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First: The Basics

  • The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is at the Pacific Mall (also sometimes known as Metro Mandaue) in Mandaue City, Cebu.
  • DFA Cebu is open from Monday to Friday 9 AM-6 PM and Saturday 9 AM-3 PM. If you have questions, you can call them at (032) 520-5898 and (032) 520-6193. You may also contact them via email at or
  • You can get an application form from the DFA security guard or download it online HERE.
  • A list of the documentary requirements can be found here: New Applications | Passport Renewal | List of Acceptable IDs and Supporting Documents. Have everything photocopied.
    • According to personnel from DFA Cebu, there may be changes in the requirements that are not reflected right away in the DFA website (and in this blog), so all applicants are encouraged to personally secure an updated list of requirements from the DFA office.
  • UPDATE (26 October 2015): According to Roderick, DFA Cebu is now offering expedited processing (10 days) for PHP 1,200.
    • Lady Love has confirmed that DFA Cebu now offers express processing for PHP 1,200. (Updated 6 November 2015)


The list of requirements can be found in the following pages:

If you don’t have a government-issued ID yet, the easiest to obtain is probably the new postal ID. Although it is not in the official list of accepted IDs yet, news reports say that the DFA will accept the new postal ID — the one with the QR code and other security features and that was launched just recently. You can find out how to secure the new postal ID in this article: How to Get the New Postal ID in Cebu.

A PRC ID is one of the IDs considered valid and acceptable by DFA. Renewing a PRC license/ID is now very easy. See: PRC License Renewal in Cebu in Less than 2 Hours.

Ang mga papeles nga gikinahanglan sa pagkuha ug passport makit-an ani nga mga website:


  • Priority is given to certain individuals and the persons with whom they are processing their passports:
    • Minors (7 years old and below, according to this DFA release)
    • Senior citizens (people over 60 years old)
    • Pregnant women
    • Persons with disabilities
      If you have any of these priority applicants in your family, strongly consider getting your passport at the same time they are.
  • The DFA requires photocopies of all your requirements, but if you forget to photocopy something, don’t panic — there’s a photocopier inside the DFA itself (P3/page).

Pacific Mall



dfa cebu online passport application appointment*


July 2016 — It’s already possible to book an appointment online at DFA Cebu and many other DFA offices nationwide so some of the tips below are already unnecessary. I am keeping them here for historical purposes, but please click HERE to read how you can set an appointment for your passport application/renewal and avoid lining up at dawn.



avoid offloading



Immigration officer tips



The Process

  • Update October 2015: According to Frolic Fraulein, the guard recommended applying for a passport from 3 PM to 5 PM, as there are fewer people during those times (those with priority numbers have presumably been entertained by then). Roderick went to DFA at 3 PM and completed the whole process in half an hour. Lady Love arrived at the DFA office at 4:47 PM; there were no other people around and she finished by 5:05 PM. Alternatively, Phil and Suzeth recommend going there on a Saturday, which tends to be less busy than other days. On Saturdays, DFA entertains those who go through agencies first, so Phil recommends going there at around 11 AM, while Suzeth suggests 1 PM. (Thank you so much to all those who took the time to share their experiences here!)

This is what the schedule at the DFA looks like:

  • As early as midnight
    • People start lining up for priority numbers.
  • 7:00 AM
    • The security guard gives out priority numbers to those in the queue. The priority numbers usually run out pretty fast. (There were no more priority numbers available when we arrived shortly before 8:00 AM.) Applicants without priority numbers MAY still be accommodated in the afternoon, when those with priority numbers have finished, but this is not guaranteed.
    • A DFA staff member collects the application forms of priority applicants: minors, seniors, pregnant women, PWD’s, and members of their party. This early collection is done so that their information can be encoded ahead of time.
  • Shortly before 9:00 AM
    • The guard admits all priority applicants and their companions to the building, where they proceed to the DFA office at the 4th floor.
    • Another guard right outside the office doors will give instructions (sit down first, form a queue, et cetera).
    • Once admitted to the office, those who were able to submit their forms at 7 AM can go straight in and are called first.
    • Those who weren’t able to submit their forms earlier should stop by the Information desk to hand their forms to the receptionist, who will then have these encoded.
    • Everyone sits and waits for their names to be called.
  • 9:00 AM
    • Another guard starts calling the names of priority applicants. When your name is called, you are told which counter to approach.
    • At the counter, present all your documents.
    • Once your documents are examined and approved, you proceed to the cashier. (It’s P950 for regular processing, and you will make the cashier very happy if you bring the exact amount.)
    • After paying, you get your photo taken and verify all your information. You then sign a form that says everything (spelling, dates, other info) is as it should be, and you are then told when to come back to get your passport.
  • 10:00 AM
    • The rest of the [non-priority] applicants are admitted to the DFA office.
  • 3 PM to 5 PM
    • If you can’t queue early in the morning for a priority number, several people recommend going to DFA late in the afternoon. Hopefully, all those with priority numbers will have been entertained by this time and you can just walk in and have your application processed.



    • DFA Cebu does not have the appointment system yet, as far as I know.
    • For emergency cases or lost passports, or if you need your passport validity extended for good reason, it’s best to go to DFA Cebu and present your case to them directly.
    • The usual processing time is 30 working days (6 weeks) from the date you applied. However, passport releasing is sometimes delayed — see the DFA’s statement here — so make sure you apply for a passport as early as possible. The DFA specifically says: “The public is advised to secure their passports prior to booking their flights. Flight bookings should ONLY be made if passports are still valid for at least six (6) months.”*


Passport Application/Renewal at DFA Cebu: What You Need To Know” was created by LSS for travel site Small-Town Girls, Midnight Trains. Parts of this post were originally published in What You Need to Know for Passport Application/Renewal at DFA Cebu. Reposted with permission. All rights reserved.


Please note that I will no longer entertain questions similar to this: “Mao ni akong documents X, Y, Z — okay na ni?” Please don’t give me a list of your documents and ask me if they’re enough to get a passport. It takes up too much of my time and it is something that you can do for yourself. Just compare the list of requirements with what you have. Pwede ra man ninyo tan-awon ang lista sa requirements ug i-kompara sa kung unsa ang naa ninyo nga mga dokyumento. Dili na man kinahanglan nga ako pa ang mobuhat ana, di ba? 🙂

For your convenience, here again are the articles that you might find useful:

Passport Application/Renewal at DFA Cebu: What You Need To Know 

Getting A Philippine Passport at DFA Cebu: List of Requirements for First Time Applicants 

Renewing A Philippine Passport at DFA Cebu: List of Requirements 

Getting A Philippine Passport: List of Acceptable IDs and Supporting Documents 

Good luck! 🙂

692 Responses

  1. Hey thank you so much! I am planning to renew my passport in Cebu instead in Davao as it would take 15-20 days for the rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 Is it accurate for the releasing day in Cebu either rush or normal? Rose

    1. Hi Rose! Um yeah, the date they give you for the release of your passport is pretty accurate; we were told to come back to claim our passports at a specified date and our passports were released on time naman. Kaso lang, as far as I know, they don’t have rush processing na here in Cebu. This was the case a couple of months ago. Perhaps before you go to DFA Cebu, verify with them na lang if they accept rush.

    2. Hi Rose! I just found out today (from DFA Cebu) that they will not be offering expedited processing of passports. You can go to the DFA branch near Mall of Asia if it’s really urgent, as they’re the ones who offer rush processing. 🙂

  2. hi i’ve been calling yOu guys on phone .. but it seems like nobody’s answering . i just wanna ask if the expedited processing of renewal passport is back now? i heard its suspended? how long is that?? cos im goin home back cebu on january 15 . my passport is expired . i just gOt 2 weeks off at my work . so i need to rush renewal of my passport.

  3. i just need an answer please . im from Anchorage alaska . . i need to confirm kung when maging ok yun EXPEDITED processing . cos i really need it on january . uuwi ako sa january . then be back sa anchorage after sinulog . please answer

    1. Hi Mira! 🙂 I can’t force the DFA to answer their phone (I don’t think they read this blog hehe) but when we renewed our passports last year, DFA Cebu did not have expedited/rush processing anymore. A guy who renewed his passport last July also told me there was no expedited processing available.

      In your earlier comment, you said your passport “is expired.” Do you mean it’s already expired? Because you may not be able to go back to Cebu in January if that’s the case.

      If your passport hasn’t expired yet, I believe you can renew your passport at your nearest Philippine consulate in the US. See — it looks like the consulate in San Francisco has jurisdiction over Alaska. I believe they also have “outreach” activities where they visit other states and deliver consular services. You could call the San Francisco consulate to find out if they are visiting Alaska (or nearby) soon. Here’s a little more info about Philippine passport renewal in the US:

      I hope that helps. 🙂 Good luck! Try not to leave off passport renewal till too late next time. 🙂

  4. yes my passport was already expired last august. I can still travel gOing back in philippines as long as i have my one way document to show at philippine airport . a letter from here that i traveled with my expired passport . . so i can’t gO back to US as soon as my passport still expired . that’s whyy i keep calling DFA CEBU if they still have the expedited procesing for renewal . or should i go to Manila DFa? for rush renewal 🙂 cos i already gOt my roundway tickets . anyways thanks for the answer it helps! 🙂

    1. Hi again Mira! I called DFA Cebu for you. The guy who answered the phone (after a thousand and one rings) said that only DFA Manila (the branch near Mall of Asia) offers expedited processing of passport renewal. Adto na lang. 🙂

  5. Hi…im planning to renew my husband as new applicant together with my 2 kids age 9and 5..need pa ba namin pumila for the priority number?

  6. good day! i just want to ask if it’s possible to transfer your processed passport from dfa cebu to dfa aseana and have the rush processing and then i’ll pay the corresponding amount for it? (since the (dfa cebu) do not offer an expedited processing). i mean, i already processed my passport last monday (october 20, 2014) here in dfa cebu and too late for me to find out that they do not offer expedited processing. so i was left with no choice but to have the regular processing which will take 6 weeks. and my big concern is, i’ll be needing my passport by the second week of november. Please answer, thank you. GodBless.;)

    1. Hi Jessica! I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to that. I think the best thing to do would be to call DFA Cebu and ask. (The number is at the top of the post, 2nd bullet.) Sometimes they don’t answer their phones right away so you’ll have to be patient, but at least you will get a definitive answer from them. Good luck! And happy travels, wherever you’re going this November. 🙂

  7. possible kaya na yung data ko dito sa dfa cebu, ma eforward sa dfa aseana? tapos, i’ll pay the needed payment for that transaction? and magkano naman kaya? hope pwede noh… thanks..:)

  8. hello! thanks for the reply..:)
    okay, i’ll definitely do that ‘coz it bothers me a lot..
    ah, my sister is going to apply me for tourist and she’ll be processing the papers this november perhaps. she’s in australia for 7 years now.. Thank you so much. GodBless! 🙂

  9. Hi!
    Gusto ko lang i.double check pra iwas hassle..
    I want to apply for my baby, 3mos old..
    I only hav NSO authenticated live birth which is from the local registrar, ksi it takes daw 6mos for new born to get the actual NSO birth cert, so in lieu of it, pwede daw tong authenticated.. Is this true?
    Do i need to bring my baby to dfa? My ngsabi ksing pwede hindi.. And if klangan dalhin, no need nman na kmi pila dba? I mean of course at some point merong waiting, pro no need to pila at very early time?
    And lastly, exactly how long will it take for the passport to be released? Ksi ggamitin na sna ni baby before christmas.
    Thank u!

    1. Hi Kaye!
      * According to the DFA, if you don’t have the birth certificate issued by the NSO, you can use a “Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar and duly authenticated by NSO”
      * You have to bring your baby because they will be taking his/her photo at the DFA
      * Since your baby is a priority applicant, you don’t have to line up really early to get a priority number
      * In Cebu, the usual processing time is ~6 weeks. DFA Cebu doesn’t offer expedited/rush processing. If you want to avail of rush processing, you can apply instead at the Aseana office.

      Hope this helps! Good luck! And congratulations on your baby; I hope you’re getting enough sleep. 🙂

  10. Good day! Uuwe ang ate ko this December 7. So it is possible ba na marenew nya passport nya this
    December? Thanks

    1. Hi Charola! She can have it renewed when she arrives but if she is only staying for less than 6 weeks, it would be best if she renews at a DFA branch that offers rush processing such as the one near MOA, especially considering na maraming holidays this December at baka matagalan ang pag.process ng passport.

  11. Hi goodevening
    Unsa ba ang requirements para mag renew sa passport? Dayun mga pila ang bayad? 😀

      1. Hi Mavreen,

        At least 3 man ilang giingon sa website. Ambot lang if modawat ba sila’g duha ra. Paglukat na lang cedula or barangay clearance para sure, mao siguro na ang supporting documents nga pinakadali kuhaon.

  12. Hello, Ask lang ko gusto ko magrenew sa ako passport sa cebu ug magchange ko single to married ug kasal ko abroad (australia) kinahanglan pa ba nku CFO? Dli na ba kinahanglan magpa appoinment? Ug sa marriage contract kinahanglanon ang NSO amo pa ba iregister ang marriage contract adto sa civil office ug pila ka days maka kuha mi sa NSO? Thank you

    1. Hi Evelyn!

      This is what the DFA site requires:
      * Report of Marriage duly authenticated by NSO if married abroad
      * Original and photocopy of Commission of Filipino Overseas (CFO) Guidance and Counseling Certificate of Attendance (required for first time applicants or renewal of passport to be used for the first time the surname of the husband)

      Wala’y appointment system sa Cebu.

      Sorry, wala ko kahibaw pila ka days makuha sa NSO.

      Hope this helps!

  13. Hello ask langko I was applying new passport last September 30 kailan ko malaman if ready to pick up na ba ang passport ko

  14. Hi, this is rocel planning to renew the passport of my dad. Just want to know requiremens of renewal of passport. Born in Cebu City Oct.11,1951.

  15. Hi ,this is janice pwede ko ask when diay nako makuha ang akung passport ,kay wala man gud nila mabutangi ug date kung when nako makuha . Didto ko ganiha humana ko ug bayad pero wala man naka butang sa akong reciept kung when nako makuha ‘..

    1. Ah, in that case, you can start calling them at 6 weeks onwards to inquire if your passport is ready. Our passport was ready by 6 weeks but I understand there have been some delays lately, so you’ll just have to call them to make sure. I’m sorry I cannot give you a more definite answer than the one given by the DFA.

  16. Perfect timing, was planning to renew my passport this month! 🙂 Pero exag ang 12mn line, saw it gyud a few days ago coming from the airport. No more guidelines on what to wear no, for photo purposes?

  17. Just droppin’ by to double check…..
    950pesos, expiring passport, atleast 2 valid id’s, a pen(blue/black/red) and a tee with collar is all I need and I can renew my passport?
    Another thing is, kinahanglan pa ba ko muadto og tungang gabii sa Pacific Mall para sa priority number unya balik pagka buntag or pwede ra mga 5:30am para deritso na?

    Thanks Cuteeeeeee!

    1. Hi dhegoy,

      You can double-check your requirements by looking at the DFA list. Link is at the 1st section, 4th bullet of the post.

      Whether you get there by 12mn or 5:30, your priority number will depend on the number of people who get there before you (I’m not sure how many they give out daily) so it’s really up to you.

