ang sabi dun sa DFA website. Okay na yung 3 supporting docs mo – NBI, police & barangay clearance, pwede rin yung cedula. Tapos NSO birth cert. I-verify mo na lang sa DFA if dalawang ID ba talaga ang kailangan. Good luck po!

      1. hello again.ask ako na ba dfa dumaguete?.at ano requirements sa dfa dumaguete..please help me po.

      2. Hi Del, I Googled it for you and mukhang hindi pa rin open ang DFA Dumaguete. But I’m pretty sure if ever mag-o-open dun, same requirements pa rin, kasi uniform naman yan throughout the country.

  9. Good day. makakakuha po ba ako ng passport f ito lang yung valid IDs . ko. TIN. philhealth UMID at sa company id. ok lang po ba na walang baptismal nso certificate lang . .im waiting ur reply tnx

    1. Hi Felna. Hindi naman required ang baptismal certificate. Ang kailangan mo: NSO birth cert, 1 valid ID (okay na yung UMID), and 3 supporting documents. Check mo lang — nasa article na ito ang listahan ng supporting documents na tinatanggap ng DFA.

  10. hi maam mu apply kko passport ok na ni akong documents maam?
    Postal id
    Drivers license
    Police clearnce
    Brgy clearance

    1. Hi Jerra,

      Kinahanglan ka’g NSO birth certificate, 1 valid ID (pwede na imong driver’s license), and 3 supporting documents (pwede ang police clearance ug barangay clearance, kulang pa ka ug isa).

      Tan-awa lang ang kumpleto nga lista sa requirements diri:

      Unya ang lista sa mga ID ug supporting documents nga dawaton sa DFA makita diri:

  11. hello im here just asking po plan ko kukuha ako ng bir tin id.kaya lang wala ako work. pwede parin ba na makukuha ko?

  12. another question.ang nbi clearance ba is valid id?tatanggapin ba nila tga dfa?plan ko po sa dfa cdo kumuha.

  13. may tor po ako at diploma at old school id pero po wala pong II.tatanggapin ba nila.? sa bc ko po meron II.

      1. hi po pwedi mag tanung kng pwedi ba ung driver licents na temporary pa lng hindi pa sya card ?? kc 5 months pa pra maging card eh ?

      2. hai po ulit pwedi nba 2ng req. ko ?

        old H.S id
        driver license
        birth cert. (nso) 2013 ko pa na kuha
        brgy clerance for passport
        voters stamb or voters receipt

  14. meron na po ako postal id yung bago.kaya lang just in case na kailangan pa ng isa.ano ba ang easy na id na makukuha ko?

  15. Hi maam ask lang ko ang nbi ,police ug brgy clearance di ba na considered na usa ra?nya maam required na ba ang vrr run sa pagkuha ug passport?na a mn gud koy kaila na mikuha passport wa sya kakuha kay gpangita an syag vrr
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jerra,

      Gilista man separately ang NBI, police, and barangay clearance, and lahi sad jud sila na document, so I can’t think of any reason nganong ma-consider sila nga usa ra, pero i-try lang ug ask sa DFA para sure.

      Ang VRR, sa akong nahibaw-an, required ra sya kung ang imong i-present nga supporting document kay ang imong voter’s certification, dapat apilan nimo ug list of voters and VRR.

      For more info:

    1. Hi Lyn,

      I’m not sure, but I think para na sa mga ga-trabaho sa gobyerno. If ga-work ka sa government, try lang ask sa inyong HR or admin. (And sorry for the really late reply, I’ve been having internet problems for over a week now.) Good luck!

  16. Hi meron nah akong new postal id..ok naba un para sah valid id?
    Sabay ung pang support naman meron aqng marriage contract(nso) ,barangay clerance,highschool form 137,highschool year book..ok naba yan?
    Kahit walang nbi or police clerance?
    Tapus kasama ko yung dalawa kung anak 5yrs old tsaka 3yrs old..
    Di naba kame pipila pg ganun?
    Nso birth certificate,babtismal,meron sila ok narin bah un para makakuha sila ng passport? Yung baby book kc nila nawala nung binagyo yung lugar namen mismong clinic nawalan ng record..
    Bukas kasi namen balak pumunta sah dfa..

    1. Hi Joyee,

      According to this article, pwede na yung new postal ID for passport applications:

      Kung sa DFA Cebu ka mag-a-apply, di mo na kailangan pumila. I’m not sure ano ang process sa ibang DFA branches but dapat priority kayo kasi kasama mo ang dalawang anak mo.

      Basahin mo na lang ulit yung article (itong kino-commentan mo), basta kailangan isa sa mga valid ID na nakalista dun, at tatlo sa mga supporting documents sa listahan.

      Good luck! (And sorry for the really late reply, I’ve been having internet problems for over a week now.)

  17. so naa na ko ani nga supporting documents: NSO marriage certificate, barangay clearance, police clearance, and NBI clearance. for government-issued ID, ang naa ra nako is voter’s ID. madawat ra ba ni? kay sa requirements, ang voter’s ID falls under supporting documents.

    1. Sa ako sad nahibaw-an, voter’s ID is considered a supporting document lang. You can try calling DFA para sure, but mas maayo siguro magkuha na lang jud ka ug another government ID. It was reported in the news that the DFA will now accept the new postal ID for passport applications — I think that’s one of the easiest IDs to get.

