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Are you traveling with, or making travel arrangements for, a Filipino child? Here are the rules/requirements of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for minors traveling abroad.



Anyone below 18 years of age is considered a minor (or child).


Getting a Passport

These are the general requirements for getting a passport from the DFA:

  • Confirmed appointment (except for 1 year old and below)
    * Not necessary for those applying in Cebu. See Passport Application/Renewal at DFA Cebu: What You Need To Know.
  • Personal appearance of the minor applicant
  • Personal appearance of:
    • EITHER parent (if minor is a legitimate child)
    • MOTHER (if minor is an illegitimate child; that is, if his/her parents aren’t married)
  • Original Birth Certificate of minor in Security Paper issued by NSO
    Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar and duly authenticated by NSO

    • Transcribed Birth Certificate from the LCR is required when entries in NSO Birth Certificate are blurred or unreadable.
    • Report of Birth duly authenticated by NSO is required if minor was born abroad.
  • Marriage Certificate of minor’s parents duly authenticated by NSO
    * Only if parents are married.
  • Photocopy of valid passport of:
    • EITHER parent (if minor is a legitimate child)
    • MOTHER (if minor is an illegitimate child)
  • IF MINOR IS 8-17 YEARS OLD (whether a first time or renewal applicant):
    • Document of identity with photo such as School ID or Form 137 with readable dry seal
    • For minor applicants who never attended school, the DFA requires a Notarized Affidavit of Explanation executed by either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) or by mother (if minor is an illegitimate child) detailing the reasons why the child is not in school.
  • Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to travel from:
    • EITHER parent (if minor is a legitimate child)
    • MOTHER (if minor is an illegitimate child)
      * The DFA lists this as one of the general requirements for getting a passport, but in my experience in Cebu, this was not necessary.
  • Original and photocopy of valid passport of the person traveling with the minor
    * Not necessary if there are no specific travel plans yet


Click on the images below to see the additional required documents for:

  • A minor who is traveling alone or is not traveling with either parent
  • A minor whose parents are both currently outside the Philippines
  • A minor who was originally illegitimate but has been legitimated by the subsequent marriage of his/her parents
  • A minor who is illegitimate but is acknowledged by (and uses the surname of) his/her father
  • A foundling
  • An orphaned minor applicant
  • An abandoned minor applicant
  • A legally adopted minor
  • A minor applicant whose parents are annulled/divorced
  • A minor applicant whose mother is also a minor


Getting Through Immigration

According to the Bureau of Immigration, the following minors do not need a Travel Clearance from the DSWD:

  • A minor traveling to a foreign country with:
    • Both parents
    • Either parent, if the child is legitimate
      or the mother, if the child is illegitimate*
    • His/her legal guardian;
  • Children of Philippine Foreign Service or diplomatic corps officials;
  • Children living abroad with Philippine emigrants, subject to child-trafficking regulations;
  • Minors with unexpired alien passports;
  • Adopted children, subject to a court-issued adoption order with Certificate of Finality;
  • Minors with proof of unexpired visa for permanent residence outside the Philippines;
  • Minors accompanied by a court-appointed guardian, subject to proof of guardianship;
  • Minors accompanied by a solo parent, subject to a Social Welfare Office-issued ID. If illegitimate, subject to a Local Civil Registrar-issued Certificate of No Marriage.

*According to the BI website, illegitimate children traveling with biological mother are exempt from a DSWD clearance. Proof of lawful custody is required for illegitimate children traveling with biological father.


The BI will require a DSWD Travel Clearance for the following:

  • A minor traveling alone to a foreign country;
  • A minor traveling to a foreign country accompanied by a person other than his/her parents;
  • A minor who is a subject of an ongoing custody battle between parents will not be issued a Travel Clearance unless a Court Order is provided stating that the child is allowed to travel abroad with either one of his/her parents or authorized guardian. (DSWD)

The Guidelines on Departure Formalities for International-Bound Passengers in All Airports and Seaports in the Country specifically states that a minor “traveling alone or unaccompanied by either parent or legal guardian without the required travel clearance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)” will be automatically subjected to secondary inspection.

(For BI guidelines applying to all passengers — of any age — read: What Filipinos Need to Know About Traveling Abroad: Guidelines from the Bureau of Immigration)


Via Wikimedia Commons
Via Wikimedia Commons


Getting a Travel Clearance from DSWD

The DSWD website lists the requirements for securing a Travel Clearance for Minors and answers frequently asked questions.