  18. Ok, i have seen and read all of it, unsa manang appointment date na gibutang? Does it mean na inig kuha namu priority number, tigaan mi og date pud kung when mi mo balik para process (Just like sa NBI)? Or kung kanus.a namu makuha among priority number kana pud adlawa namu ma process?

    Thanks cutee…..

    1. Mura man gud og libog, or ako kaha ang nalibog…. hehehehe sa kani na page… nakabutang na deritso na, sa other page naay appointment date……. appointment date meaning akoang date kung when ko gusto magparenew? Appointment date para sa ila schedule na ihatag para naku kung when ko maka process? (Kung naa)
      Asa anang duha?

      1. The DFA offices in Manila have an appointment system but Cebu doesn’t; that’s why people have to line up for priority numbers, which are given daily and are to be used for the same day as they are given out.

  19. helo,,,mag ask lang ko ba lahi mn gud ang speling s ako NSO BIRTH ug ako Marriage contract…two weeks ago didtu ko DFA pro ang gi advice s nagdawat ako form is ipa corect ako speling sa name,pro pag adtu nko s davao dli p daw cla mka file pa corect s name inug January nxtyr pa ky ala p daw na aprov ila ddtu nga pwd n makapausab s speling s birth.

    pwd ra joint afidavit lng nga naay sign s abogado ang dal-on?plz plz help mi kng knza toy nasweto. bz kaayu ila linya s phone lisod ug sulud ako twag.


    Hello, this is helpful to us, Thank you so much, and I would like to ask if they need the NBI?

  21. hello…ahm I have a problem with my passport signature…my current signature and my present signature dli parehas.. how can i change my current signature to my present signature ? i forgot my old signature thats why.. :X

  22. maam mag paamend ko sa aq status sa aq passport single to married sa dFA unsa man uban papel kinahanglanon ug pila bayad? kinahanglanon pod ba magpaappoinment ayha mo adto sa dfA cebu?,,

    1. Hi Evelyn,
      Wala man gibutang sa passport ang status so di ra kinahanglan magpa-usab. Kung imong pangalan imong ganahan ipa-usab, palihug lang tan-aw sa lista sa requirements — naa’y link sa 4th bullet gikan sa sinugdanan sa post. Naa ra ngadto unsay mga kinahanglan para sa mga married women nga magpa-renew ug passport nga gamiton na nila ang apelido sa lang bana.

  23. gud pm sir my tanong lng ako pwde bang malagyan ng middle name ang passport ko kahit ellgmate child ako my middle naman ang mother ko,anung po ang requiermnts pra malagyan ng middle name…

    1. Hi Enrique! Pasensya na po, hindi ko po alam ang sagot sa tanong nyo. Sa palagay ko po, ang name mo sa passport mo ay magde-depend sa name doon sa birth certificate mo, kaya po mas mabuti siguro na magtanong kayo sa NSO. Pwede rin po kayong tumawag sa DFA (may number po sa first part ng post).

  24. Hellow mam, good afternoon, ask lang ko, kinahanglan paba ug appointment kng mo renew ko sa passport? Naa ko dubai kron nya gusto nko dha nlng ko mo renew kay bakasyon nman gud ko dec.8 den jan. 2 ako balik. Naa pbay 2 weeks sa dfa cebu?

  25. Hi ask lang ko about sa requirements, it says sa DFA site nga atleast 3 of the following sa List of Supporting Documents, ang naa ra nako ky NSO Birth Certificate, Cedula, Driver’s License, Alumni ID ug Transcript of Records. Okay raba na ky I am planning to get one. thanks

  26. Hello 🙂 nahuman nako ug process ako passport pag Tuesday Nov.18. possible kaha makuha nako ako passport by December 18?

      1. Thank you. Cge ako lang i ask ang DFA. Wala man sad exact date gibutang kung when makuha.. Ni ana ra na 35-40 days makuha.

  27. unsay pasabot sa school yearbook? kay naa mn cya sa list of supporting document. dad.on jud ang school yearbook ngadto?

  28. good day, ask lng ko about sa DFA Pacific mall kng until pila ka applicants ang kaya nila hatagan og priority number? thank you

  29. Hi,

    I won’t be able to collect my passport in person. May I authorize someone else to collect my passport? Naa man gud ko sa Leyte nag work nya sa cebu ko nag process sa passport.

    Thanks ahead.

  30. Hi –
    Do you happen to know if DFA also observes US Federal holiday? Or Philippine holiday lang gyud.. I’m planning to gwt one on Thursday , 11/27 man gud which is holiday sa u.s.. Thanks in advance!

  31. Hi!!
    I’m still young but I want to ask something .. Naglukat me ug passport .. Then wala man me father’ consent niya kinahanglan on jhud Nila .. Niya ako father is ofw in Dubai , they said that it cannot be process until there is a father’s consent .. Di pwede na process nalng?? Kay dugay paman e padala ghud

  32. Hello maam ask lng po ako…mo adto ko sa dfa cebu this tuesday para mo renew sa ako passport. Ang ako concern ky ako sister ky mo kuha sad cya ug passport then ako lng ang mo line to get a priorety number pwede ba me makakuha sad ug number for her ky klase pa man cya gud mga 11am pa cya maka apas na ko didto pwede ra bah na cya?

    1. Hi Amy,
      Sorry wala ko kahibaw if pwede ba nah nga duha ka priority number ang kuhaon. Kinahanglan sad nimo i-timing nga ang imong priority number nga makuha kay kanang igo pa nga maka-apas pa sya usa matawag iyang number. Hmmm…basin pwede ka magdala lang ug lain nga taw nga mao’y molinya para niya. Naa ko’y kaila nga niadto sya mga 5 AM, ang iyang nakuha nga number kay 200+ unya gipabalik sila ug 11 AM. Pero suggestion ra na nako ha, di ko sure if mu-work ba na nga idea.

  33. hello….i just want to ask if how long does it takes to get a new passport anyway,my passport is not will expire on 2017.. I just need a new one because it runs out of paper …and is it still is it still the same requirements if i’ll get a new one? how long does it take to get a new passport ?

  34. Is 6 weeks passport release for real or DFA is just giving themselves ample time ? I really want to have my passport now or the soonest time possible before Christmas, that is, and I do not have the time to go to ASEANA in Manila as well as do not have the budget for it to process my passport a way faster. 🙁

    Why does it have to be 6 weeks when in fact before they can do it in 3 days

  35. Good day, nag renew ko sa ako passport sa dfa cebu last november 14 pero ang company nga ako ge aplayan dli ka wait sa 6 weeks process mao to ni larga ko sa manila pra adto sa dfa aseana nku e.claim last week ako passport pero naforward na daw nila sa dfa cebu ako passport ug ang dfa cebu na daw ang mo decide kung ilang erelease ug sayo ako passport…unsa angay nku buhaton?

  36. Hi..
    Tanung kulang poh qng pwedi ung postal id..kasi wala poh aqng goverment id postal lang..wla aqng kahit nah anung valid id
    Pero meron naman aqng form137,yearbook,marraige contract,nso,
    Pwedi poh bah un kahit postal lang?
    Tapus my dalawa aqng kasamang anak 5years old tska 3years old pa2gawa dn ng passport,kahit dina poh bah kame pumila pag ganun?

    1. Hi AJ,
      Di ako sigurado kung pwede ba ang postal ID kasi wala naman po sya sa listahan. Pakitawag na lang po sa DFA para sigurado. Kung kasama po ninyo ang mga anak nyo sa pag-apply, pwede na pong hindi pumila kasi considered na priority applicants kayo. Sa Cebu ba kayo mag-a-apply?

  37. mangutana lang unta ko kung tinood ba gyd na 6 weeks una marelease ang pasport diha sa cebu. Tinood na wala na rush processing sa pastport?

  38. Hello,
    Good Day! I would like to know if I still need to get a priority number for the passport application of my mother with kids ages 15 and 13 yrs old if ang iyaha kuyog pod pagapply ug passport is ako usa pa ka sister with 2 kids ages 4 and 2yrs old. One group man gud sila and I just want to know if naa kauban sa group na minors apil naba ang rest of the group as priority or dili pa. Thank you. 🙂

  39. ma,am gud day po. ask lang ko kung til now wla paba expedite processing dha cebu. thanks..

  40. Thank you for your informative response maam. In addition, Ask lng pod nako how early do we need to be there if travelling with minors since we will be going there in one group this coming dec 13 (Sat). Okay naba if 7am mi maabot didto? Or dapat earlier gihapon? Gikan paman gud mi straight from the airport so I was just wondering how early should we need there since until 3pm lng ang DFA on a Saturday. Thank you po ulit maam.

    1. Hi Elda! Yup, okay ra if 7 AM mo maabot kay mao sad nah ang time na i-collect sa guard ang papers sa kadtong priority applicants para i-encode nila daan sa sulod. But even if di mo makaabot inigkuha sa guard (pareha namo last time), pasudlon ra gihapon mo ug una if priority applicants mo, tawgon mo after sa kadtong na-encode na daan.

  41. hello maam…tanong lng po f open ba kayo bukas?tapos magkano po ang bayad sa pagkuha ng passport..salamat po.

    1. maam may idea po ba kayo kong magkano po ang bayad sa pagkuha ng passport?first time ko po kasi eh..salamat po.

  42. mam nagplan ko mukuha ug passport first time nko,,, ako requirements is:
    philhealth ID
    postal ID
    naa koy SSS no. lng..

    ok raba ni cya?

  43. pila sad ka weeks ang pagprocess? if magkuha ko ug passport tomorrow,, makuha na ba nako karun january ang passport?

    1. Like I said sa akong previous reply, usually 6 weeks ang processing time pero di na sigurado, labi na karong December nga daghang holidays. So kung ihap-ihapon nimo ang 6 weeks, posible man sa February, pero dili jud na sigurado.

  44. Dear sir,

    My question is do you certain passports
    my girlfriend has told me that her passport is all finish but her son’s passport has been a problem with the last name.

    That there is a surcharge of 4500 php to fix this problem ?
    Think since I am the one who is paying the bill I need to find out if this information is true or not

    Once a passport is done but has not been picked up will the individual lose the passport and will have to redo everything after six days

    Thank you ,

    1. Hello Bruce,

      There are many possible problems involving a passport applicant’s last name. The DFA requires one valid ID and at least 3 supporting documents, so if, say, the applicant’s last name in one document does not have the exact spelling as in the other document, that could be a problem. Or perhaps there is a problem with the NSO birth certificate. Or all the documents could be in order but there was an error when it was typed into the DFA system and the applicant did not catch the error when he was asked to verify if everything was correct. In your case, what it sounds like is that the son has finished processing the passport but when they looked at the finished passport, there was an error with the last name, and now they need to have it changed. Is this correct?

      I would suggest that you get as much details about the problem as possible and then call the DFA directly to verify the surcharge with them. (The number is near the top of the post.) I highly doubt it would cost 4500 because the passport itself only costs 950 php. But I could be wrong.

      I hope everything gets resolved soon.

  45. expired ako passport last dec. 8 and also my son (4 years old) unsa ang requirements? waiting for your reply tnx.

  46. Hello. Na mention ang about priority applicants, does it mean they can just walk in at around 7am without worrying about getting a hold of a number?

  47. Good morning ma’am , I am planning to get a passport but I only have these documents:
    NSO , BARANGAY CLEARANCE , POLICE CLEARANCE , SSS ID, ID , E1 , AND TOR… would it be enough to get a passport?

  48. Good morning ma’am.Ask lang ko ky nagkuha ko ug passport last Dec.5 2014.dayun akong company na gi aplayan dapat on 1st week s january makuha na nako ang passport pra ma process ako Visa and etc.Makuha naba nako na next week or if wla pa unsa ako buhaton?

    1. Hi Patrick. I would suggest manawag ka sa DFA mismo and mangutana nila kanus-a kaha nimo makuha imong passport and kung dugay pa, unsaon pag-expedite. Ang akong nahibaw-an kay sa Manila ra naa’y rush processing man gud.

  49. Unsa may maguba kaha ana sa DFA pirme maam.. halos every year nlng man nah. maka problema kaau sa amo trabaho ba kay i-schedule mi for visa niya 1 month and half pa diay bag o ma release. ma baw intawn mi explain sa amo employer ana. kadako ug budget pero walay tarong lihok ana bah.. aka sapot nmn gud.. pirme nlng

    1. Di pod ko katubag kung naa ba’y naguba or unsa sir. Pero ang sa akong nahibaw-an, dugay na man na nga 6 weeks jud ang processing time sa DFA Cebu. Siguro wala sila’y rush kay mu-agi pa ug Manila ang mga passport. Anyway, kung dinali-an jud sir, adto na lang siguro process sa Manila.

  50. Madam,
    Salamat kaau ining inyong website, very informative. Naa unta koy laing pangutana..what about passport extension….naa kay idea ini Madam. Mo-process ang DFA Cebu ani…? and if they will extend for one year validity, what are the limitations for using an extended passport validity. I am scheduled for a short vacation for year 2015, mao wla jud koy time ana mopaabot nga 6weekis.. Perhaps 2016 na lng nako e-renew. Hopefully naa kay idea ini Madam…Thanks

    1. Hi Roy,

      Thank you!

      You can read about passport extensions here:

      Basically, it says that green and maroon passports (without the chip in the front cover) can no longer be extended. For the e-passports (those with chips in the front cover), there are only 4 valid reasons for extending passport validity, such as death in the family, etc.

      I suggest nga if gamay ra ka’g time this 2015, adto na lang sa ASEANA (in Paranaque) pa-renew ug passport kay naa man sila’y rush processing didto.

      Hope that helps!

  51. Hello.i’m a 19 yrs old.I don’t have any government ID’s.
    I’m a student pero ni stop Ko ug skwela run.
    Just wanna ask unsay requirements pra sa passport.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Linsay,

      You can take a look at the requirements here –

      According to that website, mao ni sya ang list of acceptable IDs:
      LIST OF ACCEPTABLE IDS (At least 1 of the following):
      * Government-issued picture IDs such as the following:
      – Digitized SSS ID
      – Driver’s License
      – GSIS E-card
      – PRC ID
      – IBP ID
      – OWWA ID
      – Digitized BIR ID
      – Senior Citizen’s ID
      * Other acceptable picture IDs such as the following:
      – Old College ID
      – Alumni ID
      – Old Employment IDs

      I suggest magkuha na lang jud ka ug government-issued ID kay magamit ra man pod nah nimo in the future. Pwede ka magkuha ug UMID sa SM.

  52. Hi ma’am.. sa requirements pwede wala na ang baptism?
    Ok nani akong requirements?
    Postal id,nbi,police clearance, b.certificate, nso & supporting documents.
    Thanks a lot

  53. Hello,

    Magkuha ko og passport and ako unta idungan ang ako 1year old baby. Unsa ang requirements para sa iyaha? Illegitimate child siya but gi acknowledge sa iya daddy. Okay ra ang NSO with affidavit of acknowledgment sa iyaha daddy og valid government id nako and supporting documents? wala man gud ko passport. okay ra photocopy sa passport sa iyaha daddy?

    Thanks a bunch.

