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25 June 2016 | What You Need to Know About Online Passport Application in CEBU

DFA Cebu - Online Passport Application in Cebu

Good news! You can now apply for a passport online in Cebu and elsewhere in the Philippines. Now there’s no need to start standing in line at the crack of dawn.

Previously, the DFA online appointment system for passport application/renewal only worked in selected DFA offices. Now, the online appointment system has been expanded to include the following DFA Regional Consular Offices and Satellite Offices in the Philippines:

  • Angeles
  • Bacolod
  • Baguio
  • Butuan
  • Cagayan de Oro
  • Calasiao
  • Cebu (yay!)
  • DFA Manila (Aseana)
  • DFA NCR East (Megamall)
  • DFA NCR Northeast (Ali Mall)
  • DFA NCR South (Alabang)
  • DFA NCR West (SM Manila)
  • Davao
  • Dumaguete
  • General Santos
  • Iloilo
  • La Union Legazpi
  • Lucena
  • Pampanga
  • Puerto Princesa
  • Tacloban
  • Tuguegarao
  • Zamboanga

Take note: you still have to go to the DFA office to submit the required documents and have your biometric data captured. The good thing about the online appointment system is that while most DFA offices outside Manila operated on a first-come-first-served basis before — prompting people to start lining up as early as midnight — now you can just show up at your appointed time. Plus, you can now fill in the necessary information online, which saves time at the DFA. Easy!

Online passport application in Cebu

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the Home page to read the instructions.
  2. After reading the instructions, click on Schedule an Appointment on the gray bar at the very top of the page (or just click HERE). There a few more instructions on this page. After making sure you understand everything, check the box next to “I have read and understood the instructions and information on this page, and agree to the Terms and Conditions on the use of this online appointment and scheduling system.” Then click on the blue boxes for either Start Individual Appointment or Start Group Appointment.

    • You can book an appointment for up to 5 people using the Group Appointment function.
  3. Fill in the necessary information.

Here are a few screenshots to help you get the feel of the system

Click on the photos to see the details better.

  • DFA Passport Appointment System Home Page
    DFA Online Passport Application System in Cebu


  • Schedule an Appointment
    DFA Online Passport Application System in Cebu
    Read instructions, tick box, then click blue bar


  • Choose a DFA office.
    DFA Online Passport Application System in Cebu
    Scroll up to see list of offices in the Philippines


  • Choose a  date and time.
    DFA Online Passport Application System in Cebu
    Select from among the available appointment slots


  • Fill in your personal information.

    DFA Online Passport Application System in Cebu
    Enter info here to speed up the process at DFA

Things to remember

  • If you don’t show up on your appointed date and time, you will not be allowed to book another appointment online for the next 30 days. That’s because, based on past DFA experience, 47% of those who set appointments don’t show up, which is a waste of time and opportunity for both the DFA and other passport applicants, so DFA has become strict about it.
  • Full implementation will start in July/August 2016. After that, only the following will be allowed as walk-in applicants:
    • Senior citizens
    • Persons with disabilities
    • Pregnant women
    • Minor children 7 years old and below
  • You can view the requirements for new passport application HERE and for passport renewal HERE. A list of acceptable IDs and supporting documents can be found HERE.


Good luck!




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68 Responses

  1. Hi, can I have my passport renewed in Cebu if I am a resident of Metro Manila? I need to renew my passport ASAP and I can’t get an earlier appoint schedule here in Metro Manila. I am willing to fly to Cebu just to be able to have my passport renewed at a much earlier date.

      1. hello ms.lady .. i would like to ask is it okay to go directly to DFA for the application of passpart,?

      1. All Manila and Luzon DFA appointment branches are full until first week November 2016. No choice sa gipit, you have to fly in sa provinces if u are desperate for early slots, ang hassle sobra! Tapos BIR says walang Digitized ID kahit sinasabi ng DFA checklist meron. Ang SSS and UMID ay 1-3 months 🙁

      1. Hi Ivan. May special lane yata for OFW, but try calling your nearest DFA office na lang para sure. Good luck!

  2. Good afternoon. Just want to ask if their is a problem is their online site? Coz I haven’t received any email confirmation after I set an appointment online. Kindly advice

    1. Hi van. Sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve been really busy lately. I hope you’ve received the confirmation by now.

      1. Hello, Where can i apply for express processing for my passport? Thank you

      2. Hi Mary Lyn. When you apply you can tell them you want express processing.

    1. You’re welcome Shayne! And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Most people only comment if they have a question so it’s a treat when someone writes just to say thanks. 🙂 Good luck with your travels!

