How much does a Bali trip cost?


The answer depends, of course, on how long you’re staying there, how much you spend for your plane ticket, what sort of lodgings and food you go for, etc. The total cost of your Bali holiday will vary widely based on those factors, but I hope the price list below gives you some idea of how much you should budget for your trip.




PHP 3,000 – Cebu – Kuala Lumpur – Cebu
PHP 6,000 – Kuala Lumpur – Bali – Kuala Lumpur

  • Both tickets were booked during an Air Asia “piso sale” mid-2014, back when airlines still imposed fuel surcharges, so it’s highly possible to get tickets for a much lower price these days. (It’s also highly possible to get tickets that are much more expensive if you don’t book during a piso sale.) These prices include 20 kg checked baggage for the Bali-KL and KL-Cebu legs, airport taxes (including the Indonesian airport tax that they used to charge separately), and other fees.

All prices from here on are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
PHP 1 = IDR 300 (ATM rate)


  • Reviews of these hotels can be found here and here, but if you want a quick opinion, I highly recommend both.


  • 18,400 – big bag of assorted dried fruits at Matahari supermarket in Kuta
  • 25,000 – curry fried rice at food fair in Lippo Mall (Kuta)
  • 25,000 – mie ayam at food fair in Lippo Mall (Kuta)
  • 30,000 – mie goreng at restaurant beside Royal Eighteen (Kuta) – best mie goreng ever
  • 55,000 – babi guling meal and Coke at beachfront eatery (Kuta)
  • 80,000 – babi guling and veggies set meal at Ibu Oka (Ubud) – delicious
  • 110,000 – satay meal at Nomad (Ubud) – not worth it
  • 150,000 – spare ribs and rice at popular restaurant (I forgot the name) in Ubud – not worth it


  • 3,500 – small can of coffee at Matahari supermarket in Kuta
  • 5,000 – bottle of water in Padang Padang Beach
  • 7,550 – can of Coke at Matahari supermarket in Kuta
  • 15,000 – glass of iced tea at Ulun Danu Beratan
  • 15,000 – glass of iced tea at beachfront restaurant in Lovina
  • 22,000 – bottle of cold milk pandan tea at food fair in Lippo Mall (Kuta)


  • 20,000 – Uluwatu temple
  • 100,000 – Kecak fire dance in Uluwatu




  • 50,000 – shirt and shorts set for toddler
  • 80,000 – small tote bag at a grocery in Ubud
  • 90,000 – small tote bag at a street stall in Ubud
  • 240,000 – medium luggage (the black and white floral design, bargained from 495,000)

All in all, Bali is relatively cheap

…and if you catch a piso sale, share a room with a friend, eat at warungs, and generally live frugally, a budget of P20,000 should last you a good 4-7 days.

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