    Sheila Mae

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Actually naglibog sad ko gamay kay ang nakabutang sa list of requirements “Photocopy of valid passport of either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) / of mother (if minor is an illegitimate child) or identification documents (Please refer to List of Acceptable IDs)” — akong sabot ani is pwede ra ID nimo if wala ka’y passport. But I think mas maayo manawag lang ka sa DFA para sure.

      The full list of requirements is here –

  54. Hello Mam,
    Ask lng ta ko if unsa requirements mgpchange ug spelling sa middle name? Bcn naa ka idea. Just noticed it last week na its Geozon instead of Geonzon 🙁 .. nktravel npa jud ko sa australia and singapore last year. Maau gni wala nbantayan pud sa immig officers , tanggong unta guru q :-(((((

    Thanks mucho,

    1. Hi Shams,
      Wala pod ko kahibaw. 🙁 For sure, mangita nah sila NSO ug ID, and basin supporting documents pod, more or less the same documents you will need kung magkuha ka bag-o nga passport. Try na lang tawag nila para sure. 🙂

  55. Thank you, mao unta lage.. sus bag o pjud ko nkabantay ae.. pgkanlang unta jud, mamatay guru ko sa khadlok 🙁 pero mau nalng wa sakpi hehehe . Thanks God… 6weeks na d.i ang processing time noh ,nidugai d.i maau. Mdelay d.i aq visa app for korea. Bsta , thanks mucho… God Bless… Happy New Year!

  56. hi!
    I’d like to ask if u know sa requirements sa pagpachange ug family name sa passport. I’m married to a foreign national and I want to use his family name.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rhea!

      In addition to your old passport, a valid government-issued ID, and 3 supporting documents, you will need:

      “For spouse of foreign national who would like to use their married surname:
      * Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Certified True Copy (CTC) of MC issued by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and duly authenticated by NSO. Transcribed Marriage Contract from the LCR is required when entries in NSO Marriage Contract are blurred or unreadable.
      * Report of Marriage duly authenticated by NSO if married abroad
      * Original and photocopy of Commission of Filipino Overseas (CFO) Guidance and Counseling Certificate of Attendance (required for first time applicants or renewal of passport to be used for the first time the surname of the husband)

      Details here –


  57. ma’am small…pwede na ne ako requirements…

    police clearance (august 8 2014)
    Barangay Clearance
    Birth Certificate
    School ID (2014)
    Employer ID
    Postal ID

  58. hello mam, my passport will expire on October 10,2015.

    Question: when can i renew it? coz naa man gud uban offices ,renewal will be atleast 2 to 3 months pa before ang expiration.


  59. hi mam,
    muku nta mi ug passport ths coming friday 1.16.2015
    among req.nga gready base ra s checklist s aq kauban nga nka kuha na..wen i saw this blog. nkita nku nga lahi ang checklist ..mao ni among g andam nga req. mam:
    sa aq ni mam
    NSO BC
    NSO MC
    Baptismal certificate
    SSS id
    company id with employment certificate

    s aqng husband mam

    NSO BC
    SSS id
    Drivers license

    sakto rba kha ni mam noh?

    1. Hi Virzel,

      Ang basic requirements jud kay:
      * NSO birth certificate
      * 1 valid ID
      * 3 supporting documents
      * NSO marriage certificate if you’re a married woman

      Okay na inyong ID and NSO BC, and you can also use your marriage certificate as a supporting document, pero kinahanglan pa mong duha ug 2 more supporting documents. You can check the official list of acceptable IDs and supporting documents here:

      1. mao ba mam..ang s check list s aq kauban kai at least 1 supporting doc. rmn gd.
        anyways.. thnx s advise mam..bzn mka lukat pmi ug lain nga supporting doc.
        thnx again

  60. hello maam good day ask lang unta ko.kay ang akong nso ilang dili kuno klaro unya gipakuha kog og local nga birth pero pagkuha or gihatag nako is certified true copy pero ang problem maam akong 1st name 2 names.dili d,i pwede ang nso mokuha nalang ko lain nya mag pa request ko nga klarohon ang mga spelling.also problem maam ok ra kon ang akong mga parents name gibutang sa nso is pero mga sayop spelling.pero ako father dugay naman siya namatay.pls help me and give me advise kon unsaon pag solve aron dayon ko maka kuhag passport….

    1. Hi Ellen,

      Dili ko expert anang bahin ug mga birth certificate, kani akong gi-post bahin ra na sa akong nakat-unan sa pagkuha ug passport. Ang maayo nimong buhaton, imo na i-explain tanan sa NSO ug mangutana ka nila unsay angay nimo buhaton kay sila ang nakahibaw ana.

  61. akong certifed true copy gibutang didto 1st name is ellen {ellen.] nya sa nso maam ako father 1st name sayop ang 1st letter then ako mama iya middle name sayop usa ka words,ok ra na sya maam basta importante akong name sakto ang speeling tanan….pls help me…

    1. Hi yen,

      If you mean passport application requirements, please check the link (first section, 4th bullet) — naa ra ngadto list of requirements for minors whose parents are overseas.

      If you really mean passport collection, I don’t think naay special requirements, you just have to collect it yourself, or if you can’t collect it personally, just send someone with the proper authorization.

    1. Hi Arnie. Okay ra wala’y NBI clearance basta naa ka’y laing supporting documents. Tan-awa lang ang lista sa requirements — i-click na ang “New Applications” ug “List of Acceptable IDs and Supporting Documents” sa 4th bullet sa 1st section.

  62. hello good evening maam! ask lang unta ko kung necessary ba jod na new copy of nso birth and marriage? Thanks 🙂

      1. Hi maam! Thanks sa reply 🙂 Didto lang ko ganina sa DFA dili jod diay necessary nga new copy, my nso birth was 6 yrs old na pero dawat gihapon nila. Grabe kataas sa linya maygani naay bata sa amo napriority intawon hihihi. Thanks kaayo sa imong blog maam big help jod kaayo sa ako 🙂

  63. first time applicant unta diay ko… ask unta ko ba… queuing jud ang dfa? as in ilugay jud ug number?

  64. Mam ask unta ko if pwd bah mo authenticate (redribbon) ug nbi clearance ang cebu dfa… Naa man gud koy nadunggan nga sa manila ra daw pwd?

  65. hi smalltowngirlsmidnighttrains,

    i’m planning to go to DFA next week with my family to renew my & my wife’s passports and apply for new passports for my 2 kids ages 20 & 17. The younger one is a special child with PWD I.D. you mentioned the family can avail of priority lane since my son is a PWD. my question is, what time do we go there? 7AM or earlier? thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Hi Charlie,

      Ideally, you should already be there by 7 AM so that you can catch the guard who collects priority applicants’ forms at 7 AM for encoding. However, even if you’re not there by 7 AM, you will still be a priority applicant and you will be entertained ahead of the others. We actually got there shortly before 8 AM and we weren’t able to have our forms pre-encoded, but we were still able to complete our application early.

      I hope this helps and I hope you guys have a hassle-free experience at DFA. Good luck!

  66. helo mam.. ok na ba ni..
    NSO Birth Cert.
    old college ID
    Voter’s ID
    Police Clearance
    Brgy clearance

    ——need pa ba nbi?

  67. Maam i just want to ask if sa manila ko kukuha ng passport ist posible na makuha ko in 7working days ang passport po maam? Salamat.

    1. Hi Rj,
      The DFA office in Aseana Business Park offers express processing na 7 working days. Di ko lang alam if talagang natutupad ba nila yang 7 working days pero sila lang ang alam ko na nag-o-offer nang 7 working days.

  68. Hi! Sir/Ma’am:

    Bagong applicant po ako mayrun akong:

    – Nbi Clerance
    – Voter’s ID
    – NSO BC
    – Certicate of Tribal Membership
    – Cedula

    Ok ba yung requirements? Pwedi yung lumang student ID? Ilang week bago ko makuha passport? salamat sa sasagot. God bless po.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Pwede mo’ng gamitin yung NBI clearance, Voter’s ID and cedula as your supporting documents, so okay na yun, kasi 3 lang required.

      Yung student ID mo ba, sa college? Sabi ng DFA pwede naman daw old college ID. Pwede rin alumni ID.

      Tapos meron ka rin namang NSO birth certificate, so I think ok na requirements mo.

    1. Ang aku requirements on hand kai:
      voter’s cert.
      marriage cert. Sa aq parents
      philhealth i.d
      voter’s i.d
      unsa pai kulang naku nga requirements? Thank u..

  69. Good evening mam!!!

    unsaon pagchange sa GENDER/SEX sa passport? karon pako kabantay. nkuha ni pag.June 14,2014. kaylanan pko mo linya ani?
    mo bayad pko ani pachange….

    salamat daan!!!

    1. Hi! Sorry, wala ra ba ko kahibaw unsaon. Tawagi na lang ang DFA para sure jud ang information, naa ilang number sa 1st part dapit sa post. Usahay dugay na sila makatubag sa phone, pero motubag ra nah eventually.

      1. Ask po ako ng file ako feb 04/15..wa my gbutang wen ma makuha nag renew ako ng passport ko…

  70. hello my mother a senior citizen wants to apply for new passport …what are the requirements…

    1. Hi Belinda,

      In the first section of the article (4th bullet from the top) there are links to the requirements as listed by the DFA. You can click on either “New Applications” or “Passport Renewal” and you can click on “List of Acceptable IDs and Supporting Documents” to see which IDs/documents are accepted by DFA.

      Good luck!

  71. hi Good Day, just to ask lng kay sa blog nimu this was posted April 2014 or last year lang and it’s indicated here sa FAQ nga wala pa cla appointment .. Is appointment system wala pa ba kaya naapply karn dri cebu..? you response is highly appreciated

    1. Hi Rhiza,

      As of late last year, naa ko’y friends ni-apply, wala pa gihapon appointment system. I’m not 100% sure this year kung naa na ba, but I doubt it, kay wala pa man gihapon ang DFA Cebu sa Appointment System nila ( I’ll try to verify this as soon as I can, but if you want to be sure, you can call DFA Cebu — their numbers are in the first part of the post. Sorry dili definite akong answer, wala na sad ko naka-follow-up gud. 🙂

  72. Hi.. good afternoon.. i just wanna ask.. do i really need to have a photocopies of all the requirements or its not that necessary? thank u

      1. These are my requirements: nso, nbi, police clearance, brgy clearance, baptismal and postal id.. ok na ba ni? Ug pila ka copies each?? Thanks

  73. hi ma,am gdnoon
    ask lang ko kung ok naning ako
    Requirements para passport
    first time pani nako!
    NSO, NBI, Voters Certification, Baptismal,
    Postal iD, licines iD.
    ok nani? salamat

    1. Hi Richard,

      Kung imong gipasabot kay driver’s license or PRC license, okay na nah siya gamiton as picture ID. Pero kinahanglan ka’g 3 ka supporting documents. Ang NBI clearance pwede ma-supporting document. Ang voter’s certification kinahanglan naa’y kauban nga List of Voters and Voter’s Registration Record. Tan-awa lang dinhi nga website kung unsa ang dawaton nga mga ID ug supporting document:

      Good luck!

  74. i tatanong ko lang po may nabasa po akong balita na i phased out na iyong non readable machine passport,
    mayroon po akong non readable machine passport po ako tapos ang expiration is june 16,2019..ano po ba ang maari kong gawin thanx .. po i hope to hear youre feedback

    1. Hi Judith,

      Ang sabi po ng DFA sa kanilang statement (, lahat ng non-machine readable passports ay dapat phased out na by November 2015. Sinusunod daw nila ang standards ng International Civil Aviation Organization, kasi kapag non-machine readable pa ang passport mo, baka magkaka-problema ka sa ibang bansa.

      I-renew mo na lang po ang passport mo para sure.

      1. Ask lng ko kon onsa requirements e passport,kay ako ron e-passport (dark maroon) hapit na mo expired ako NBI expire napod pwde pa?

    1. That’s always an option! Though I have to say the whole process is really very easy. And you’ll still have to make a personal appearance. The advantage of paying the agency fee is probably so they can line up for you to get a priority number — definitely, for some people the extra sleep is worth a few hundred pesos!

  75. ask lang unta ko if mkuha ko passport sa dfa cebu unya I’m from Ozamiz City e.send ba nla through LBC ang passport or personal jud kwaon sa dfa?

  76. thaks kaayo,ako mga requirements kay driver’s license,old college i.d,voter’s i.d,NSO og LCR ,TOR,NBI,police clearance,voter’s certification,barangay clearance og cenomar,ok na ba ni pra sa passport requirements? or need pa ang baptismal

  77. how about government employee maam? naay bay previledge?ang authenticated nso maam from attorney pwede vah kay ang original nagamit naman naku.?

  78. I just want to ask,,,,Is it okay nga I will bring my NSO,TOR,POLICE/BARANGAY CLEARANCE,NBI AND 1BIR ID????Coz this will be my first time to get a passport please!

  79. Hi doki! Wish u wrote this a little earlier hihi. Got my passport renewed 3 weeks ago and wala pa ang appointment system. And wala gihapon rush.

  80. helu maam..gud am,pwd rbah ku makakuha pasport f joint affidavit aku epakita while pending pa ang process sa correction of entry sa last name saku papa??

  81. good morning…clarification lng maam kai ang aku id naa dre kai company i.d raman gud??pwd rbah na??dn pwd rah ba ang philhealth ug e1form mahemung supporting documents??aside sa nbi,voters certification…

    1. Mo reply ko ha. As far as I know sa pag high school nimo form 137 ang kailangan as 1 of supporting documents.

    1. Annaly,

      Makita nimo diri nga website ang lista sa mga dawaton nga ID ug supporting document: – ang DFA mismo ang gahimo ani nga lista. Nganha ra pod ko ga-base sa akong mga tubag.

      Mas maayo pod siguro manawag lang ka sa DFA office para mahurot nimo’g pangutana ang tanan nimong gusto mahibaw-an ug maka-sigurado pod ka nga kung unsa ilang tubag, mao gyud ilang patakaran. Tan-awa balik ang article: – naa’y number sa DFA diha sa unang bahin sa article.

  82. Please ask ko lang kung kailan ang release nang passport nya.kumuha po sya last january 27 2015.wala daw po kasing schedule ng release.thanks po

  83. hello good pm,,,ask lng po ako,,, ok lng ba kung ang copy sa petition ang ako ipakita sa DFA? nga nagpamatuod nga on process na akong NSO…. NEED ko na kc ung Passport ko,,,,tnx

  84. Hi ask unta ko, may parents (both senior citzens @ 60 yr old) will be getting passports. They will be both going na sila lang kay layo mi mga anak, mopila ba pud sila kadlwn? Unsay recommended time sila moadto kay gikan pa sila sa bohol. Thank you.

    1. Hi Maida,
      No, di na sila kailangan mo-pila. Senior citizens are considered priority applicants and your parents can actually walk in at anytime, bisag hapon na. Naa ko’y kaila 2 PM na niadto iyang parents, nahuman ra ug process in 45 minutes.

  85. Hi ma’am.

    Ask lang unta ko if unsa ang gdugayon sa pagkuha sa passport? Like if na ok na ako application today, usually pila ka weeks ang paaboton?

    Then ma’am what if naa sayop ako birth cert? Dili nako pde makakuha sa ako pasport ana? Gadali man gud unta ko mam den ako ndunggan na dugay daw ang pag correction ana. Wala tay promisory ana or affidavit lang na pde iconsider?