A few important points:

  • A minor who is married still needs to secure a travel clearance if he/she is traveling abroad alone or with someone other than his/her parents. (This means that a married minor still needs a travel clearance even if he/she is traveling abroad with his/her spouse.)
  • “A minor who is the subject of ongoing custody battle between parents will not be issued a travel clearance unless a Court Order is issued to allow the child to travel abroad with either one of his/her parents or authorized guardian. The family shall be responsible to notify the Bureau of Immigration to include the name of the children in the watchlist of minors travelling abroad. It is therefore the Bureau of Immigration’s responsibility to ensure that no child under the watchlist order leaves the country.”
  • If an illegitimate child has been abandoned by the mother and is currently under the custody of the father or other relatives: “Since the mother has the absolute parental authority over her illegitimate children the father would need to secure a Court Order vesting in him the parental authority over the illegitimate children. If a parental authority has been granted to the father, and the minor will be traveling with the father, he is not required to secure a travel clearance. If the minor will travel alone or with someone other than the father, he/she is required to secure a travel clearance.”

The application form for the Travel Clearance may be downloaded here.

For more information, contact:

Note: I am not an authority on Philippine travel regulations, just a girl who did some research. While I will try my best to answer any questions you might have, you will definitely get a more authoritative answer from the agency concerned. If I answer your query with a succint “Please contact…” that means I don’t know the answer (and probably that I’m ridiculously busy at the time and can’t manage a lengthier reply). 🙂 Good luck and happy travels!



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  1. You could start a bureau of advice or something and make a living out of this. I’ve learned more about Filipino regulations by reading your blog then from my search on the internet. 😉

  2. How can i get a renewal passport for my son if i amoutside the country. I need help pls! My son is illegitimate and accprding to some sites i need to process his passport bec i am the mother nd guardian of my 5yr old son i want him yo visit me in thailand bec m still waiting for my work permit but his passport expired last sept 2014. Is it possible for me to process it here in thailand or send an authorization leeter to DFA in the Phils?

    1. Hi Camille! According to the DFA website, you can execute a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) authorizing a representative to assist your child in applying for a passport. You should also photocopy your valid passport, have the photocopy authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General, and attach the authenticated photocopy to the SPA.

  3. Good morning ….I would like to ask if its possible to travel in Iraq Kurdistan since dfa raised alert level 1 my husband is Iraqi and he is living in Iraq me and my son want to travel going there but suddenly we are ban.but my point is our passport doesn’t have stamp of being ban is there any possibilities that we can travel as tourist in any Asian country and leave from there going to our final destination?but how I’m going to provide the proof of financial capability since I don’t have job and only my husband sending me money monthly

  4. Hi
    I just want to ask if I need to get CFO certificate of Filipino overseas when traveling for pleasure in HK. My boyfriend is a Hong Kong National and we have a 5 months old baby. I am planning to visit him this coming June? can you site for important and required documents other than baby’s BC,My BC our passports,tickets,bank statement since I’m not working yet. I don’t know what to prepare please help me.
    and do I need to procure affidavit of support and consent when applying for passport at DFA since I’m the one bringing my baby to HK? I am too overwhelmed with the requirements I don’t know where to start! huhuhu.

    1. Hi Cherry Ann,

      I’ll try to go through your questions one by one.

      First of all, the BI says that they will automatically subject to secondary inspection those “Partners and spouses of foreign nationals intending to depart to meet and/or marry his/her fiancé without the CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate.” So, yes, since you intend to meet your boyfriend in Hong Kong, you will need the CFO certificate. A possible runaround to that rule would be if you just don’t tell the Immigration Officer that you are meeting your boyfriend, since they have no way of knowing who your boyfriend is; you can just tell them you are simply going to tour Hong Kong, which is true anyway. It’s up to you if you want to try that solution.

      You can see the details of the BI policies here –

      Since your child will be traveling with you, you do not need to secure a DSWD permit when you travel.

      I was not asked for an affidavit of support and consent when I applied for a passport for my son.

      For more information on how to get a passport, start here –

      I know it can be overwhelming but just take it one step at a time — get the passport first, then once you have the passport, prepare the documents that the BI might ask to see when you travel this June. Good luck!

