Getting A Philippine Passport at DFA Cebu: List of Requirements for First Time Applicants

The information stated here is based on the DFA website and is accurate to the best of the writer’s knowledge. However, according to personnel from DFA Cebu, the DFA website is not updated regularly. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to personally get a list of requirements from their nearest DFA office, as there may be changes in the requirements that are not reflected right away in the DFA website and in this page. You may also call DFA for verification of information. (Contact details and overview of the application process can be found here: Passport Application/Renewal at DFA Cebu: What You Need To Know.)



These are the requirements for first-time passport applicants (updated March 2017):

  1. Personal appearance – even if you go through a travel agency, you will still need to go to DFA to submit your documents and have your picture taken
  2. Confirmed appointment – the only people who don’t need an appointment to get a passport are: (1) senior citizens, (2) minors below 1 year old, and (3) OFWs who present a valid employment contract, OEC, or other sufficient proof that they are OFWs (Source)
  3. NSO birth certificate – note that this is required for first time applicants only
    • For those renewing their passports, a birth certificate is only required if: (1) your old passport is the brown passport issued prior to 1995, the green passport issued after 1995, or the machine readable passport issued on 2007; or (2) you’re a married female who would like to revert back to your maiden name; or possibly if (3) you’re a minor (Source)
  4. At least 1 valid picture ID – such as a driver’s license or PRC ID
    • For a complete list of acceptable IDs, please click here.
  5. At least 2 supporting documents – such as a voter’s ID, NSO marriage contract, and cedula or community tax certificate (Source)
    • For a complete list of supporting documents, please click here.
  6. Application form – can be obtained from the guard or downloaded online HERE

The following applicants need to submit additional requirements:

  • Minors (below 18 years old) — see this page for passport requirements, as well as the documents required by the Bureau of Immigration when traveling with children; you can also see the DFA website for more information
  • Married women — marriage contract issued by the NSO
  • Late registered Muslims — Certificate of Tribal Affiliation from the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF)
  • DOST scholars — certification or clearance from DOST
  • For the following applicants, please see the DFA website for the complete list of additional requirements:
    • Applicants with no birth record
    • Spouses of foreign nationals
    • Applicants who availed of Dual Citizenship or Election of Philippine Citizenship under RA 9225
    • Converts who would like to use their Muslim name

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For an overview of the passport application process, see:
Passport Application/Renewal at DFA Cebu: What You Need To Know


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