    1. Hi Rhea,

      Sa akong nahibaw-an usually after 4-6 weeks makuha ang passport.

      Sa imong 2nd question, sorry wala ko kahibaw unsaon kung ingun ana nga sitwasyon, mas maayo manawag na lang jud ka sa DFA kay para sigurado gyud ko kung unsa ilang policy ana.

      Good luck!

  86. Hello mam! Good day! Ask lng ko ba, original nga TOR gyud ilang kuhaon? Or photocopy ra? Sa company/employment ID pud, mangita ba sila ug employment certificate? Then sa voter’s certi ba, kelangan gyud naay voters record? And strict ba gyud kaau ang dfa ky akong voters certi mngd wlay place of birth nakabutang, wla gbutangan sa katung nag register nako before.

    Thanks gyud kaau mam sa pag tubag sa akong mga answer. God Bless you!

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      Sorry karon pa ko naka-reply.
      * Ang photocopy lang man yata sa TOR ilang kuhaon pero kinahanglan nimo dad-on ang original para ma-verify nila.
      * Regarding sa company ID, wala man sila nag-mention nga kailangan ug employment certificate, so I think dili ra kinahanglan, kay pwede ra man gani old company ID imong gamiton.
      * Sa voter’s certification, ang nakabutang sa DFA website is with List of Voters and Voter’s Registration Record jud. Wala sad ko’y sure if kailangan ba jud nakabutang didto ang place of birth but I don’t think so, anyway makita ra man sad na nga info sa imong NSO birth certificate.

      Good luck sa pagkuha ug passport! 🙂

  87. Hello mam! Good day! Ask lng ko ba, original nga TOR gyud ilang kuhaon? Or photocopy ra? Sa company/employment ID pud, mangita ba sila ug employment certificate? Then sa voter’s certi ba, kelangan gyud naay voters record? And strict ba gyud kaau ang dfa ky akong voters certi mngd wlay place of birth nakabutang, wla gbutangan sa katung nag register nako before.

    Thanks gyud kaau mam sa pag tubag sa akong mga questions*. God Bless you!

    1. Hi Analee! Do you mean nga naa na ka’y passport with your maiden name, and now that you’re married, ganahan ka modala sa name sa imong husband? If that’s the case, mao ni sya ang additional requirements nga giingon sa DFA:

      For spouse of foreign national who would like to use their married surname:
      * Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Certified True Copy (CTC) of MC issued by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and duly authenticated by NSO. Transcribed Marriage Contract from the LCR is required when entries in NSO Marriage Contract are blurred or unreadable.
      * Report of Marriage duly authenticated by NSO if married abroad
      * Original and photocopy of Commission of Filipino Overseas (CFO) Guidance and Counseling Certificate of Attendance (required for first time applicants or renewal of passport to be used for the first time the surname of the husband)

      So, yes, kinahanglan ka’g CFO certificate.

  88. Good day, i just wanna ask if i can’t provide any government issued id, what are my options? What should i do? Need help! Will be traveling on May and i lost my passport and all my other documents with it. I got all the other requirements except those gov’t issued id.

    1. Hi gypsy!

      Do you have an old school, alumni or work ID? The DFA will accept that in place of a government-issued ID. In the article, there’s a link to the list of IDs accepted by the DFA — you can check which ID you may already have.

      Alternatively, I suggest you just get a government-issued ID, since that will come in handy for other purposes aside from getting a passport. I think the easiest ID to get would be a postal ID. The DFA will accept the new postal ID. You can also get a UMID at SM — there’s an office for government-related services beside Prime Care.

      I hope that helps.

  89. hello ask ko lng po,,, first time ko magkuha ug passport ok lng ba if akong req, is;; NBI,POLICE, BARANGAY, POSTAL ID PHILHEALT ID
    ,, and BAPTISMAL?

    1. Hi Joyce, kailangan mo rin ng NSO birth certificate. Yung postal ID, tatanggapin lang if yung bagong version.

      Please read this article para ma-check mo kung may iba ka pa bang kailangan i-submit (like if you’re a minor or a married female, etc.):

      Ang kumpletong listahan ng ID at supporting documents na tinatanggap ng DFA makikita mo dito:

  90. hi po..ask ko lang kung pwede na ba itong requirements ko..

    My Current Documents are as follows:
    *NSO Birth Certificate
    *1 Valid Picture ID : BIR ID, SSS ID (UMID), COMPANY ID
    *3 Supporting Documents: VOTERS ID, SSS-E1 Form, CEDULA (2015), Income tax return 2013 and 2014
    *Application Form (to be filled up)

    I dont have recent NBI, Baranggay and police clearance

    Please advice..

    1. Hi Kaloy,

      It looks like your requirements are complete. That’s as long as you’re not a minor, a DOST scholar, or one of the other types of applicants who need to submit additional requirements (see here –

      Okay naman bilang supporting document yung voter’s ID, SSS E1, and cedula, kaya di mo na kailangan ng NBI/barangay/police clearance. (You can see the full list of accepted IDs and documents here –

      Kung hindi ka sa Cebu mag-a-apply, check mo lang sa branch ng DFA kung saan ka pupunta, baka kailangan mo magpa-appointment muna.

      Good luck!

  91. hello,,ask lng po ako,,, nagplan ko maglukat ug passport,, ok lng ba ang ako req, is local birth, baptismal, barangay clearance,,police clearance,,,postal ID,, philheath ID,,NBI ,, cedula………..

    1. Hi Gina,

      Ang birth certificate dapat issued by NSO. OR if it’s issued by the LCR, dapat authenticated by NSO.

      Kailangan lang 1 valid ID. Pwede ang postal ID if it’s the new one being issued by the post office. Not accepted ang Philhealth ID. You can see the full list of accepted IDs here –

      Only 3 supporting documents are needed — pwede na ang barangay clearance, police clearance, and NBI clearance. (Cedula is also okay.)

      Check lang pod ani na website to see if abil ba ka sa naa’y additional requirements (like if you’re a minor or a married female).

      Good luck!

  92. Good afternoon po.ask lang ko if okay pakaha in akoa student I’d pag 2012 pa ni wala man ko lain I’d.?

    1. Hi Ermalyn, okay ra man siguro kay ang gibutang sa DFA nga website “OLD college ID” man so okay ra gyud siguro if taodtaod na. If ganahan ka maka-sure, pwede pod nimo tawagan ang DFA (naa’y number sa first part ani nga article). Good luck!

    1. I don’t know if pwede ba ang expired nga driver’s license.

      Para sure, pwede nimo tawgan ang DFA — their number is in the first part of this article –

      You can also check if you have one of the other IDs nga ginadawat sa DFA. The complete list of accepted IDs can be found here –

  93. hi! ask lng ko about sa priority number for gettting passport
    naa man gud ni.ingun naku na muadto kuno ko sa dfa para mukuha daan ug number nya e.sched ra ko..

    1. Hi Hannah, I’m not sure if they have a new system karung March, but I know a friend who applied for a passport a few weeks ago, ga-linya gihapon sila for the priority number. Sometimes lang, if awahi na sya nga priority number, like 100+ ba ron, people are told to come back at a certain time para di sila maghulat didto whole day.

  94. Hi There,
    Just wondering in regards to my partner renewal passport when can he have it,he lodge the application in Cebu last Feb 27,2015,and his passport will expired Aug 16,2015, he just been granted a partner visa Feb26,2015. And He has to travel and arrive to australia Before April 15.He already has a plane ticket Leaving cebu by april12. but before that he has to attend a seminar CFO for the new passport to be stamp.My question is When can he have his new passport release. as he needed before April.Please can we ask for an urgent process Please.For this reason.He also provide necessary document for it the passport will be process and my partner will have his new passport ASAP.
    Thank you for ur time in this matter.

    1. Hi Anibel,
      The usual processing time for DFA Cebu is 30 working days; they don’t have rush/expedited processing. Only Manila has rush processing. Perhaps you can have your partner call DFA Cebu to ask if there is anything he can do to get it expedited, like if he can just withdraw his application and go to Manila and re-apply there, but I don’t know if that’s possible. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  95. Hi, I’m planning to renew my passport for my visa application but I just want to ask if okay raba ang postal I.D as valid I.D? I’m looking at the list of id’s they will accept pero wla man gud nakasulat ang postal I.D unya base sa mga list didto wla jud ko ato bsag usa, since wla man ko nag work and wla napud ko nag school so wla ko’y I.D sa college. I have old postal id that I also acquired as my valid I.D when I got my passport last 2011 but it expired last year so i’m thinking of getting a new one for renewing my passport but i’m scared of wasting money in getting one if it wont be accepted. I’m really hoping you’d reply. I’m kind of far from mandaue so it’s kind of waste of time to go back and forth just to ask if they will accept postal I.D.
    I’m really hoping you’d reply. Thanks in advance and all the things you wrote and posted above really helped me 🙂 GOd bless you!!!!

    1. Hello Chel! The postal ID still isn’t in the DFA list of accepted IDs but I saw in the news recently that DFA will accept the new postal ID — the one that has the QR code and other security features. If ganahan ka ma-super-sure gyud, you can try calling na lang DFA. The number is in the first part of the article. They don’t answer the phone right away but eventually naa ra na’y mu-tubag. Good luck and thanks for the appreciation. 🙂

      1. Hello! Smalltowngirl, Good day. Naa lang koy pangutana about processing passport?
        How long it’s take na diay ang regular processing passport? My sister applied last month ago march 31 2015 and then ingon cya nga it’s take 1 1/2 month working days. Dugay na diay ang processing karon? Kay ako ge basa ang DFA site regular processing it’s take only 20 working days if I am right. Thanks in advance sa imong reply.

      2. Hi Analyn,
        Ngari sa Cebu kay usually after 6 weeks (30 working days) pa jud makuha ang passport, even though 20 working days ang nakabutang sa DFA site. Sometimes gani kay ma-late gamay if daghan ang magdungan ug kuha.

      3. Good Day, sir.mam.unsay maayong idea?naa koy bag ong passport issue sa PE RIYADH,gikan ko saudi riyadh n vaccation nya wala ko kabalik naa koy re-entry visa?mahimo ba mubalik ko saudi riyadh,lain nga employeer?ma expire ako Iqama 23/04/2015.Mao gihapon passport number?mahimo ba magpahimo ko ug bag ong passport?unsay maayong buhaton?salamat.

  96. Hello! I would like to verify if they’re still open on Saturdays for first-time-apllicants? I’m planning to go tomorrow (Saturday), if it is open. Thank you!

    1. Hi Zafrah! I know they’re open on Saturdays but I don’t know if they’ve recently made a rule as to who (first-time applicants or not) can apply on Saturdays. I suggest you call them to be sure — their number is in the first part of the post. (Sometimes they don’t answer the phone right away, but they will answer eventually.) Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  97. gud day maam/ sir.. ang akong asawa mukuha unta pod og passport.. she has this id’s old highschool id, old brgy council id, postal id, voters id and BIR id.. unsa anni ang accepted s Dfa maam.. pra s primary requirement.. thnk you maam.. plz reply…

    1. Hi Michael,

      Pwede ang digitized BIR ID ang gamiton nga ID sa pagkuha ug passport, pwede pod ang postal ID kung kadtong bag-o (kadtong naay QR code). Pwede nimo matan-aw dinhi nga website ang mga ID nga dawaton sa DFA —

      Tapos tan-awa pod ni nga website para sa lista sa ubang requirements gawas sa valid ID —

      Good luck ninyo!

  98. do i have to get an online application to have an appointment there in Cebu or it’s okay to have a walk-in appication there at the pacific mall? the way I’m a new/first-timer applicant.thanks

  99. gud day maam.. ok rb s supporting dcuments kung wlay birth nso? ky ang naa nq s supporting ky cedula, brgy clearnce, voters id, sss e1 form, marriage cntrct nso, child birth nso,, ok nb ni xa? pngitaan p b kha q og birth nso nq? tnx maam…

    1. Hi Michael,

      Kinahanglan jud ka ug NSO birth certificate — wala na siyay labot sa supporting documents. Tulo ra ko supporting documents kinahanglan.

      Please basa aning duha ka article — nakasuwat jud nganhi nila ang unsa ang mga gikinahanglan.

  100. hello maam,

    My kids had their passport taken last feb 3. My son already received his passport last week but until now we are still waiting for my daughters passport. Where can we follow up on my daughters passport? We need it badly coz we had already booked a ticket for them. Thank you in advace.

    1. Hi Jp!

      I think your best option would be to call DFA and follow up. Just mention to them that your kids applied for their passports at the same time but only your son’s passport has arrived. If you applied in DFA Cebu, their numbers are in the first part of the post. Sometimes they don’t answer the phone right away, but they do eventually. If they tell you they already sent both passports, perhaps you can ask them what courier they used and if they have a tracking number that you can use to follow up with the courier if necessary.

      I hope this gets resolved soon. Good luck!

  101. Your post is really informative. This helped me out when I renewed my passport this year. Thank you very much. 🙂

      1. Hello there, sorry it took me so long to reply here! I finally got my passport thanks to your help!

        Anyway, I’d like to add information here about the DFA branch installed in Pacific Mall. A guard told me that the best times to apply for a passport for both first-timers and renewals are during 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. I can confirm what the kind guard said since it was during these times that I claimed my own passport and the DFA looked almost deserted.

        It would probably take around 30 minutes or less to have the documents checked, paid for, and do the picture-taking.

        I saw your article by the way in Rappler. Congratulations! It was so informative, I’m less nervous to travel to countries with visas this year. 🙂 (Although I do have more questions, I’m not sure if I should put it here though.)

      2. Hi Mai! Thanks for taking the time to leave a message and for that helpful tip about applying from 3 PM to 5 PM. If you don’t mind, I’d like to put that in the post and credit it to you. I think people will find that a great alternative to lining up at dawn. Thanks again!

  102. Hello! I am planning to get a passport within this month, Im from Negros Oriental by the way. Is there an update pra sa rush processing na? And if makaprocess na, are we gonna come back to get the passport or it will be delivered thru LBC fot example sa amung location? Pls reply, thank you ..

    1. Hi Cathrine! As of last month, DFA Cebu still doesn’t offer rush processing. I don’t think there are any immediate plans to offer that, because I know one person who inquired about it at DFA last month and he was told that he would have to go to Manila if he needed rush processing.

  103. What is the difference between yellow ribbon & red ribbon-some kind of authentication of documents? Is DFA-Cebu provide these kind of services? If they did, how long will it take? I really appreciate your prompt response. Daghang Salamat.

  104. Hi,

    would like to ask. I applied for a renewal last march 2, I don’t know kung kanus.a nako makuha. Im a bit worried because I will have a flight goring singapore this april 14, 2015. will my passport arrive before my flight? where can inquire to have it rushed? ako nabayran kay regular raba, kanang 30 working days. pwede pa na nako mapa rush?

    1. Hi April, usually after 30 working days pa makuha ang passport if you applied sa DFA Cebu. Wala sila’y rush. The best thing you can do is probably to call DFA and ask them if naa ba ka’y mabuhat para madali, like pwede ba mu-reapply lang ka didto sa Manila, but I’m not sure if pwede ba na.