      1. thank you so much for helping me out. yes I would definitely get a CFO maybe in Cebu because its much more accessible and nearer in my place.
        more powers to you and keep helping people on your blog


  5. I forgot to say, I am documented in their system already since this June will be my second time to go there, only that my boyfriend is not with me.
    so I really can’t make up stories ( not a good idea anyway) too risky. so the best thing is to get all the papers done.

  6. Heyy,

    I would just like to ask about the requirement in regards to the DSWSD, it says on the website that the child need a “written consent” from parents. Does that mean an affidavit? or a formal letter signed by a parent will do?

    1. Hi Sophia! I’m sorry I don’t know whether it has to be an affidavit or if a regular letter will do (although I suspect it has to be an affidavit). I think it’s best you call them to make sure. Sorry I can’t give a definite answer.

  7. hi,

    I’m travelling to hongkong with my cousin and her daughter. Going back here in manila it will be just me and my niece (we have different middle and last name). My cousin will still stay in hk for 3days to wait for her husband. Will I still need to secure a travel clearance from DSWD? Does immigration will not questioned why I dont have travel clearance upon our arrival in manila? thanks in advanve.. ☺

    1. Hi Jen,

      All the regulations I’ve read from the Bureau of Immigration and DSWD state that the travel clearance is required for minors traveling TO another country, either alone or accompanied by someone who is not his/her parent. There’s no mention of minors traveling to the Philippines from another country, so it’s possible that you won’t need the travel clearance. However, I suggest that you ask the BI and DSWD directly, just to make sure. Better safe than sorry.

      Good luck!

    2. Hi,

      I would like to know how it went. In our case, my stepdaughter and her cousin will be travelling back to Manila alone. They travelled with me and my husband coming to HK so we didnt need travel clearance for my step daughter, but we got one for my niece. Did philippine immigration ask for travel clearance upon arrival?

  8. In my case, I have a son in the philippines and I’m a permanent resident of canada nearly Canadian citizen…. My husband and I are ready to process my son’s documents I have been granted custody of my son since 2010 and visitation rights for the biological father….. But he never showed up after how many years since the final order from the court has been released. I am not sure what to do in order for me to get him a passport coz that’s the only doc lacking for me to proceed with his permanent residency here in canada…. They still ask for the father’s consent which I have no idea where to locate him after being gone for almost 5 years now. Full support for my son are coming from me and his stepfather.

    1. Hi Joy,

      That must be frustrating for you. I don’t know why DFA is asking for the biological father’s consent, but this is what their website says regarding additional requirements for minor applicant whose parents are annulled / divorced:
      – Court order awarding guardianship of the minor applicant or substitute parental authority
      – DSWD Travel Clearance
      – NSO Marriage Certificate with annotation on nullity or annulment decree

      (I’m assuming your marriage was annulled as you mentioned a court order granting custody.)

      You can see the FAQs for getting a travel clearance from the DSWD here —

      Nowhere does it say you have to get consent from the parent who was NOT granted custody.

  9. Hi Im traveling with my Toddler and husband this coming Aug. Going to HK .. I’d like to know aside from our passports, return ticket, hotel booking, show money (if ever they will ask) what else the IO will ask for? Many thanks

    1. Hi Mary Anne,
      The only things required are the passport and the return ticket, since you don’t need a visa for HK and your toddler is traveling with you so you don’t need a DSWD clearance. The IO might ask for proof of financial capability, so it would be a good idea to bring a copy of your bank statement. It’s up to the IO what else he/she might want to see.

      1. Hi i have question again. What if i don’t have any bank statement, i only have my DTI and Business Permit because i have a Pizza Parlor, also i can provide my Certificate of Employment , because i’m one of my sister’s employee, we have a family business, a Pharmacy. So i have 2 options to give to IO if ever they will ask me which is better to give my Business Permit or my CEO? Many thanks

      2. Hi, nice to meet you. 🙂 From Cebu pud here, hehehe…will travel to HK with my husband and 3 yr.old son this September and all is set na..passport, roundtrip ticket, hotel. But we don’t have a company ID and ITR since we’re freelancers. Any idea about this? Been reading lots of blogs already hahaha. Thanks in advance! 😀

      3. Hi Joan! Hi fellow Bisdak. 😀 I’m also a freelancer and don’t have a company ID or ITR. Just make sure you bring proof of financial capability (bank certification, etc.) and if you have proof of your freelance work (invoices, receipts, PayPal history or anything like that) that would be really helpful too. Good luck and have a great trip this September! Treasure every moment with your family. 🙂

