Applying for a visa can be an overwhelming experience, especially if it’s your first time. You probably have a lot of questions: What should you say in your cover letter?  How do you format your itinerary? If someone else is paying for your trip, how do you make an Affidavit of Support?

This Visa Pack is designed to help you get a head start on your application for a Schengen visa. It contains the following files:

  1. Checklist of Requirements for Tourist Visa (Official) (.PDF)
    • This is from the Italian embassy but other Schengen countries have similar requirements.
  2. SAMPLE Introduction Letter to the Consul (.DOCX)
  3. Schengen Visa Application Form (Official) (.PDF)
    • Addendum (April 2017): If you are applying through the Italian embassy, please note that the VIA website has recently launched an online application form (see HERE). According to VIA: “You can fill up the application form online but you still need to appear personally at VIA Center to submit your application.” The Application Form included in this Visa Pack will help you get familiar with what info you will need to provide in the online form (and perhaps prepare your answers beforehand).
  4. Travel Documents (.PDF)
    • A mini-checklist of which pages of your current and previous passports you should photocopy.
  5. Proof of Travel (.PDF)
    • A mini-checklist of documents pertaining to your travel arrangements such as your flight and train bookings.
  6. TEMPLATE Complete Itinerary with Budget (.DOCX)
    • A detailed itinerary is one of the requirements for a Schengen visa, but this sample goes a step further and includes a column for budget, which will help you prove your financial capability for the trip.
  7. Proof of Financial Means (.PDF)
    • A mini-checklist of financial documents that are required, as well as those documents that are optional but are highly recommended if available to help you prove your financial capacity.
  8. The Visa Applicant’s Guide to Show Money (.PDF)
  9. SAMPLE Affidavit of Support (.DOCX)
  10. Proof of Occupation (.PDF)
    • A mini-checklist of required documents pertaining to your employment (or self-employment) including tips on what details to include in the CoE and LoA.
  11. Health Insurance (.PDF)
    • The specs for your travel health insurance (including how many days’ allowance is required) and a list of insurance companies that are accredited by the Schengen countries.
  12. Accommodation (.PDF)
    • The documents required if you’re staying in hotel OR if you’re staying with a friend or relative.
  13. Other Documents (.PDF)
    • Documents issued by the government that may be necessary for your visa application

Price for this Visa Pack: PHP 99
(less than the cost of most Starbucks drinks!)

So far, I’ve been able to obtain a Schengen visa from the embassies of 3 different countries, so I can say with confidence that these documents work. If you’re wondering why it’s so cheap — compared to what you will pay a travel agency for their help — I guess that’s because this isn’t really my livelihood and so I don’t have to make it expensive. I’m just raising funds to keep this website up and running: for the hosting fees, domain name, stuff like that. 🙂

Please note that the checklists in this Visa Pack are based on the official checklist of the Italian embassy and have been verified as of 6 January 2017. Most Schengen countries have similar requirements, but do make sure that you check with the official embassy websites for any special requirements they might have. The sample cover letter, itinerary, and Affidavit of Support can be used for any Schengen country.


To obtain a copy of this Schengen Visa Pack, just:

Send PHP 99 to any of the following accounts:

Note: For those who choose to send through PayPal, please send a total amount of PHP 119.25. This is because PayPal charges a transaction fee of PHP15 plus 4.4% of the amount sent, so in order for me to receive PHP 99, you will have to send PHP 119.25. Thank you.

For BPI app users, you can also send me a payment using this QR code. (Just click on the link to access the image file, then save it to your device).


Let me know that you’ve already sent the payment.
After I’ve confirmed that I’ve received your payment, I will send you the Schengen Visa Pack by email. Unless there’s an emergency — like the internet going completely crazy — I can send the files to your email within 24 hours after I receive confirmation of your payment.

Please make sure you follow these instructions, otherwise we will be unable to send you the documents. Thank you! 🙂



Good luck!

Just some requisite legal stuff:
By purchasing this visa pack, you acknowledge and agree that SmallTown Girls, Midnight Trains and its administrator(s) naturally cannot guarantee that your visa application will be approved, as we are not connected in any way with the embassy or consulate of any country and have no power or influence over their decisions. You also acknowledge and agree that you are purchasing this visa pack on an “as is, where is” basis; that the samples and other documents in this visa pack are only intended to guide you in putting together your visa application; and that it remains your sole responsibility to make sure that you have complied with all the requirements and accurately filled out all the forms and other documents you submit. Therefore, you agree that SmallTown Girls, Midnight Trains and its administrator(s) have absolutely no liability for any outcome, event, or situation that arises in relation to this visa pack. I hope that’s clear. 🙂



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