  105. Hi, Sir pwede raba ang old id nako sa collage year 2001 sir Mao ra gyud na ako id para renew ug passport sir? Thanks!!

  106. I have this maroon passport with a chip.. mo expire Sept 2015 and I will need it for Thailand travel. Worse case scenario, I can always use my US passport (kay dual man lagi) but my travel agent suggested I use my Philippine passport. Gi tapulan unta ko.. but decided to renew my maroon passport anyway kay it has to be done by October 2015.

    You answered my questions by reading your post. Abi nako 15 days ra ang process.. 6 weeks gyud diay.

    Anyway, thank you so much for this blog. Awesome gyud kaayo. How come you did not mention getting priority numbers the night before? Or are they still allowing that? I will go there tomorrow around 6am. Hopefully, dili kaayo daghang applicants..

    Thanks, again..

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks for your kind words. 🙂 They issue priority numbers at 7 AM, but people start queuing very early. (I wrote “as early as midnight” in the ‘The Process’ section but that’s in extreme cases; I think most people go at around 4/5 AM. I think the queue will be pretty long by 6 AM. If (simbako) you aren’t able to get a priority number or if you don’t get there early enough, some people try going there late in the afternoon — sometimes by afternoon hurot na ang mga taw, and those who don’t have priority numbers are able to get in. Hope that helps! Good luck sa pag-process and enjoy your future trips. 🙂

      1. On March 23, 2015 MONDAY, I arrived on site at 6:30am, got my application form from the security guard, and stood in line. The line started moving at 7am so we can get our priority numbers. Then wait again for 9am when the DFA office opens. I have to admit, the process was smooth. The only pain was waiting for the office to be open for business. If you get your documents ready, there will be no reason why you will not be done by 12 noon.

        I was told it would take 30 days (not counting holidays and weekends) now, to get my passport.. and it’s still true to say that the Cebu DFA does not do expedite anymore.. you will have to go to Manila for that… Hope this helps.. Good luck..

  107. Good day!
    Maroon passport nga mo expire October 18, 2015. Mauli ko sa Pinas May 2, 2015. Puwede bako mangayo ug extended validity ani. 2 weeks ra may akong bakasyon gud…balik pod dayon agi sa work demand.
    Salamat kaayo aning higayona ug sa imong tubag niini.


  108. hello,

    good day!

    id like to ask po sana. Naa ko canada karn then need nako pakuhaan og passport ako kids na naa sa ormoc. sa cebu nako sila gipakuha thru travel n tours na agency. Then naa ko Special power of attorney but ang problem is wala nabutang ako name as their mother as the travelling companion. Pwede raba mapabalik nako dre ang spa para ako butangan sa ako name? or need ba nako mokuha og new spa?

    ni anha sila dfa cebu just last march 26, 2015.
    hoping for your reply and thank u.


    1. Hi Fritzie,

      I’m afraid I don’t know kung pwede ba nimo kuhaon balik from the DFA ang imong SPA. But if naa ka sa Canada, I think mas dali if maghimo na lang jud ka ug lain na SPA kaysa mag-wait pa ka nga ibalik diha, then imo na sad ipadala diri, tutal pwede ra man to ilisan ang prior nga SPA, your new SPA can just state that it is replacing the prior SPA.

  109. hi mam good day!
    I’m 8mos pregnant now & i want to change the status of my passport but still it will expire on 2017, i was married last 2013 abroad if i can come around 9am still give me priority layo amoa talisay

  110. pwdi po ba magtanung?anu ba kailan pag mag renew nang passportnadito ako sa qatar ngayun u uwi ako sa may dyan na sa pinas ako mag renew kasi sa augsto pa ma xpire ang passport ko.salamat po

  111. gd morning maam,,
    meron akong collage ID,,,
    at NSO or birth certificate
    at sa supporting document
    meron akong cedula at barangay clearance
    police clearnce
    Ma’am pwede nabayan makakuha ng passport

  112. hi gd morning

    pwede magtanung
    meron akong valid ID in collage at meron NSO or birth certificate
    at sa supportive document meron akong cedula barangay clrearance at police clearance at kukuha pa ako ng NBI

    ang tanung ko pwede na bayan para makakuha ng passport

  113. Hi good day ma’am
    Im Analiza from argao naa unta koy ipangutana about processing sa new applicant sa passport, ang akong id ma’am sa college but wla ko kahuman sa college og skwela k ra kayha na then ako supporting documents kay NBI police clearance, barangay clearance, NSO. og sa passport na makuha maam pwdy na sya magamit for traveling abroad like singapore and hong kong just for a few days raman. needed kaau mako imo tuba kay magprocess nako 3rd week sa april

    1. Hi Analiza. Mas maayo government-issued ID pero kung wala na’y lain, I think ok ra man imong old na college ID bisan wa ka naka-graduate ug college. Okay na sad na imong supporting documents, tulo kabuok: NBI clearance, police clearance, and barangay clearance. And NSO. Yes, ang passport magamit na travel abroad to any country, gawas kung butangan nila ug restrictions but usually ang mga restrictions sa mga country ra man nga naay giyera like Iraq. For sure magamit jud na nimo for SIngapore and Hong Kong.

  114. Hello ..mag ask lang q Kay sa akong nso sayop ang apelyido sa akong mama ..mag matter pa ba na?or pwd ra?then if dili pwd unsa ang pwede supporting documents na ipakita sa real na apelyido sq mama..

    Thank you ..God bless 🙂

  115. hi. ill be going to cebu to get a new passport for my 10 y.o. son, we’re from dipolog city.i was wondering if dfa can consider us as priority applicants.

    1. Hi Ruth. The DFA website says priority is given to children 7 years old and below…I don’t know if they will give you special consideration since you live far away, but you can try, or you can call them up to be sure.

  116. Maayong Adlaw! Mangutana unta q ma’am kung unsang mga documents akong dad.on dha sa DFA, lost passport ko pero expired na , naa koy ID pero usa ra Voters ID ra. Mo kuha pba ko og laing ID? Unsay dad.on nko dha nga mga papel? Palihug sa pag tubag, salamat

  117. Hi there!

    Pwede ba nga house help namo ang mo pila for the priority number? Dapat ba niya dalhon ang amo documents?
    Or pwede ba nga my husband ang mo pila for both of us?

    Thanks in advance!

  118. maayong adlaw, is it possible that you can post here if available na ang rush processing sa renewal passport? or please send me the good news on my email.. daghan kaaung salamat.. godbless

  119. if I did not check this post, dili ko makahibaw mga 30 working days diay ang pagkuha passport diri cebu. laina uy. 🙁 makasapot slight. I applied last march 30, I counted 30 days. may 13 pa tawn makuha. diosmio.
    asa murequest na ipadeliver nalang through LBC ? pwede pa kaha mabalikan ? mularga man gud kog manila 🙁

  120. Good day mam..pangutana lng unta ko..ang akong old passport maexpire krun december 2015..naa pa ako sa saudi karun..mubakasyon karun MAYO phon..1 month lng ang gihatag na bakasyon sa ako sa company..ang ako pangutana kung dli ba ako maharang sa imigration inig balik nako sa saudi ky dli pa mn e.passport ako passport..plano mn gud nako na dri nlng ko sa saudi pohon inigbalik nako magparenew..balik ko sa June phon naa p akoy 6 months before maexpire ang passport nako..salamat

    1. Hi Elde,

      According to the DFA: “They must instead apply for a new e-Passport as soon as possible before the expiry of their current MRRP (green) or MRP (maroon) passports. Those who fail to do so will likely encounter difficulty at immigration checks when traveling through any ports of entry around the world after October 2015.”

      Since before October 2015 pa man imong balik sa Saudi, dili ra siguro ka maharang. If ever mangutana ang Immigration, i-explain lang nga adto ra ka sa Saudi magpa-renew.

  121. good day! i would like to ask about the cancelled passport, i filed it last June 2014 and i wasn’t able to claim, ang tanong ko lang po kong anu ang dapat kong gawin para mka kuha ako nang new passport.

    1. Hi Renefe, I would suggest you call DFA first to verify if they have already discarded your unclaimed passport. I know of someone who applied last 2013 and was still able to claim his passport this year. If your passport has really been discarded or cancelled, I think you have to go through the entire passport application/renewal process again.

  122. good eve mam…pwd ba makuha dayun ang passport dayun even wa pa sa time nga ma release ako passport ky palargahon nman gud o sa agency next week then ako passport ma release ky karon april 22 pa mam…

  123. Hi maam ask lng for supporting documents pwede ang nbi na local.i mean kadtong nbi na naa nka suwat not valid for travel abroad?

    1. Hi Jennimyl! I think okay ra kay para ra man sya proof of your identity, pero try lang ug tawag sa DFA para sure gyud. Sorry I can’t give you a more definite answer, wala man gud ko ka-try nag-gamit ug NBI clearance as supporting document. Good luck!

  124. Hi Maam..what if i wasnt able to secure the new postal id but i have the old one..i also have my voters id, would that be okay?i am pregnant and i would also be bringing with me my 7 years old son to the dfa..would they still give me the priority even if i wasnt able to get priority number since i will be travelling from Bohol pa?thanks.

    1. Hi Beverly!

      – I don’t think they accept the old postal ID as a valid ID but you can bring any of the other acceptable IDs.

      – Yes, they will still give you priority because you’re pregnant. (Best wishes, by the way!) If you are also getting a passport for your son, that’s an additional reason for them giving you priority status. Even if you arrive in the afternoon, you will still be priority.

      Good luck!

  125. hi im winnard jason baron castro im here in al hassa hufuf saudi arabia po..taga naga cebu ko mom/sir nganu man dugay man kaayu naabot akoang passport dri sa riyadh nga katu pamang buwan sa feb. 16, 2015 nako gi renew ako mga passport sa akoang mga kaoban kay nakuha naman lang ang akoa kay wala paman nku nkuha ug palihug lang please follow sa akoang passport kay dugay nko tambay dri gud 4 months nako tambay dri gud kay nag exit nko sa akoa company..palihug lang follow up mom/sir sa akoa passport kay looy na kaayu ako pamilya dnha sa cebu samutan pajud wala nko nagtrabhu dri…hnaot ko madunggug ninyu ang akoang ghangyu ninyu karn..salamat kaayu ug dako..

    1. Hi Winnard,
      I think adto ka sa DFA dapat mo-message, dili diri sa akong blog kay dili man ko taga-DFA. Suggestion: hangyoa ang imong mga paryente diri sa Cebu nga ipatawag ang DFA ug i-follow-up imong passport. Good luck!

  126. hi good afternoonmaam/sir, Im Hannah ,i just want to ask if it is okay if i dont have nbi abroad on doing to process my passport.
    Because i use my passport as a rush..
    so thats why i need to hurry and get it as soon as possible in doing processing my passport.
    I only have my college id,nso,barangay clearance,Bir affidavit,and SSS E-1.
    My PROBLEM IS it okay if i dont have NBI abroad document?
    hoping and waiting for your reply,tnx.

    1. Hi Hannah. Aside from the NSO birth cert, you need 1 ID and 3 supporting documents. The NBI clearance CAN be used as a supporting document but it is not necessary — you can use another supporting document if you don’t have an NBI clearance. Your barangay clearance and SSS E1 are accepted supporting documents, so you only need 1 more. I’m not sure what you mean by BIR affidavit. Please see this post for a list of accepted IDs and supporting documents:

  127. Greetings..

    I’m really in a dilemma because I haven’t processed my passport yet and the employer might ask me for my passport. When can I possibly process for a rush passport here in the Philippines kasi wala sa Cebu.
    Please need your help badly..


  128. hi mam good day, may concern lang ko sa pag claim na sa ako passport puhon this comming month of May… ning renew ko sa cebu kato march 31, 2015…pa help tana ko kung unsa requirements pag AUTHORIZE PERSON ang mo claim kay need nako uli mindanao kay work pa….salamat kaayo and God bless^^

    1. Hi Kirby! Maghimo lang ka ug authorization letter, and hatagi ug photocopy sa imong valid ID ang imong gi-authorize. Dapat immediate family member, according to DFA.

      You can check this website for more info:

      * Only immediate family members are allowed to get the passport in behalf of the applicant. Immediate family members include father, mother, brother, sister, spouse and children of legal age.
      * Passport shall be released to an immediate family member only with proper authorization letter. Passport of a minor applicant shall be released to parents only or to an authorized representative with Special Power of Attorney and Affidavit of Support and Consent.

  129. Hello ma’am.

    Is it going to be a problem if my NSO birth certificate shows on the first page that I bring my mother’s last name but on the second page shows that my dad acknowledged me as his son? Ever since I went to school I’ve been bringing my dad’s last name. Only when I was born I was registered late.

    1. Hi Nick,

      I’m afraid I don’t know what the rule is for adults (I’m presuming you’re an adult), but for minors this is what the DFA says in their website:

      “If minor is legitimated by subsequent marriage of parents — Authenticated Birth Certificate from NSO must include annotation regarding new status as legitimated and the full name of the child

      If minor is illegitimate but acknowledged by father — Birth certificate from NSO reflecting surname of father with Affidavit of Acknowledgement and Consent to use the surname of father”

      I hope that helps. I would suggest that you also call DFA and ask them about it to be sure. Good luck!

  130. hi mam,
    glad you reply me so soon… thank u kau sa infos na gihatag^^.
    one last thing mam, naa bay online site sa dfa kung imo name mo appear pasabot ready na imo passport e claim?^^

  131. naa koy pangutana guys..1st week sa April unta nako makuha akong passport.. unya wala pa koy time mokuha kay dia ko sa province..ako lang unta ipa lbc..unsaon diay pagprocess?

      1. sige na jud ko kontak ..not available ang ila mga number…ask lng ko,naay validity ang pag claimed sa passport? kay taod2x na bya to..1st week sa april pa unta nakuha nako ang ako passport..bxn ma expired vah…

  132. Hi,

    Nag apply kog passport sa DFA sa pacific Mall last Saturday and i know nga 30 working days pa ang releasing, problem now is I just recieved a call from my Employer overseas na They need my passport ASAP para maka apply ug Working Visa, if not, basin jeopardise akong job offer. Pwedi ba naku ma hangyo ang DFA ani para ma rush? If not, pwedi ba ning ma forward sa DFA cebu to manila para adto nalang nako i claim? Please i need your advise. Thanks

      1. Thanks for your quick reply. Muadto nalang ko DFA tomorrow to check para maka advise sila.

  133. good day mam? ask lang ko if pwede paba to makuha akong passport? gi process ko to mga month of july , then balikonon month of august.. pero nawala man gud akong official receipt nako, then ako ng gipabuhatan og affidavit of lost, ok rana?

    1. Hi Randy,

      I-try lang ug adto sa DFA, kay naa ko’y nailhan nga end of 2013 pa nag-process ug passport then wala niya na-claim, pag-adto niya earlier this year kay wala pa na-discard iyang passport so iya pang na-claim. Hopefully naa pa pod didto imong passport.

      Good luck!

  134. Good Day Maam! 950 pesos ruh jud imong ma bayran sa DFA? dako diay kag ma save if dli ka mag passport assistance sa mga travel agency. 2K + ilang pangayo for passport assistance.