    2. Hi Mary Anne 🙂 same situation here pero sa Sept pa kami…pls post some updates naman after your travel. Thanks. 😀

  10. Hi mam, I want to ask what are the requirements for minor traveling back to Manila?! We are here in SG for pleasure trip, me, my cousin and 1 minor,14 yrs old, but eventually I will not coming back with them and decided to stay for 2 more days, but when we depart from philippines her traveling companion written in dswd permit me, do u think it will be problem in our immigration in arrival to philippines without me?! Your response will be highly appreciated…Thank you so much…

  11. Hello,
    I am applying for my son passport he is 6yrs old.
    Anu po ba ang requirement?

    Salamat po

      1. Kailangan ko po ba kumuha or gumawa ang affidavit of consent? Pra pag apply ng passport by anak ko?

  12. Hello again,

    Ma’am may tanong po ako ulit ang last name ng anak ko ay nka apelyedo sa pagka dalaga at walang Middle name ok lang po yan. Wala po bang problems sa DFA?

    Salamat po ulit

  13. Hi! first time namin magtratravel pareho ni hubby kasama ang 1-yr old daughter namin to Macau this July 21. (saktong bday ko). if ever needed ng proof of financial capability, Do we have to still present a bank statement issued by the bank or pwede na passbook? and also nasa hm kaya ang amount na laman ng passbook? ok lng kaya 50k? 3 days/2 night lang naman kami. gusto lang namin maigala si baby sa Dreamworks (Sands Cotai) thank yo. 🙂

    1. Si baby ba talaga ang igagala o kayo?? Hehe! Anyway, please read this: — the answers to some of your questions are there.

      Regarding sa passbook, FOR ME, okay na yung passbook, pero hindi ko ma-predict kung ano ang gusto ng IO na mag-i-interview sa inyo. And for me, okay na yung 50k, kasi 3d/2n nga lang kayo, pero again I can’t guarantee it.

      Good luck sa inyo and advance happy birthday! 🙂

      1. wahaha! ako ata ang igagala ni hubby. 😛 singit lang si baby… thanks sa quick response. kinakabahan nako na excited. hehehehe

      2. Hello! Share ko lang na successful yung first out of the country family trip namin. 🙂 salamat sa tips.

        Mabait naman ang natapat samin na IO, walang masyadong documents na hiningi.

        Thank you. 😀

      3. Yay!!!! So happy for you and your family. Did your daughter like Macau?

      4. Yes. She was so happy na malawak nilalakaran nya…. Pati mga Chinese kinakausap sya kasi natutuwa sa pagka-energetic nya. It was a fun vacation. Kaya we’ll surely save for our next family trip. 🙂

      5. That’s wonderful. Treasure those moments talaga. 🙂 All the best to you and your family. 🙂

  14. Hi. im planning to apply for my daughter’s passport. wou
    ld like to ask if need ko na ba iprovide un ASC sa DFA on the scheduled appearance nya? we dont have travel dates pa naman ng flights nila. she will be travelling with her tita’s and lola. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tina,

      The affidavit is mentioned as one of the requirements, but so far, based on my experience and the experience of everyone else I asked, the DFA people didn’t ask for it naman. I didn’t prepare one when I applied for my son’s passport. I think okay lang wala as long as you’re accompanying your daughter when she applies for the passport.

      Good luck!

  15. Hala! Salamat kaayo sa quick reply. 😀 really helps a lot from someone nga naa nay experience. And it’s good to know that u’re a freelancer pud diay 🙂 Pasensya ha, first out of the country man gud na namo hahah so nervous lang but excited…sa imong experience, wala ra nag ask ug certificate of employment ang IOs?

    1. Yay, excited sad ko para ninyo. It will be a memorable experience jud. Wala ra man ko pangayo-i ug certificate of employment. The IO just asked me unsa akong work and ako ra’ng gi-mention ang name sa akong primary client, then wala ra man sya ga-follow-up. I think important sad na confident lang jud ka motubag.

  16. Wew..thanks much sa makatabang nga info 🙂 Will keep following your blog and updates. Thanks and til next time :* 🙂

  17. Hi, my 2 daughters came to China to visit me . ThThey were able to secure a dswd travel clearance. But was misplaced . They are about to go home. Will they ask for the travel clearance again coming from a foreign country? They will be travelling on their own . 14 and 12.

