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Europe is a dream destination for most of us, whether we imagine a romantic stroll in Paris or a glimpse of eras past in Rome. Sometimes, though, we need a little help turning that dream into reality.


  • You’re ready to go for it…but you’re not quite sure where to start; or
  • You want the freedom of independent travel — spending 2 weeks in a huge coach with 50 strangers doesn’t appeal to you — but you don’t have time to DIY plan from scratch; or
  • You’d like to know the numbers first — find out how much you have to save to fund your dream trip; or
  • You just need a detailed itinerary to submit with your Schengen visa application

…then this guide is for you.

15 Days, 5 Countries Dream European Tour

We’ve put together a 15-day 5-country itinerary that will take you to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe:

Europe 5 Countries

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – Start your European adventure in the land of tulips, windmills, canals, tolerance, and staggeringly way more bikes than people.
  • Paris, France – The city that’s “always a good idea,” Paris is arguably the most romantic place in the world, full of life and love, art and architecture, and everything in between.
  • Geneva, Switzerland – Lakeside bliss with stunning mountain views, Geneva offers easy access to places that Alpine dreams are made of.
  • Rome, Italy – “You may have the world if I may have Italy,” Verdi once wrote — and who can blame him, with all the amazing food, art and history crammed in just this one country, and indeed in just Rome itself.
  • Barcelona, Spain – Nearly 500 years since Spain “discovered” the Philippines, this chance to discover them — their beaches, their food, their churches, their life — feels like coming full circle. (Ironically, it’s now Barcelona that’s trying to break away from Spain…)

Book this trip yourself…

Yes — DIY!

That may sound intimidating — making your own travel plans can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve always booked through a travel agency before, and especially with a trip that will take you to practically the other side of the world.

But booking DIY is seriously easy! And this guide will show you how.

…from just $2199 — all in!

For this itinerary, we have a sample budget of $2199, which already includes everything, and we mean everything:

  • Round-trip plane tickets
  • Train and plane tickets between cities
  • All meals
  • Local transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Attractions
  • Travel insurance
  • Schengen visa and handling fees
  • International travel tax and terminal fees
  • Plus a miscellaneous fund for optional expenses

What this budget doesn’t include? Commissions and service fees — no need to — because you’re booking everything yourself!

Of course, actual costs may vary. You might want to splurge on higher-end accommodations, which can increase your total travel cost. If you book plane tickets at the last minute, they will naturally cost more. Or you might decide to prepare your own meals or get your food from a supermarket — which is what we do! — and thereby lower your expenses considerably. Either way, the budget included in this guide will give you a firm handle on what a trip like this can cost so you can plan accordingly.

Pro tip: Having a budget this detailed can also give you plus points when you apply for a visa. It: (1) shows you’re a responsible person, and (2) makes it easier for you to prove financial capacity, when viewed together with your bank documents.

And you know the best part about making your own travel arrangements? Once you’ve done it — once you get the hang of it — you can do it yourself for all your future travels. You will know where to book what. You don’t have to follow the crowd. You can make your own itinerary, stay as long as you want wherever you want, and do whatever you want to do. After all, it’s your vacation.



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Europe | 15 Days | 5 Countries

People are always telling me I should open a travel agency and plan trips for others, but I much prefer to show people how easily they can do it themselves. A two-week European trip is no exception. DIY travel is fun, empowering, and totally doable — so get your guide now!