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Yup, 950 ra jud. Para nako gani, murag gamay ra gyud ug advantage if mag-travel agency ka, siguro sila lang ang molinya para nimo, but otherwise, ikaw ra man gihapon mag-procure sa imong requirements and kinahanglan ra gihapon sa imong personal appearance, mao na wala lang gyud mi ni-agi ug travel agency.

      1. im so lucky nakabasa ko sa imong blog, nag andam jud kog 2500 para passport processing. thank you so much!

      2. last na jud ni maam, ang main supporting documents kay birth certificate(NSO) jud? naa koy NBI Clearance , Cedula, Barangay Clearance, Voter’s Certificate. Ang akong NSO mn gud kay gkuha sa taga post office dili photocopy ilang dawaton, maong wala nakoy akoa.

  135. Mam ask lang po, naga authenticate/red ribbon ba sila diha sa dfa cebu? Thank you mam..

  136. I want to cancel my appointment online but I couldn’t make it because I can’t remember my reference number. Is there any penalty for this if I won’t be able to cancel? Please reply.. Thank you..

      1. Hi..nag apply ko og passport pagka April 29..unya ingon ang nag check sa ahong mga documents nga 30days bagomakuha naglibog ko og iapil ba naho og ihap ang sabado..hinaot unta naay mo repy

  137. Hello mam, modawat ba ang ched ug authorization letter pag magpa CAV mam? Ug unsa requirements ana magpa CAV? Ty po..

  138. Mam ask lng naq f unxai akoa buhaton akoa NSO kai lahi akoa aplyido surname pah saq mother pwo akoa documents kai saq fathr nah..nbunyagan man gud q daan adi!ser xla nkasal..pwdi wra ug afidavit of legitimation nlang or joint afidavit..

    1. Hi sandz, wala ko kahibaw for adults, pero sa mga minors, ang giingon sa DFA kay:
      “If minor is legitimated by subsequent marriage of parents: Authenticated Birth Certificate from NSO must include annotation regarding new status as legitimated and the full name of the child” — basin pareha ra pod sa adults. Sulayi lang tawag sa DFA para sure. Good luck!

  139. Hi Ma’am! I’m so happy to find your blog, it really helps a lot. Question ma’am, magkuha ko uga passport including sakung sons na 3yrs old and 7mos… Do I have to bring them na sa DFA on the day of filing for the appearance? I tried to ask assistance sa agency but I find it too expensive jd d i comparing if personal mi moadto sa DFA… Thanks!

    1. Hi Aljane! First of all, thank for your comment. I’m glad you found the blog helpful. 🙂 Yes, you have to bring your kids kay picturan man gud sila ngadto. Anyway, you will be considered priority applicants because of your sons, so dali ra man, mga around 1 hour ra ang pag-process. Good luck! 🙂

  140. Oh! Thanks Ma’am 😉 I hope you wouldn’t mind if I still have two more questions. 1. My husband’s passport was lost (we don’t have any copy of it) but it’s already expired, I believe he still have to get a notarized affidavit of loss from the lawyer, am I right? Will it be a renewal then or considered a new applicant? 2. My eldest is still “illegitimate” in his NSO birth cert but with his father’s acknowledgement already (we got married after he was born though– wala pa lang gyud namo ma-process ang legitimation) do you think it will somehow complicate in getting him a passport? — I would appreciate whatever info/suggestions shared ma’am 😉 God bless!

    1. Hi Aljane,

      1. For lost passports, you can get info here:

      2. Regarding your son, I think it’s best if you process the legitimization. The DFA website offers two options:
      * If minor is legitimated by subsequent marriage of parents – Authenticated Birth Certificate from NSO must include annotation regarding new status as legitimated and the full name of the child
      * If minor is illegitimate but acknowledged by father – Birth certificate from NSO reflecting surname of father with Affidavit of Acknowledgement and Consent to use the surname of father.

      I think mas maayo i-process na lang jud iya legitimization para ma-usa ra.

      Good luck! 🙂

      1. You are such a big help ma’am! Thanks kaau… 🙂 And by the way, your “travel fund secrets” motivated me!hehe Keep it up smalltowngirlsmidnighttrains (y) (y)

  141. Good mirning ma’am
    I need to renew my passport this coming june to use my married surname mausab ba ang expiration date sa akong passport or ilaha lng usbun ang akong surname. Hapit naman sad gud ma expire akng passport.
    Thank you.

  142. Hi..Ask lng ko if,naa ba’y expedite and DFA Cebu?kay akoang passport man gud mo expire 5 months pa.mobalik man gud ko sa 31st of May 2015.then dli nmn gud cya pwd nga online nga mohkuha og OEC so mao ni advice ang taga POEA nga need na jd cya i renew.then pla ka days ang renewal? kinahanglan mn gud nga makabalik ko sa exact date matud pa sa akoang employer.pwd pa ba nga makuha nako akoang passport before my flight schedule? og onsa man ang mga requirements.nga madali cya og release.Please need your quick advice.tnx god bless..

    1. Hi Marlon,
      Same ra ang requirements pero adto jud ka sa Manila kay sa akong nahibaw-an wala pa gihapon expedited processing sa Cebu. After 30 working days (6 weeks) pa jud makuha if sa Cebu ka mag-process. Good luck!

  143. A big thanks for this blog/information.
    I will be renewing anytime next week my 1 month expired passport (wa mabantayi…tsk!) and i need to know the requirements para ma prepare nako daan ang needed documents…i plan to course thru agency but sa akong nabasahan diri..nga helpful kaau and maka save pako…so dili nalang…ako nalang mismo…ako nalang suliton akong plan to file a leave puhon to do this activity 😉

  144. Hi. Ask lng ko if still makakuha pa ba ko ug passport uf wlay NSO pro naa ko local birth, baptismal TOR voters cert. NBI ug postal id? Thank you. Godbless

    1. Hi April,

      If wala ka’y NSO birth cert, pwede ra “Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and duly authenticated by NSO” — according to DFA.

      You can see the list of requirements here:

      And the list of acceptable IDs and supporting docs here:

      Good luck and God bless!

      1. gud day maam pede b kaha kun birth certificate nga s civil registral ra aho gamiton ( kanang s white bond paper) ky negative mn ko s NSO

      2. Hi michael,
        Ingon ang DFA, pwede daw “Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and duly authenticated by NSO” — so dapat i-authenticate sya sa NSO kana imong LCR nga birth cert.

        Good luck!

  145. hello mam, ask unta ko kung need pa ba naku mag buhat ug Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel para sa akoa anak (legitimate) para apply ug passport?

  146. Hello ma’am
    ask lang ko, mag renew ko ug passport, gitagaan ko ug letter and copy sa akong job offer gikan sa agency, ingon man gud ang agency na mas paspas daw ang pag process kung naa nay employer, pwede ba nako ni siya ipakita sa dfa cebu para ma padali ang pag process?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Cesar!

      Sa akong nahibaw-an, 6 weeks man jud ang processing time bisa’g naa’y employer or wala. (Basin ang visa mao’y pasabot sa imong agency?) Anyway, i-try lang daw ug pangutana sa DFA, pero duda ko pareha ra ang processing time jud. If kailangan ka ug paspas, mura’g moadto jud ka’g Manila ana.

      Good luck and congrats sa job! 🙂

  147. hello ma’am good morning..taga Bohol ko mam..pila ka weeks makuha ang passport gkan sa pag process gyud..thanks

  148. another question ma’am.. ang IDs ug documents ipa photocopy pa na or ang original ra ila tan awon..thanks

  149. Hi Ma’am!

    First, Thank you for an informative blog! Exactly what I needed.

    I would just like to know if the office is still open during Saturdays? Do I need to go there at midnight to get accommodated (Saturday)? And lastly, is there any hang-out place (which offers like pizza and beer) nearby I could spend the waiting time?

    Thank you and more power!

    1. Hi Marcus. Thanks for your message! As far as I know, they’re open on Saturdays, but I don’t know what time people usually start arriving on Saturdays. I don’t think you need to go there at midnight though! Usually (according to people who’ve lined up) arriving at around 4 AM will do. People do have to stay in line while they wait for distribution of priority numbers.

  150. i would like to ask, still dfa cebu dont have rush processing of passport? thank you and more power…

  151. hi maam!

    dakoang tabang ani oy. salamat kaau aa guidelines. detailed kaayo ug daghan jd makuha. ask lang ta pod ko, akong nbi maexpire na ikajune2015, dawaton pa na nila? naa man toy gaingon nako gd nga dapat bag.o jd ang nbi, like a month old pa. halaaa. unya akong kay 1yr mana maexpire ang nbi, dawaton pakaha na nila? salamat kaayo!!

  152. Hi gud day mam naay problem sa ako nso gender imbes female na male unsay angay nko buhaton mo lukat ta kog passport pwede ba ang notario sa abugado mu dawat ba ang dfa ana

    1. Hi Jen, wala ra ba ko ka-sigurado kung modawat ba ang DFA ug notaryo lang sa abogado pero duda ko dili. Tawagi lang ang DFA para sure. Ang akong suggestion, ipa-correct na lang gyud na imong NSO birth certificate para ma-usa ra pod ba, kay sure man sad gyud nga gamiton na nimo in the future imong birth certificate.

  153. Good afternoon mam.. 🙂
    Ask unta ko kaning probs skung Ninang bah mam. Nag patabang man gud cya nako abwt ani eyang passport. Mag renew cya sa eyang passport, dn kai ang eyang Family name kai eya man gpa correctionan sa NSO kai na wrong Spelling. Karon na ok na ang NSO nya mam, dn eyang probs ang Family name sa eyang passport kai wala pa na correctionan mag renew man cya ron buwana mam. Unsa mai angay nyang buhaton mam? Og unsa man jud ang tinood nga mga requirements?
    Nag research pud ko mam pero daghan man ang mo gawas nag libog na noon ko kung unsa jud ang requirements.
    Mag w8 lang ko sa u reply mam. Daghan kaayong Salamat mam.
    God bless

    1. Hi Marisol,

      Di ra ba ko kahibaw unsaon na kung di na magkapareha ang spelling sa ngalan sa NSO ug sa karaan nga passport. Duda ko, mura na’g mahulog nga mag-apply gyud sya ug bag-o nga passport. Ipa-pangutana lang sa DFA gyud aron matabangan gyud siya. Tawagi lang ang DFA.

      Ug aron di ka maglibog sa unsa gyud ang requirements, tan-awa ni ang DFA website ay:

      DFA na man gyud na nga website so sure na gyud na. 🙂 Good luck and God bless!

  154. Hello Maam,
    I’m from Cagayan de Oro.
    Pila ka weeks madawat pag mag renew ug passport?

    Pag nakabutang ba ang date like June 18 2015 makuha.
    Makuha ba gyud siya?

    1. Hi Gracie,
      Kadtong nag-renew mi kay nakuha jud namo on the day nga ilang gibutang sa claim slip, but ingon sila sometimes if daghan kaayo ang nagkuha ug passport, ma-delay sometimes, so ga-advise sila na motawag daan sa DFA to confirm if naa na ba jud.

  155. good evening ma’am na confused ko about sa mga color sa passport nga ma phase out..ang nka butang sa press release nila ang ma phase out ang green passport ug maroon passport rah…nya ang ako dark maroon or e.passport, pwede pa ni ma extend ako ma’am?..pila pd bayad sa extension?..

    1. Hi Wilson,
      Mao sad na ang wa ko ka-sure, kung pwede ba i-extend ang e-passport. Sa akong sabot sa ilang press release kay mo-extend pa sila (kay naa man silay gibutang nga conditions para sa pag-extend) pero mas maayo siguro ang DFA na lang ang i-ask jud para sure. Wala pod ko kahibaw tagpila ang extension, sorry.

  156. Hello Maam,
    Good eve… ngutana lang unta ko Maam if mada rb nga wala koy i.d ang naa lang nako NBI, SP TOR NSO

      1. Okay Maam salamat kaayu… Godbless.. mukuha nalang ko Alumni i.d maam.. bcn pwde ra usa?

  157. I lost my passport but it expired already in 2014. Mag renew ko this week and I have all the requirements (e.g. police report, affidavit of loss). Dili na kailangan mag set of appointment noh like sa DFA in Manila? Just want to clarify kay this week ko muadto.

  158. hello maam,
    first of all thanks for this info.. maam first timer q nga applicant og passport and aq bana is a foreigner. . If magpahimo qg passport sa dfa cebu pila ka days b4 nq makuha maam aq passport? Kay moanha man gud tana mi sa cebu w/c is too far sa aqng gipuy-an… thanks daan for your answer and God bls you

  159. Hi ma’am. Mangutana lang ko if naa na ba uy appointment system na karon sa DFA Cebu.
    Thank You.

  160. Hello Ma’am! I’m glad I found this blog. I have a question about how long will it take to renew my passport. I’m currently in the US and I’m planning to renew my passport in the Philippines since we will have a 1 month vacation there this December. Is there a way to expedite it since we will be coming back to the US right after our 1 month vacation. I’m checking if I can get everything done before before 1 month. Thanks

    1. Hi Cherry! The usual passport processing time here in Cebu is 6 weeks. Since you only have a month I suggest you have it renewed in Manila instead, at the DFA office in Aseana Business Park — I think it’s 10 working days there. Good luck!

      1. Thank you so much for the information. I really appreciate it so much. We’ll just probably go to Manila to have it done since it’s faster. Thanks again and more power!

  161. Is Saturday included in counting the working days or just monday to friday??
    Is there anyway we can request na masayu og release ang passport?? Already applied for renewal in dfa cebu last apr20,2015, yet unexpectedly i have a deadline to meet to submit the passport..any way to expidite the process??


    1. Hi Yanjan,

      I think Monday to Friday lang — bale 6 weeks. Sorry I don’t know if you can have it expedited after na…try lang call sa DFA if naa ba sila’y ma-suggest. (And sorry for the really late reply, I’ve been having internet problems for over a week now.) Good luck!

      1. Thank you for the reply.. Is it true? I heard passport releasing are having some delays..?

      2. Yep, sometimes. 🙁 DFA said in an interview a while back that if there are more than the usual number of people who get passports, that’s when delays happen. I think they advised people to call beforehand, to verify if their passports are ready for releasing.

  162. Hi, abli man ang dfa kun satuday dba? para rana cya sa appearance kadto nag agency? or pwde ra na cya kadto normal na mag process ug passport…kadto wla ni agi ug agency?

    1. Hi Carin,

      I know they’re open on Saturdays but I don’t know if they’ve allocated that day to certain groups of people. If you want, tawagi lang ang DFA para sure. (And sorry for the really late reply, I’ve been having internet problems for over a week now.)

  163. Ma’am ask lng qo kung magpanrenew ba ug passport sa cebu pila ang bayad sa regular days or sa rush?

  164. Unsa pod ang ubang requirements sa pagrenew aside sa passport maam

  165. Ma’am flow up nga pangutana lng ma’am aqoang igsoon man gud nagproblema sa iya passport Kay ang iya ngalan sa passport gkan sa pinas is Anna…..nya pag renew niya s Riyadh Saudi nahimong Annna na 3 ka n ang passport nya mag renewhay man cya ma’am unsay among buhaton ipadayon lng ba ang nasa passport nga 3 ka n o mag usab o IPA usab.galibog man gud tawn mi Kay madak an mi s gasto ba salamat kaau nga naa ning website nmo Kay makatabang jud

    1. Hi Karel,

      Inig-renewal sa passport kay required man ang NSO birth certificate ug supporting documents, so sa tan-aw nako, ang kinahanglan ninyo sundon nga spelling kay ang naa jud sa birth certificate. Mas maayo siguro, tawagi na lang ang DFA or adtoa jud sa Pacific Mall, para maka-guide sila ninyo kung unsa’y angay buhaton. Di man gud ko taga-DFA so di na ko kahibaw unsa’y mga pamaagi kung naay sayop sa karaan nga passport, mas maayo ang DFA jud inyong pangutan-on.