    1. Hi Donna,
      I’m afraid I don’t know if they will be required to present a DSWD travel clearance when they arrive. The BI website says the travel clearance is required for minors traveling “to” a foreign country, but it doesn’t say anything about minors arriving from a foreign country. Maybe you could ask one of your relatives here in the Philippines to call the BI for a definite answer. Sorry I wasn’t of more help.

  18. Good morning 🙂

    Ma’am confuse lang ako yung anak ko 6 yrs old ng school na cya ngayon grade one. Base sa nabasa ko 8 to 12 lang ang required for school ID and form 137. Ang tanung ko ma’am hindi po ba mg ask ang DFA ng school record O patunay na ng aaral cya?
    Thank you po.. God bless

    1. Hi Jocelyn. I think the school ID and form 137 are only required for children age 8-17 because those are the ages in which all children are expected to be at school and already have a form 137 (from the previous year). But if your child already has a school ID and form 137 then you might as well bring it in case they ask.

  19. Hi,

    Just want to ask I have two illegitimate kids and I have to get their passports… need ba talaga hung notarized letter of support? And we already have travel dates Aug 5 any our schedule for the passport is July 16 aabot Kay kahit rush na…


    1. Hi. The DFA lists as one of the requirements for minors “Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to travel from either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) / from mother (if minor is an illegitimate child)” — but actually when we applied, they didn’t require it naman. I think as long as you are with them when they apply, no need na.

      If you go for the express processing, aabot pa naman siguro, unless may delays.

  20. Hi I’m a divorce more than 7years & I like to enquire .
    I’ve been offloaded 2x on Feb 2015 with my friend ( a guy ) due to certain issues ( lack of documents etc ) really upset abt it .
    Now I’m planning to go out again on coming sept with my 8year old daughter to spore .
    I’ve a Sporean BF for 2years now & he is coming here on July for the 2nd time . He’s aware of my previous situations & he suggested me to go to CFO & we will go to spore together with my daughter .
    He will book the flight tix for us (2way) a hotel / leisure places for tour . This is my 1st time goin out with him BUT before this I’ve been to Vietnam / HK / MAS / Jap / Spore , with my ex BF (pinoy) .
    This is the 1st time I’ll travel with my sporean BF.
    any other helpful documents needed ?
    & I’m sure there will be a secondary inspection .
    Thank you !

  21. Hi po good morning, ako po si Melinda Braga, kadarating lang namin ng anak ko galing Qatar, May permanent resident visa ang anak ko. Ask ko lang po Kung ano pa ang needed documents aside sa passport Nya at resident visa , gusto ko lang malaman Kung need pa ba ng birth certificate Nya Kung pagbalik na kami ng Qatar, mag travel po sya kasama ako. Thanks po


    1. Hi Melinda! Usually hindi naman nag-re-require ng birth certificate ang Immigration. Minor pa ba ang anak mo? Citizen/resident ba ng Qatar yung father nya? Siguro in those cases baka magrequire ng birth cert, and anyway, I would suggest na magdala ka na lang talaga ng birth certificate ng anak mo just to be sure.

  22. Hi. My niece will be applying for a Ph passport. Her mother is currently abroad working as a Flight Attendance, while her Father works here in the Ph. Her parents are not yet married, making my niece an illegitimate child for now. What will be the procedure for this? I read from DFA’s website that if a child is an illegitimate, her mother should be there on physical appearance. Appreciate your help!

    1. Hi KBR!

      Her mother will need to execute:
      (1) an Affidavit of Support and Consent (ASC) indicating the name of the traveling companion, and
      (2) a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) with an attached photocopy of her (the mother’s) passport, authorizing a representative in assisting the child to apply for a passport.

      Both should be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General.

      I hope this helps. Sorry for the delayed reply!

    1. Hi Khat! In the DFA website, it says “Document of identity with photo, if minor is 8-17 years old (for first time and renewal applicant) such as School ID or Form 137 with readable dry seal” so for 7 years old and younger, I don’t think it’s necessary. But if your son has a school ID na, maybe you can bring that just in case. 🙂

  23. Hi! So I’m turning 18 next year and I told my mom that I want to travel alone instead of having a debut. The thing is that my friends want to go with me as well but they will only be 17 at the time we’re planning to go. Their parents are also well aware of these plans and allowed them. They also know about the DSWD permit and they’re more than willing to comply. Is it possible for them to assign me as their guardian or some sort? Also, will it be hard for us to get past the immigration? (I’ve heard a lot of stories about people getting off loaded or something). We’ve all been to many countries before with our families but next year we’re planning to travel alone so we are kind of clueless. Any tips or recommendations? Thank you!