  18. Hi, maam ask lng unta ko kng pwd na ba ni ako docs for passport, naa q umid sss id as valid id, nya ako supporting docs ky marriage cntrct (nso), nbi clearnce ug cedula pwd nani sya maam? or need pa jud laing supporting docs,, salamat.

      1. Oo, naa pud koy nso birth certificate maam, good to go nko ani maam? for passport? Salamat.

  19. Hi, mangutana ko , unsa deay ang requirements sa pagkuha ug passport para sa mga under age kay 17 pako gud. nya galibog ko kay kinahanglan daw nga 2 valid IDs , nya usa raman akong ID ( school Id ) . Nya naglibog sad ko deli daw kinahanglan ang baptismal certificate but then among silingan gi require gyud siya baptismal cert. Unsa gyud deay ? Salamat 🙂

    1. Hi Laurence!

      Here’s the list of requirements: — Naa’y links diha for minors, i-click lang.

      Dili required ang baptismal certificate. Kami wala mi gipangitaan ug baptismal, even ang bata. Ug dili sad jud pwede nga ilang i-require ang baptismal kay unsaon na lang ang mga dili Katoliko.

      Paki-check na lang sa DFA about anang requirement nga 2 IDs kay ang akong nahibaw-an isa ra. Tan-awa ilang number diri:

  20. Hi, original documents ba ang kuhaun ka dfa? Or photocopy? I mean sa supporting docs..

  21. Hello,, just wanted to ask,, for the supporting docs,, ok rba nga katong claim stub sa voter’s id together with my nbi, and sss e1 form? thank sfor the reply

  22. Hello! Good day! I’m rj and i’m from zamboanga. can i get a police and brgy clearance here in mandaue or cebu city? Im currently renting an appartment, so this is not my permanent address. should i get it in my province or dri nalang? Ok ra ba na? Enlighten me please. Thanks

    1. Hi RJ! I’m afraid I don’t know unsa’y requirements for barangay and police clearance so di ko sure if pwede ba ka anhi ra sa Cebu magkuha. I-try lang daw ug Google unsa’y requirements ana nilang duha, if kailangan ba gyud ka permanent resident. Duda ko dili man necessary nga permanent resident jud ka, pero i-sure lang, i-research lang ang requirements anang police & brgy clearance.

      1. hi sir good morning po,ask ko lang po sana firstime ko pong kukuha ng passport pero wala po akong form 137 okay lang po bang kumuha ng passport kahit wala pong form 137

  23. Ask ko lang po kung pwede na yung 1 UMID ID then yung 3 supporting documents ko are: Cedula, Marriage Contract and Income Tax Return. Yun lang po available ko eh. Thank you.

  24. pwede po ba gamitin ang barangay clearance and police clearance local para sa pag rerenew ng passport?

  25. hai po ulit . ask lng po pwedi ba mka labas ung taong may kaso tapos nag piyansa lng .. ? tnx i need your answer .

      1. Hi po! Can I use my Philhealth card as my main id? It is gov’t issued and is a picture id. Thanks!

      2. Hi Chuck! It’s not listed in the DFA website as one of the accepted IDs so I’m not sure, I suggest you call DFA and ask them directly. Good luck!

  26. Hellow po kukuha na po ako ng Passport this week po..Ang i.d na meron po ako ay new postal i.d TIN i.d . Marriage Cer. Birth, Police Clearance ,NBI,Barngay,Cedula, Form 137 ..Ok na po ba yan.??
    Salamat po sa sagot.

  27. hi, pwede ra mga supporting docs ra ako dalhon sa dfa like nbi,police clearance, barangay clearance, nso, sss e1, ug cedula? kay wala koy valid ids.. ok ra kaha na?

  28. maam,, naa nakoy college ID unya naa nakoy NSO , voters certificate , barangay clearance, cedula, NBI
    pwd nako kakuha og passport ana new applicante ko maam
    Gmail maam,

  29. Hi ask ko lang kung OK yung list ng req ng asawa ko para sa pagkuha ng passport nya eto lng kc meron cya

    Employee I’d
    Old college I’d
    Old company I’d
    Nso birth cert
    Nso marriage cert
    Nso birth cert ng kids namen
    Brgy clearance

    Thanks po sa ssgot

  30. Maam ang naa nako voters id..nbi clearance.t.o.r .baptismal ..brgy clearance .nso birth certificate..mga supporting documents ra.pwede na ba ni..wla man gyud lain nga id..

  31. Hi po.about sa voter’s id,single pa akong apelyedo didto pero nagkuha nko og voter’s cert.para sa change status…ok na kya na?

    1. Hi Mae Ann! Sorry wala ra ba ko kahibaw unsa’y policy sa DFA ana. I suggest tawagi na lang sila mismo para sure. Good luck!

  32. hi good evening! ask ko lang po kung ok na po ba tong mga requirements ko. as of now po kasi ito lang meron ako yung ibang primary ids on the procss pa lang pero sa nov 28 na kasi appointment ko di na aabot.

    *old school id 2010-2014
    *sangguniang kabataan id 2010-2013
    *philhealth id
    *pagibig id
    *tin id (yung yellow laminated)
    *current company id
    *college tor
    *college diploma
    *birth certificate
    *nbi clearance kaso may pa nagexpire
    *employment certificate (current at previous)

  33. Hi everyone!

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