      Good luck!

  166. Hi, glad i found this blog. Inquire ra unta ko, maybe you have some idea about this.. my 19 yr old son just traveled to cebu to pursue his studies over there. Upon entry, the officer just stamped for until 1 month stay ra sa iya passport. He has a copy of report of birth that was processed mar 31,2015 here at the phil embassy in san francisco and will take 6 mos before we can order a birth certificate from NSO in the phil, which is in sept. He is dual citizen by birth and we were still filipino citizen whenhe was born, but since na late registration man siya, pending pa iya NSO issued birth cert, as well as pag apply ug phil passport.. My question is can the DFA assist us in extending his stay kay sa sept pa siya pwd makafile ug phil passport? He is going bck to the states in dec for xmas break…

    1. Hi Marites,

      I’m sorry, I really have no idea. If you have relatives here in Cebu, maybe one of them could call DFA or the Bureau of Immigration, or go to the DFA/BI office, and ask them what to do. Or maybe there’s information in the BI website about extending your son’s stay here in the Philippines.

  167. Hi..tanung kulang kung pwedi nah yung new postal id para sah valid id sah passport? Form 137,cedula,barangay clearance,nso marriage certificate/birth certificate,high school year book,baptismal,.ok nah kaya yan para makapag apply aq ng passport? Di ko naba kaylangan kumuha ng nbi or police clearance??
    Yung dalawa kung anak kukunan ko rin 5years old and 3yeras old..meron nah silang,..nso birthcertificate,baptismal,nso marriage contract namen ng asawa q..ok nah kaya yan??

    1. Hi Joyee,

      Sabi sa news, pwede na daw yung bagong postal ID. Nakita ko sa TV at sa Inquirer:

      Sa requirements, tingnan mo na lang dito:

      Basta basically NSO, 1 valid ID, and 3 supporting documents. Ang listahan ng ID at documents na tinatanggap ng DFA andito:

      Good luck!

  168. Cebu DFA now accepts rush processing – 20 working days, instead of 30. But this is only for OFWs. You need the necessary documents for your request to be processed this way (like job orders, and a reason for the quick processing). The list of documents can be found on the DFA website.

    1. Hello! May I ask where you got your information about rush processing in Cebu? I called the DFA office today and I was told rush processing still isn’t available in any DFA office in the Visayas or Mindanao.

  169. Hello ma’am first time nako mokuha ug passport OK ra kaha akong NSO nga kapin nani sa tulo ka tuig pero naa gihapon ang recebo naka attach .. Dawaton kaha ni nila ? Thanks you

  170. Hi! This blog is very helpful gyud. Thank you. 🙂 nag plan ko mag kuha ug passport next monday which is mao ra akong vacant. So unsa may pinaka ideal nga time nga muadto sa dfa sa pacific mall? Kay i heard man gud nga if mukuha dawg monday, kay dapat sunday naa na daw didto. And unsa may setup if like naa na didto as early as midnight nia 7am pa diay ang priority numbers? Thank you so much. 🙂

    1. Hi Tin! First of all, thanks for your comment. 🙂 Regarding sa situation of Monday, I don’t really know. I have friends who went there mga 4 AM and were able to finish by noon, pero I’m not sure if that was a Monday. When I got my passport, I went with 2 senior citizens and 1 minor, mao nah na-priority ko ug apil. I suggest, if you have family nga either senior or minor, pakuhaa na lang sad sila ug passport arun ma-apil ka ug priority hehe.

  171. OMG ka paspas sa reply.hehe. Thank you. So mag sayo nalang gyud ko ani. Pero dugay kaayu ang 7am gud.hehe 🙁 Thank you ha. 😉

  172. Hi! I just want to know when exactly naku makuha ang akung passport. Kay nag process ku April 24 dn hangtud krun wala ghapon. Ana cla 30 working days daw na usa mkuha. Dn June 10 mn ku nila patawagon og usab so lapas na siya. One of my friend ngprocess og passport less than a month nakuha na nya. Thank you!

    1. Hello. Di jud ko kasulti nimo ug kanus-a jud exactly makuha imong passport. 30 working days sad akong nahibaw-an. If you want, tawagi lang ang DFA inigka-30 working days exactly, unya if wala pa, tawagi na lang pod balik inig-June 10.

  173. hi Ma’am maaung adlaw pwdy na kayha makuha akong passport karon nagprocess ko april 16,2015 and now june 4,2015 makuha na kayha nako and open sila og igka saturday kay ako kuhaon.. salamat hope matubag nimo akong giask kay adto ko city this saturday.. salamat


    1. Hi Analiza,

      Tawagi lang ang DFA kay sila ra gyuy kahibaw if ready na ba imong passport. Usually after 6 weeks makuha pero wala’y kasiguradoan kay usahay ma-delayed man. Naa ra’y number nila diri sa kani nga article.

      Good luck!

      1. Ask lang unta ug modawat naba ang dfa ug bag ong postal id,bag o ra gyud ni arrive akong postal id,then wala nkoy problema sa mga supporting docs kay naa nko…anyway maam first time nko mo kuha ug passport kay para visiting sa gawas,hope matagaan ko nimo advise
        Thanks and more power

  174. Hello ma’am,

    Good day, ask lang kong Asa dapit sa Cebu pwd maka pa picture ug passport size photo?kailangan man gud sa ako manghod para sa iya visa. Thanks in advance..

    1. Daghan ra man pwede kapa-picturan, sa kanang mga photo studio, ingna lang passport size. Sigurado ko naa sa Ayala. Depende pod unsa na country nga visa, isulti ra nila, kahibaw na nah sila sa size.

      1. Okay ma’am salamat kaau. Sa ako nga time gud diha ko tapad sa old DFA nag kuha before atong 2011 so I’m not sure if until now naa paba gihapon cla diha dapit or ning balhin naba kaha?

      2. Wala sad ko kahibaw about sa kadtong tapad sa old DFA, pero basta daghan ra man na, ilabi na sa mga mall. Visa ang kuhaon sa imong igsuon or passport? (Kay kung passport, di man kailangan magdala ug picture daan.)

  175. Hi ask ko lang if pwede mag walk in applicants sa DFA Cebu for new and renewal of passport. Thanks

  176. Hello maam,bohol man gud k maam so wala pa koy time para mag ask ug fix nga requiremenets sa dfa cebu expensive pod ang pamasahe uie,sige balik balik,but anyway maam thanks sa advise and hope modawat na sila ug new postal id.

  177. Hope ma post nimo dri maam ang mga list of requirements before ko mag arrive diha cebu,specially about new postal id kay naghulat lang pod ko sa akong birth nga ma online then go to cebu straight away to para mo kuha ug passport……ty

  178. Hi maam mzta po,may online renewal passport ba s cebu ug unsaon ang paagi?.I hope matabangan qo nnyo s aqong problema Kay lau man gud amua s mandawe pero cebu qo…salamat daan

  179. Hello Ma’am. wla pa gihapon express processing sa passport sa DFA Cebu? My brother would like to have his passport by first or second week of July kay gusto sya kuyugan akong mama inig larga niya which is this coming mid of july. he will be processing his passport this monday. is there any possible way to have his passport earlier other than going to manila? karon pa man gud nya nahibal-an nga wla na express processing sa DFA Cebu. I am hoping to get a solution as early as possible. Thank you very much Ma’am.

      1. Hi Carmela, dili ra ba ni website sa DFA. Tawag-tawagi lang ang DFA, usually dugay jud na sila makatubag pero motubag ra man pod kadugayan. I-try kanang hapon-hapon na.

  180. Good morning maam,ask lang unta ko if pwde ba magkuha ug passport nga ang gamiton nko nga birth katong issue sa local registrar office,naghulat paman gud ko nga ma online akong birth sa NSO wala paman na aprobahan sa manila,pwede ra ba local birth unya naa manual athenticate sa NSO?diha manko mo kuha ug passport cebu,dawaton kaha ni nila?thanks

  181. Good morning maam,pangayo lang unta ug advise nimo,about sa pag process nko ug passport diha cebu soon,2 days lang ang gihatag sa akong hubby nga foriegner para applying passport enough na kaha ning 2 days maam,then plan nko nga mag stay hotel for one night,pero nausab akong huna huna sa dihang nabasa nko ang dfa website about sa oras sa pag arrive sa dfa,they say it should be there before 4am nagsugod na ang linya ana,then ang uban daw gani naa na didto 10pm palang hulat hangtod ipanghatag ang priority number around 6to7am,tinuod na maam?so ug mag stay ko hotel alanganin na diba kay kailangan gyud ko mag linya nga way hawaay,para dili ko mapulihan diba,even night time diay maam naay tawo sa dfa?naa bay mo intertain sa akoa didto just incase ug didto nko magpabuntag,naa bay daghan tao pod dito nga mo apply pod ug passport bisan gabie na?hope matagaan ko nimo advise maam….salamat

  182. Hi sir/ma’am

    Ni file nakog passport sa Cebu din gi request namo sakung bana nga diri nas Australia namu pick up pon din wala pamai tawag, para makabalo unta me kai ma expired na raba amung passport. Ingon mangud nga 30 working days ra ipadala na nila diri sa Australia. Din mu tawag ra sila kung asa namu ma pick up.

  183. Good pm. nag-apply na ako for passport sa cebu pero d tinanggap nso bc ko kasi walang gender na nakasulat. mg-file pa daw ko ng supplemental report. nag-file na ako ng supplemental report pero at least a month pa daw makukuha yung needed documents. kailangan ko na mag-apply ng passport maybe before this month para mahabol sa deadline. iaaccept ba nila ung receipt/any supporting docs na ngfile na ako for supplemental report tapos ibigay ko nlang ung nso when i claim my passport? is there any other way? thank you

    1. Hi Neil,

      I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to your question. I think it’s best if you call the DFA directly kasi di ko talaga alam kung pwede ba yung sinasabi mo. Just call them — sometimes they don’t answer the phone right away, pero they answer naman eventually. Good luck! Sana maayos na asap.

  184. good morning..ngutana unta ko kung pwede mgpa-Certefied True Copy or mgpa-Red Ribbon sa passport dinhe DFA Cebu

  185. hello mam/sir..usuallysa imo nahibal an pila diay ka weeks or months ma release ang passport..May 9,2015 q nag apply..

      1. la pa q nitawag sir..pero ang aq kauban May 8 ang iyaha then ipa LBC ra iya la pa mn niabot until now suppose to be ika 6 weeks nya
        last friday pa.

  186. Hi mam good morning !! Mangutana unta ko ba nag pass nako requirements sa dfa pag may 21 mam unya mag wait ko 30 working days july 3 pa nako makuha iya pasaport. Pwede ba kaha na makuha nako inig ka june 30 mam ? Kay mo pass nami sa embassy passport nalang jud sa akong baby ang kulangan nako . Kung mo pass ko ug july sa embassy mo taas na ako byranan mam.. thank you mam hoping for your response 🙂

      1. Hi mam !! Mag sige man kog tawag sa dfa mam dli man cla motubag mam usahay pud busy eg tawag nako I hope naa na unta eg 30 mam . Adtuon lang nako ugma cguro !!. Thank you kaayo sa reply mam

  187. hi ma’am,good day.unsa may requirements sa pag apply for passport para sa minor ma’am kung both parents were deceased na then naa namo ang bata but not legally adopted?wala man gud koy makita sa ani nga category ma’am sa requirements.thank you…

    1. Hi Jenes!

      Mao ni ang giingon sa DFA for orphaned minor applicant:
      * Authenticated Death Certificates of parents from NSO
      * Court order awarding guardianship of the orphaned minor applicant or substitute parental authority under Article 214 & 216 of the Family Code
      * DSWD Clearance

      So I think kinahanglan jud mo ug court order for that. Mas maayo sad siguro magkuha na lang jud mo ug formal proof na kamo na jud ang guardian or substitute parents sa bata kay I think kinahanglanon ra gyud gihapon na niya in the future for other things aside from passports. I think you can inquire sa DSWD kung unsaon ninyo. Gahini na lang jud na ug panahon kay para ra pod sa kaayohan sa bata in the future. Good luck!

  188. goodday!ask lang ko og puede ba walay nbi pulis clearance lang,,,og sa bata wala pa man sila id card puede ra og kadtong proof of enrolles.tnxxxxx godbless

    1. Hi Grace! Dili man kinahanglan nga NBI clearance jud ang gamiton as supporting document, naa pa ma’y ubang documents nga pwede, as long as maabot lang ug tulo. Sa mga bata, ang giingon sa DFA: “Document of identity with photo, if minor is 8-17 years old (for first time and renewal applicant) such as School ID or Form 137 with readable dry seal” so pwede ra Form 137.

  189. Hello mam. If Saturday mo adto sa dfa Kay kinahanglan gihapon kadlawn mo gikan or OK ra mo adto mga 8am?

    1. Hi Ren! Wala ra ba ko kahibaw unsa usually kadaghana ang mga taw basta Saturday. Mas maayo siguro mosayo na lang ka’g adto. O di ba mo-try ka’g adto 8 AM unya if daghan gani taw, mobalik na lang ka igka-next week unya mu-sayo na ka. Good luck!

  190. Hi Mam, possible ba nga magapply pud ko sa manila ug passport if malangan jud diri sa Cebu? like I applied last June 28 then August 13 ako fly gud. nahadlok kog mulapas ug 30working days.

    1. Hi Mikee, I don’t think pwede ka mo-apply ug kaduha. Try lang tawag sa DFA para sure, and pangutana na lang pod if naa ba ka’y mahimo para ma-dali imong passport. Usahay dugay na sila makatubag sa phone pero motubag ra na sila kadugayan. Good luck!

  191. Mam..good day..ask lang naku ,halimbawa may reentry visa ko..may paagi ba na madali ang pagrenew naku sa akong passport..kay akong vacation is only 45 days,posible bang makuha naku bisag mga 30 days lang..salamat poh..

  192. Hello po, thank you sa blog ninyo, very helpful po ito, lalo na po sakin na new applicant. Godbless

  193. Hi maam, I wud like to ask if mo entertain ba silag walk-ins during saturdays? I plan on going sa DFA this Saturday man maam. Hope u can answer me. 🙂 God Bless.

    1. Hi Phil! Sorry for the delayed reply. Unsa’y imong pasabot sa walk-in? You mean wala’y appointment? As far as I know, wala pa ma’y appointment system ang Cebu. Anyway, you can try calling them to be sure. Good luck!

      1. Hi maam, walk-ins are those people nga dili mu agi ug agency and modiretso lang ug adto sa DFA 🙂 Anyway maam, i’ve already processed it yesterday and from what i knew, during morning they wud cater “agency people” first before the walk-in applicants and by noon they wud start calling the names sa mga walk-ins (based on my experience). 🙂

      2. Hi Phil, sorry wala na nakaabot akong reply and naglibog sad ko what you meant by walk-ins. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience para maka-help pod sa uban!