    1. Hi!

      In your friends’ case, as you mentioned, they just need to secure a travel clearance from DSWD. Their parents don’t need to designate you as their guardian, they just need to provide written consent for their child to travel with you. You can find out more about the DSWD clearance here: — look at the section titled “For a minor traveling for the first time with a person other than the parents or legal guardian”.

      Regarding offloading, I can’t predict what the Immigration officer will say or do, but as long as all of you have the documents that might be needed including proof that you intend to come back to the Philippines, and you can show that you are responsible travelers with a clear plan of where you’re going to go and what you’re going to do, there should be no problem. You can find out more about possible required documents here:

  24. Hi! Turning 2 years old na po daugther ko this august 25. Pwede ko na po ba sya kahit hindi na iappointment? And need pa po ba ng notarized affidavit of explanation?

    1. Hi Faye,

      Saan ba kayo mag-a-apply? According to a DFA press release last year — — no need na for appointment for children 7 years old and below who are applying at ASEANA. Sa Cebu, no appointment system talaga. I don’t know sa other branches.

      Sa Notarized Affidavit of Explanation, are you referring to the one regarding school? Kung 2 years old pa lang ang daughter mo, no need for that.

      Good luck!

  25. Im planning to travel with my son at Dubai. N/A ang father nia sa birtcert niya. Do i need DSWD clearance?

    1. Hi Joy!

      As long as your son is traveling with you, you don’t have to get a DSWD clearance.

      Good luck and have a great time with your son! 🙂

  26. Hi Good Day,

    Sir hingi lang po sana ko ng piece of advice bale I’m planning to travel po to Hong Kong with my 11 years old son and illegitimate po sya pero gamit nya ang surname ng father nya, based po sa nasearched ko hindi na po kailangan ng Travel certificate from DSWD kapag ang minor ay mag travel kasama ang mother tama po ba? pero yung case po namin bale magkaiba po kami ng surname ano po bang mga documents ang kakailanganin ko pa I prepare? and nabasa ko rin po na kahit iacknowledge ang illegitimate child ng father sa mother side parin po ang custody. pano rin po ba ko makakakuha ng consent from his father? and kailangan din po ba yon sa pag travel.?

    Maraming salamt po.

    God bless 🙂

    1. Hi Rose!

      Hindi na kailangan ang DSWD clearance at hindi rin kailangan ang consent ng father. Eto ang sabi ng DSWD:

      CAN A TRAVEL CLEARANCE BE ISSUED TO ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN WHO ARE STILL APPLYING FOR THEIR VISA IN THE EMBASSY? Illegitimate children are under the custody of the mother. If they will be traveling with the mother, they are not required to secure a travel clearance from the DSWD. If they are traveling with person other than the mother, they must secure a travel clearance. (

      Good luck po and enjoy your trip with your son. 🙂

  27. Good day! Been learning a lot from your blog – great job! Fellow bisdak here (davaoeña). Patabang unta ko, kay basig naa ka na-encounter pareha situation sa ako. Naparanoid nako sa sige ug search sa internet pero wala jud koy nakuha tubag. Di pud mutubag sa phone ang DFA Davao.

    17yrs old ko nanganak so illegitimate ang ako anak. Nagpakasal mi sa ako husband pag 18 nko. Last week, nag file na mi ug legitimation sa ako anak sa local civil registry sa amo city and was told na 3-6 months pa dw processing, ug dha pa mu-reflect ang annotation sa iyahang BC.

    My question is, do you have any idea kung OK lng ba sa DFA ang BC sa ako anak ky illegitimate sya pero naka attach ang “affidavit for legitimation” and marriage certificate namo sa pag apply ug passport sa amo anak? He’s turning 7 this november 11 ug nag apas unta mi na makuhaan sya ug passport dayo ky nagbook ako husband ug trip to abroad para sa among tulo for our son’s 7th bday. Nagbuot2x lagi ug book nga wala kabalo sa requirements. Haha! Naguol najud nuon mi kay amo anak nalang ang walay passport, para unta sa iyaha ni nga trip. I hope you can help me, sis. Salamat kaau in advance!

