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Brahma Arama Vihara | Image by Jos Dielis | CC BY 2.0
Brahma Arama Vihara | Image by Jos Dielis | CC BY 2.0

Remember my post about going on a tour to the cooler areas (like, literally cooler areas) of Bali? We’re going to the Bedugul region today, and after that back to the heat: the Lovina area, the jump-off point for dolphin tours, and to a Buddhist monastery that looks beautiful from the photos I’ve seen of it. On that tour — the Wonderland North Bali Lovina Tour — we will be going with Amazing Bali Tour, and I thought I would write about the other tours that they offer as well.

Full Day Tours

Whole Day Tours

Half Day Tours

Combination Trips

These tours are designed to let you see the main attractions in Bali and try the various activities that are possible around the island.

Other Tours and Services

Amazing Bali Tour also offers overnight tours with various durations:

These tours include hotel accommodations in addition to the standard tour inclusions and usually require at least 2 people to book.

Finally, they also offer airport transfers and car rental services.

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