      3. Hi maam, mo post nya ko sa ako experience para pd ma aware ang uban. And btw, this blog really helped me on what to do for the application. Thank you maam ^_^

        To those people who want to avoid lining up at dawn on weekdays just to get accommodated in the morning, you can go to DFA on Saturdays. I went there and it was so smooth and fast kay wala jd kaayoy mga taw basta Saturday. I suggest you go there by 11AM and sign the form then hand it back to the guard, after an hour (depende sa gidaghanun sa nagpa agency on that day) you’ll be called to proceed to the application proper. 🙂

      4. Thank you for that tip Phil! If okay ra nimo, ako lang pod i-update ang post ha, and akong ibutang imong tip (I will credit you, of course), aron makakita ang uban. Salamat kaayo!

      5. Yes. I attest also sa comment ni Phil.
        Based on my experience – dali ra gyud kaau ug wa gyud ko maglisod pag adto nako sa DFA for renewal application.

        First & foremost – helpful gyud kaau ni nga site. Thanks much gyud – smalltowngirlsmidnighttrains.
        Dinhi ko nakakuha ug idea ug nakahibalo unsa akong buhaton based sa akong nabasahan sa blog.

        I went to DFA Saturday also. Mga 1pm gyud kay nanawag naman ko daan sa DFA what time sila mo entertain ug walk-ins after sa agency. Kay pag Saturday gud – Agencies man ilang priority and after ana kato ng individual applicants.(based sa akong nabasahan diri)

        Ready na tanan akong papers. ako nalang gi submit diretso sa lady nga migawas ug nanawag sa mo linya na para sulod. Mihuwat nalang kog roughly mga 10 mins. ug gitawag na dayon akong name to get inside. Pagsulod sad dali ra kaau – from verification of documents, payments (950 akong nabayaran for regular application), encoding, picture taking, verification again sa na print nga data. after ana humana. Mga less than 30 minutes ra gyud.

        Btw, ang hassle nga akong na experience lang gyud was during sa picture taking…kay akong jewelry wa man nako gi remove daan…so i suggest please remove nalang daan your jewelries – earrings & necklace para diretso-diretso na…picture dayon kay di man pwede nga magsuot ka ana.

        mao na siya akong experience sa pag apply nakog renewal. hayahay kaau. mao sad ni akong gi share sa akong mga kauban sa trabaho nga gusto mag apply didto sa DFA.

        Ang akong Application form kay sa DFA website rasad nako gi ready nagyud kaayo. wa nako mag hassle ug pangayo sa guard ug fill-up na daan nako ang form before ko niadto.

        Ang attachment nako was from NSO – Marriage License Ug Birth Certificate sa akong anak. I submitted only the photocopy and i retain the original with me. Plus ITR. Sa requirements kay naa may lista ana so pili lang kay asa ato ang ma provide nimo.

        Also 2 photocopy of Valid ID.
        Dalaa sad ang orig nga ID nimo nga imong gipa photocopihan kay ila nang tan awon to verify.

        Btw, pag Saturday kay walay priority number. NO need to line ug sayo para makakuha ug nos. Ingon ang guard Weekdays ra daw na applicable.)
        Mao na nga niadto ko 1pm gyud kay mao may ingon sa guard nga diha nga time sila mo accept ug individual application)

        That’s all.
        (hehe..pasensya na taas akong speech.)

        Hope this will help other’s too.

      6. Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience here, I’m sure makatabang jud ni sa mga taw na mag-apply pod ug passport. 🙂

  194. Hello Ma’am,

    Ask ko lang kung naa paba ang rush processing sa passport ron diha sa cebu.. Salamat 🙂

    1. Hi Anne! As of June 4 (last nakong pangutana sa DFA), wala pa gihapon rush processing sa Visayas or Mindanao. Good luck!

  195. Good day ma’am..for how many days/weeks/months available or releasing period from the time sa pag-process?
    f ever after 3 months na wala pa makuha, pwd pa makuha passport sa dfa?..when man pinaka dugay pwd?please i need to know..thnx..

  196. Hi maam,humana ko ug process ug passport last june 29,kanus a pod nko ma claim 2 akong passport maam?pwde ba nila ihulog through LBC maam?tnx

    1. Hi Lyn. Usually after 6 weeks or 30 working days na makuha ang passport. I think dapat pag-apply nimo i-arrange nga ipa-LBC na lang, pero try lang ug tawag nila, pangutana kung pwede pa ba.

  197. Hi ma’am..Kapila naku ni tawag sa DFA Dili jud lagi mutubAg..matubag ko kausa gi palngan manko..hantod na hurot nalang akung load Kai Kung mu tawag ko telephone aku gamit cge man busy..May 12 ko nag apply.. Layu baya amu sa south pa..ugma aku adtoon nalang unta naa na Kai diman jud cla mutubAg saku tawag..

    1. Hi Rose! Kasuway sad ko tawag nila nga wala ko natubag, ako lang balik-balikan tawag, kadugayan matubag ra man pod. Suwayi lang tawag gamit landline aron dili kalas imong load. Hinuon naa na sad siguro ron kay lapas na man kaayo sa 6 weeks.

    2. Hi Rose! Kasuway sad ko tawag nila nga wala ko natubag, ako lang balik-balikan tawag, kadugayan matubag ra man pod. Suwayi lang tawag gamit landline aron dili kalas imong load. Hinuon naa na sad siguro ron kay lapas na man kaayo sa 6 weeks.

  198. Mao lagi mam..aku nalang adtoon ugma Kai lapas naman sad kau sa 6 weeks..

    Thank you mam..

  199. Good morning,follow up unta ko sa ako passport, kai cgi ko tawag wa jud mutobag, negros pa ba ni amua, ako nalang giadto sa office wala jud gihapun, june 2, paku ni apply. soposedly makuha na unta naku ud july 17, ika 30 working days,july 20 nako niaadto wa jud gihapun,Interview na jud nako karung july 27, unsaon naman nako ni nga dli man ko ma refunan sa ako tiket, gitagaan ko ug personal number sa manager sa DFA kanang TAGALOG nga GIRL. mao ni nga number nga ghatag niya nako,09173182007,sa dihang ako ng gtawagan, taga ABS ang nitobag ug rong number daw,,Abi kuno ug katong gtagaan ato nga numbr tawgi dw ninyo sulay ug kadto dool sa DFA adtoa ninyo palihug

    1. Hi Nona. Akong matambag nimo, balik-baliki lang ug tawag ang landline sa DFA kay sila ra ju’y nakahibaw kung naa na ba imong passport or wala pa. Dugay jud na sila usually makatubag, sulayi lang tawag kanang hapon-hapon na.

  200. Asa pwede makadownload sa Application form nila Mam? Cge jud kog search wala koy makit-an. Salamat. 🙂

    1. Hi Danilo. I’m afraid I don’t know; this post is only about passports. Please call DFA (the number is in the first part of this post) to get information about authentication of papers.

    1. Thanks very much! I’m looking forward to exploring your blog some more. 🙂

  201. Hello mam mag ask unta ko,,,ako parents mag lukat og passport, Dli bna tan-aw on sa tga dfa Ang ilang marriage cert sa nso? Ky sa marriage cert sa akong parents gd Ang name sa akong papa suppose to be Aurelio bonghanoy ra unta,,,then sa ilang marriage cert ky naapil man Ang nick name sa akong papa,nahemo Nman nga Aurelio nerio Bonghanoy,,,Mao nga nag libog jdko Kung ok ba kha na,,,pleas help,, ,,Salamat

    1. Hi Jes Xikah! Required ang marriage certificate for married women who want to use their husband’s family name, so apil sya sa requirements sa imong mama. PERO sa imong papa, dili gyud ingon nga required ang marriage certificate. (You can see the list of requirements at the back of the application form here –

  202. Hi ma’am ask lang ko kung naa bh extension process and dfa cebu,mandaue?..pila ka days ang processing?

  203. hi maam,ask lang unta ko kung kailangan ba gi hapon mag sayo ug adto sa dfa bisan mag pick up nalang ug passport?kailangan ba gi hapon makakuha ug priority number?tagae pod ko landline sa dfa ma’am ug nakabalo ka…thanks and god bless

  204. Hello Good day,

    Nag- apply ko passport pag Aug.12,2015, ang ingun nila balikun daw naku after two months. Dili na diay 1 month ang processing?

  205. Good morning Ma’am! Ask lng unta ko what if more than 6 months na nya wa pa nakuha ang passport? mobalik npud sa uno ma’am?

    1. Hi rowie. I-try lang ug adto sa DFA kay usahay ma-keep pa man na nila ang mga passport nga dugay na wala nakuha.

  206. Maam my friend been trying to call your telephone line but nobody answer..tanong Lang po Sana kami Maam Kung na release na po bh ung passport Nya Nung August 07 2015 po sya nag file..Salamat Maam.God bless..

    1. Hi Grethel. Blog lang po ito, hindi official website ng DFA. Pakitawag na lang po ulit sa kanilang telepono.

  207. appreciate so much your putting all these information together and sharing with your fellow kababayans. love it! thank you so much. made my life easier and all my questions answered. keep it up and may God Bless YOU always!

    1. Thank you dalagangbukid! It’s comments such as yours that inspire me. God bless you too!

    1. Thank you Dorothy!! It’s not often people leave a comment just to say something like that. Thank you! <3

  208. Hi ask ko lng po is it true na old passport id and nso lng pwd na to renew the old passport.

    1. Hi Jheny. If bagong policy nila yan, I haven’t heard about that.

  209. hi po. ask lang po ako. nag plan ko mo kuha og passport, pero pag adto nako sa website para sa passport og mag file ko para appointment, wala lage koy makit-an na DFA CEBU?

    1. Hi Owen, please lang basa ani nga article nga imong gi-commentan, naa ra nganhi ang mga tubag sa imong pangutana (including your comment in the other article).

  210. Hi Ms. Ask ko lng again i only have old college id tin number philhealth id. Police clearance brgy clearance, bc of my child. Cedula form 137 enough n po b to for renewal of passport.??

  211. Hello Maam , a blessed Day to you! Mag renew ko sa passport, same ra ba ang form sa renewal og new application of passport?
    Naa ka website para download sa application form for passport renewal?

    1. Hi Araceli! Yes, same form ra for renewal and new applications. Good luck!

  212. Mangutana lang unta ko kung naa naba ang akong bag-o nga passport ? Akong gi-renew kaniadtong July 8, 2015 pa. Gihatagan lang ko ug 1-year extension validity sa akong old passport kay mibalik nalang ko ug gawas kaniadtong August 15 wala man gihapon mahuman ang bag-o kung passport.

    Naana kaha ang bag-ong passport kadtong mga nag-apply or nag-renew ug passport niadtong 1s week sa July 2015 ?

    Palihug lang ug tubag niani bahin.


    1. Hi Sir Modesto! Dili ra ba ni official website sa DFA so dili ko katubag sa imong pangutana kung naa na ba ang imong bag-o nga passport. Ang pinakamaayo siguro nimong buhaton kay pamalihug lang sa imong family or friends diri nga patawagan ang DFA aron mag-inquire kung naa na ba imong passport. Good luck!

  213. hello…i dont have any governtment id’s only voters and supportive documents and my old passport (green).can i still renew my passport with those documents?thanks

    1. Hi Aaliyah, if you really don’t have a government-issued ID, you can use your college ID, alumni ID or work ID.

      You can see the list of accepted IDs here:

      I would also advise you to apply for a government-issued ID because it will be very useful not just for passport application but other things. You can find out how to apply for a postal ID here:

      1. too bad…i dont have either (company id,school id , alumni id) as i said only those supporting docs..and im planning to go cebu this any luck with those docs? or ? ^_^

      2. Well, those are the requirements set by the DFA, so if you’re asking if you can still get a passport without a valid ID, you’ll have to ask the DFA itself.

  214. Hi Good Day! Thank you for this blog…helpful kaayo sya lalo na sa first timer.
    May I ask po? Sa ako NSO my fathers name is lahi sya spelling sa the rest nku nga docs let say
    sa ako baptismal the spelling is wrong .Mag mind pa ba na sila ana?

    Thank you so much! hope u can give me an advice kai magfile nku this coming saturday..
    God Bless!

    1. Hi Jean, I’ve been very busy the past few weeks and did not get to reply in time. I hope you didn’t have trouble with your father’s name. God bless!

  215. I have been to Pacific Mall today to renew my passport. It’s good to process the renewal of passport in the afternoon around 3:00PM. I arrived around 3:05PM and I completed the process less than 30 minutes and yes DFA resumed express process (10 days) for passport for only 1,200 pesos. Tips for renewal of passport: DFA is only asking for one valid ID (original + xerox) and the xerox copy of the front and back of the passport.

    1. Hi Roderic! Thanks so much for the information! That’s really helpful. Salamat!

  216. Hi id like to ask. Akong police clearance kay na expire na pag oct.13,2015. Dawaton pa na nila? I will supposed to file tomorrow. And also i have community tax and barangay clearance issued last April. Ok pa ba pd na? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kayee! Sorry wala ra ba ko kahibaw unsa’y policy sa DFA ana. I suggest tawagi na lang sila mismo para sure. Good luck!

  217. hi i would like to confirm if my documents are acceptable if I only have:
    SSS id, PRC Id, Alumni ID, Voter’s Id. , NSO and TOR??

    Thank you

  218. hello po, ask ko, pwede ra ba ma process ang passport sa akong anak (6years old) both parents naa mi sa gawas sa nasud, and unsa mga requirements? THanks!

    1. Hi Ruthie! Check this article for the requirements –

      And just in case the info in the slide show in that article isn’t clear, the additional requirements for children whose parents are abroad are:
      – Affidavit of Support and Consent (ASC) executed by either parent indicating the name of the traveling companion (authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General). If minor is illegitimate, mother should execute the ASC.
      – Special Power of Attorney (SPA) with an attached photocopy of either parent’s valid passport (authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General) authorizing a representative in assisting the child to apply for a passport. If minor is illegitimate, mother should execute the SPA.
      – Original and photocopy of DSWD Clearance
      – Proper ID of the duly authorized representative

  219. Hi Good Day po can i ask , what if mawala ang receipt sa passport what to do po do i need agfidavit of loss or magdala lng kog id .

    1. Hi Julie Anne! I’m not sure…I think mas maayo if manawag na lang ka sa DFA and sila mismo ang i-ask para sure na sure jud. 🙂 Good luck!

    1. Hi! According to one recent commenter, yes. I haven’t verified it yet though.

  220. Hi everyone!

    Comments are closed as I am currently very busy with work. Please review the article and read through the other comments to look for situations similar to yours. If you feel that you really MUST ask my advice, such that you are willing to pay for my time, please send the details of your situation to — you will then receive a confirmatory email outlining the procedure for travel consultation together with my PayPal and BPI account details. 😀 Please note that this also applies even if you post your question on another article or in Facebook. 😀

    I wish there were more hours in the day so I have enough time for all the things that are important to me: family, work, this blog, etc. But since that’s not possible, this is the best I can do. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!