    1. Hi Maye (fellow bisdak)! 🙂

      Wala pa ko’y nasugatan na case similar to your son’s, na illegitimate but on process of legitimation while nag-apply ug passport. Ang iyang gigamit na family name sa iyang birth certificate is ang family name sa imong husband?

      What I would probably do in your case is to bring kadtong imong gi-mention nga documents, kadtong birth certificate, “affidavit for legitimation” and marriage certificate.

      PLUS, just in case they don’t recognize the fact nga gina-process na ang legitimation, and they still consider your child as technically illegitimate, just ask your husband na lang pod to execute an Affidavit of Acknowledgement and Consent to use the surname of father (the requirement for illegitimate children who are acknowledged by the father). Medyo hassle lang nuon, but if dili jud nimo ma-contact ang DFA to get answers from them directly, mao siguro imong best option, to prepare for both possibilities.

      Good luck sa inyong pag-process and hopefully smooth sailing ra. And enjoy your trip! I-treasure gyud na nga mga moments. 🙂

  28. hi, im planning to travel to singapore together with my 10-year old daughter..need ko pa ba ng any consent letter from the mother?

    1. Hi Albert. You will probably need consent from your child’s mother if the child is illegitimate or if you’ve gone through annulment proceedings where custody of your child was granted to her mother.

      1. thank you for quick response..actually there is no issue between us (parent) just happen that my wife is not available on the time of our we still need to prepare any documents?

      2. Lol. You referred to her kasi as “the mother” parang me distance 😀 No, as long as a child is traveling with a legitimate parent, no need for consent from the other parent or DSWD clearance. You should bring your daughter’s birth certificate though, so you can prove that you are her father, if necessary. Enjoy your father-daughter bonding! 🙂

  29. Hi.

    What to do kung both parents ay nasa abroad and kelangan ng both parents consent for req? pwede ba yung scan na pirma lang yung nakalagay for the signature? please reply. thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Nessa. I don’t think pwede yung scan lang. For example, in getting a passport, if both parents are abroad, the parents would need to send both an Affidavit of Support and Consent and a Special Power of Attorney authenticated by their nearest Philippine embassy/consulate.

  30. Hi,

    Is there a specific form for the affidavit of support and consent that’s downloadable? I saw a couple of forms from the philippine embassy but it’s for different countries, like when you’re based in singapore, norway, etc. My brothers are scheduled for passport renewal soon and we’re clueless on how to process the affidavit. Hope you can help. Thanks!

    1. Hello Anne. I don’t think there’s a specific form required by the DFA because I noticed the same thing as you did, that our embassies in different countries have their own forms (or no forms). I assume your parents are abroad? I think the best thing to do would be to check with the embassy nearest your parents. If there’s no form in their website, you can call them and ask them if they require a particular form. Good luck!

  31. Hi i wanted to take my 1 yr old daughter here in dubai for vacation sana. Is it possible kung yung mom ko yung mgapply ng passport nia.. Do i really need to secure ASC pa, theres no exact travel dates p nmn.. Just wanted to get and secure passport sana.. Thank you

    1. Hi Jean! The DFA website says if both parents are abroad, a minor will need the parent/s’ ASC and a special power of attorney authorizing a representative (in your case, your mom) to assist the minor in getting a passport.

  32. hi, just want to ask kung di k na kailangan kumuha ng “Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to travel from either parent”. ung daughter ko kasi me appointment na sa DFA Aseana this coming oct 28, baka masayang punta namin kung wala? salamat po.

    1. Hi Relly. It’s in the list of requirements but I did not make one for my son (I was there during the visa application) and the other parents I asked did not make one for their kids either. So it’s up to you if you want to take the chance or not.

      1. success ma’am! 🙂 need not to provide the affidavit bsta parents yung kasama, thanks a lot 🙂

  33. hi. i’m an illegitimate child and a minor. my mother isn’t here. she’s in hong kong. it is stated there in the requirements that it needs a photocopy of valid passport of mother.. is there any other alternative? tga bohol ko.. ako lng i-sure unta ba para dili nmi magbalik2x dra sa cebu.. thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Rea! You really need a photocopy of your mother’s passport. And since she’s not going with you during your passport application, she would need to make an affidavit of support and consent, as well as a special power of attorney for whoever is assisting you in your application (see the slide show section for “if both parents are abroad”). Good luck!