  3. Hello good day …I’ve been calling DFA numbers but I can’t go through with all those numbers posted in DFA cebu contact ….is there a new number. .please provide me …..thanks

  4. Is NBI clearance a must requirement to get a passport? I have ID, cedula, marriage certificate and barangay clearance. And another thing, is it okay to go there as walk in applicant? If so, do I have to go there early to fall in line? Thank you!

    1. Hi Mafel,

      For the requirements, please see the list here:

      I don’t know if you can go in as a walk-in applicant because they already have the online appointment system. I suppose you can try your luck by going there at the end of the day, as they might have finished with all the people who had appointments by then, but it’s much safer to just set an appointment.

  5. Hello good evening I just want to ask, the passport of my husband is blue color issued year 2001 and expired long time ago, the requirements is the same? Sana malaman q agad response nyo kasi balak nya e renew this coming December. Thank you

    1. Hi Mellina. I’ve only seen additional requirements for the brown, green and MRP passports — no blue — but I think the requirements are the same. Just make sure your husband brings a copy of his birth certificate — that’s the additional requirement for the other passports.

  6. Hi smalltowngirlsmidnighttrains.. I’m not sure how to call you ü
    Anyways, this is very helpful, especially the screen shots of the actual website, its an extra mile. It will be my first time filing for a visa and the way you explained things gave me an assurance that it won’t be that complicated and it gave me direction what to do, where to go, etc. Kudos as well to you replying to every comment in this blog, not that I’m expecting one myself, haha, its just you’re really doing a good job of running the place. Please continue what to do ü
    Godbless you. (And this is truly an agonizing, long comment, I can’t help myself, might as well write a book, sorry)

    1. Hi Alan! First of all, sorry for the super-late reply. I try to reply to all the comments people leave on my blog but sometimes when I’m really busy, it takes me weeks to answer. I’m glad you found the info here helpful and thanks so much for taking the time to leave this comment. God bless you too!

    1. Hi Butz! Sorry I don’t know which offices allow walk-ins. You can contact DFA directly to ask them. (They have a Facebook account — you can try that.) Good luck!

  7. Hi, please help me I need to renew my passport when I come to Philippines for my vacation this coming February 16. My passport will expired this coming July 22, but I need to come back to Dubai in April. What is the requirements that I need to bring? I am OFW. Please send reply message to my yahoo. God bless

  8. gud day! i just want to ask if how to edit the online passport appointment. i made an error typing my addrress, do i need to cancel it and set another appointment? pls help. tnx!

    1. Hi,
      may I confirm if you were able to make changes at DFA during your appointment? I have had a few typo since I made a group appointment for passport renewal. I understand that changes can be made onsite and considering it’s for renewal there should already be an existing record at DFA

  9. Mam good pm ..mam maglukat unta kovog passport mam ako nalng ebook daan..please mam pila ka adlaw nko makuha ..mao ni ang pangan mam sa akong lukatan….ARNIEL INTONG ..july8/1988…vilaflor carmen bohol..please reply kanus nko makuha mam salamat..kanus ko muanha mam please need najud ..thanks

    1. Hi Ma’am. Adto ka sa DFA nga website ma’am, dili diri. Adto ka ani nga website unya sunda ang mga instructions para maka-set ka ug appointment. Sa petsa ug oras sa imong appointment ngadto sa DFA, i-pass nimo ang mga requirements, ug ingnon ka nila kanus-a makuha. Good luck!

    1. Yeah unfortunately dali kaayo mahurot ang mga appointments. Ang uban muadto na lang Dumaguete kay more likely nga naay slots didto.

  10. hi1 i have a problem in renewing the passports of my kids. They are both in public schools and dfa required us to have a school id or form 137 with a readable seal. Ive gone to the school but sad to say that they don’t have a school id issued nor an original form 137 with a seal. what would i do? we badly needed these passports.. pls help. thanks much

    1. Hi Nympha. I’m sorry I don’t know what you should do. Perhaps get a letter from the school administrator stating their policy and show that to the DFA?

  11. hi good morning i want to ask if i can went on dfa even though its not my appointment date do you think they would accomodate me?? like for example my appointment was on may bec, thats the nearest available date but i want to go as early as possible plsss help thanks so much

    1. Hi Joel. I don’t know for sure. I guess you can try going there in the afternoon — that’s probably your best chance, after all the applicants with appointments have already been processed. But if you are an OFW, you’re considered a priority applicant.