  34. Hi. Good day to you. I’m a bit stressed out about my situation so I am trying to check everything online and found your site. It’s very informative and yet I didn’t see anything for my questions. I am from Canada and need my daughter’s passport for our permanent residence application. II was married and been separated from her father… My questions, how could she get a passport? My mother will accompany her to get passport but I will pick her up when she’s ready to come here. Is that possible that we will not bother her father anymore about this passport application? Please give me an idea. I will appreciate it so much.. Or if there’s a reliable agency that can help us there. my mother is not really good on this thing.

    1. Hi Jane! According to the DFA website, your daughter will need a “Special Power of Attorney (SPA) with an attached photocopy of either parent’s valid passport (authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General) authorizing a representative in assisting the child to apply for a passport.” I assume you and her father are only separated and not annulled/divorced? If you are annulled or divorced, your child will also need the court order awarding guardianship to you, as well as a copy of your Marriage Certificate with annotation on nullity or annulment decree.

  35. Hi. What if I’m the minor and I’ll be travelling with my sister? Do I need a written consent from my parents that indicates they are allowing my sister to travel with me? My parents are married but I am very sure only my mother can do the written consent because my father is a Japanese. they are currently living in Japan. I am a legitimate child. So, is it possible ONLY my mother can pass a written consent? Please reply. Thank you.

    1. + Additional: My mom plans to go here to fetch us instead of getting Travel clearance but I think I still need one since when my sister and I will go back here, my mom will not be with us anymore. My sister is 18 years old and she holds Japanese passport while I hold a PH passport. Please answer, thank you..

      1. Hi Hikari! If your parents are married and are both in Japan, I think it would be fine if your mother prepares the document and then your father can just add his signature; it doesn’t matter if he is Japanese or Filipino, he can just sign it.

  36. Hi. im working here in Saudi Arabia. By the end of Nov. i’ll be going to the Philippines for vacation. I promised my son to bring him to Hongkong Disneyland this vacation. What i did is i booked cathay pacific for my flight to Philippines and back here, and because cathay pacific’s hub is in Hongkong i took the option of a 5 days stop over and continue my trip to the Philippines. Then I bought a ticket for my wife and my 7 year old son also on cathay pacific. They will be arriving in Hongkong from Manila the same day that i will be arriving from Saudi Arabia and we all have the same flight back to Manila.
    And because its only the 2 of them traveling and they are both first timers going abroad, I wanted to make sure that they will not be offloaded on the day of their departure. I sent my wife a copy of their ticket, and a copy of my ticket too as proof that i will be meeting them in Hongkong. Sent her also a email copy of the hotel reservation confirmation sent to me by the hotel bearing my name as guest and indication that the reservation is for 2 adults and 1 child. I also sent her a copy of my credit card that I used in booking the hotel cause it is indicated in the hotel booking confirmation and its also the same credit card i used purchasing their ticket. My wife works DepEd as Bookeeper 2 for almost 10 yrs now and on her part, she already has secured an authorization to travel to Hongkong for liesure purpose from her Division Head and at the same time her approved leave, her DepEd employee’s ID and of course their valid passports. She will be bringing with her roughly 800 USD only considering that I will be the one to spend during our stay in Hongkong and I will be in HK by the time of their arrival, a copy of our marriage cert and the BC of my son. Is that amount enough if she were asked to show cash? and what else do we need to prepare? Kindly advice us…i want to make sure everything is in place on their departure day. Thank you in advance…

    1. Hi Jonnie! It sounds like you have everything prepared; I don’t think your family will have trouble with their flight to HK. The only thing I can think of would be for your wife to also have copies of your and her bank statements, just in case the IO asks for it, because sometimes just cash is not enough (some traffickers give their victims cash to get them through airports). But overall I think everything should be fine. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time in Hong Kong. Treasure every moment!

  37. Hi everyone!

    Comments are closed as I am currently very busy with work. Please review the article and read through the other comments to look for situations similar to yours. If you feel that you really MUST ask my advice, such that you are willing to pay for my time, please send the details of your situation to — you will then receive a confirmatory email outlining the procedure for travel consultation together with my PayPal and BPI account details. 😀 Please note that this also applies even if you post your question on another article or in Facebook. 😀

    I wish there were more hours in the day so I have enough time for all the things that are important to me: family, work, this blog, etc. But since that’s not possible, this is the best I can do. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!