  12. Hi good afternoon! Hope you can help my problem. I already tried passport online application but the problem was the date and time from March to July were not available. I need to have my passport within the month of April 2017. What shall I do now?

    1. Hi Lyndon. What other people do is they try booking an appointment in other DFA offices. For example, people living in Cebu often go to the DFA office in Dumaguete.

  13. Hi. Good day! Is cebu dfa appointment working? I tried many times last month and this month, always says “Not Available”. Is not available means “Full’ already? Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Lem! I recently heard (from a passport applicant) that DFA Cebu said that there’s something wrong with their system but I don’t know if their slots are full or if they will accept walk-in applicants. The applicant I talked to is going to Dumaguete to get a passport. 🙁

  14. Hello good evening…I would like to ask about why is it I can’t still do the passport online appointment? I can’t open the site. Is it still working for the new applicants or already full? Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 more power! 🙂

    1. Hi Karren! I’ve recently heard that there was a problem with their system but I don’t know if it’s been fixed, or if all the slots are taken, or if they’re accepting walk-in applicants. It’s probably best if you call DFA and ask them directly. (Some people I know are going to DFA Dumaguete instead, so if you can’t get into DFA Cebu, maybe that’s something you can consider.) Good luck!


    1. Hi sir!

      Ang kinahanglan kay ang karaan nga passport, application form, ug valid ID ug supporting documents. Ang tanan magrenew kinahanglan sad ug appointment gawas kung senior citizen, minor < 1 year old, or PWD. Pwede nimo tan-awn ang lista sa requirements sa renewal diri sir --

      Unya ang lista sa valid ID ug supporting documents diri —

      Good luck!

      1. Hi Diana! Usually, lisod kaayo ikuha ug appointment diri sa Cebu, so lisod kaayo kung urgently needed ang passport. Kasagaran sa akong kaila kay mu-adto na lang ug Dumaguete. Gawas kung OFW, pwede man yata mu-walk-in sa DFA. Pwede pod mu-walk-in ang mga senior citizen ug mga infants. So akong suggestion kung urgent jud, pangita na lang ug relative nimo na senior citizen, pakigdungan kuha ug passport, arun ma-apil ka nga pwede walk-in.

  16. Hi! Smalltowngirlsmidnighttrains, kung adto ko mokuha ug passport sa dumaguete need pa sad ko mag online appointment or ok ra didto? Thanks. GOD BLESS.

  17. Hello po. Pumunta po ako sa Gensan para magkuha ug passport pero kailangan daw ko ug voter’s certificate pero wala paku kakuha. Do i need to appoint another schedule or okay na dili? Ilaha naman gistaple akong birth and other ducoments. Iattach nlng daw naku ang akung voter’s certificate.

    1. Hi Finnie! Pwede ra man siguro dili kay gipa-apas na man lang kaha ang voter’s certificate? Para sure kay tawagi na lang ang ilang office, sila na lang mismo ang pangutan-a, kay wala pa ko ka-try anang naa’y document na kulang unya ipa-apas lang. Wala gani mi gi-require ug voter’s certificate.

  18. hi gud po…ask ko lng po kung wala po nung valid id…pwedi po ba voters certificate? para makakuha ng passport?

  19. Bakit itong passport appointment system Lalo magulo papa appointment online wala naman available slot Paano pa appointment yan?sana Ibalik nalang sa dati pag agahan pumunta ma process pa cgurado.

  20. Hi Good Day ,Taga Cebu po ako nagbook ako ng appointment last year po sa Tacloban site kasi puno na po sa Cebu and after sending a code kinansel ko a week yata before my scheduled date kasi bagyo noon at cguradong wlang byahe papuntang Tacloban. And This month nagbook uli ako pa Cebu Cite for December kasi meron ng available after I filled up the form wla naman akong nareceive na code sa email ko or confirmation man lng until now baka hindi yon naibook kasi pagcheck ko uli sa date na inaplyan ko naka red na.Kaya nagbook po ako for Dumaguete site kasi mas malapit after that sinabi ng system hindi daw ako pwde mgbook kasi existing na daw at kailangan ko ekansel yong naunang book ko.Pero kainglan ng code para ma cancel ko at mka pagbook ulit.Wla akong maibigay na code kasi wlang senin sa akin.Sana matulungan nyo po ako.

    1. Hi Nathaniel! Have you tried contacting the DFA? I’m afraid I don’t know how I can help you, as I’m not from the DFA and wouldn’t have access to codes or things like that. Try calling the local DFA, tell them your situation, and ask them to connect you to whoever is in charge of the appointments. Good luck!

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