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SGMT | Hong Kong Airport Express Cheaper Tickets
There are many reasons why you should take the Hong Kong Airport Express to/from the city, even though it costs quite a bit more than the bus.

  • It’s quicker. Unlike the bus, it’s not affected by traffic.
  • It’s convenient. You could take a shuttle from the airport to the Tung Chung MTR Station and then use the MTR to get to your accommodations — but the extra effort might not be fun if you have lots of luggage or a toddler in tow.
  • There are free shuttle buses from the Hong Kong or Kowloon stations of the Airport Express to various hotels in the city (see the shuttle routes here). Even if your hotel/hostel is not specifically listed as a stop, you could just look at a map and figure out which stop is closest to your accommodations.
  • Free in-town check-in. Airport Express ticket holders can check in, drop their luggage, and collect their boarding passes at the Hong Kong or Kowloon station up to one full day before their flight. This is true for passengers of most airlines: Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad, KLM, Qantas, Qatar Airways, even Philippine Airlines (but not Cebu Pacific), and a whole lot more. That means that, on the day of your departure from Hong Kong, you can check in, get rid of your bags, get in a little extra sightseeing, and then get to the airport without having to drag your luggage with you or worry about long queues at the check-in counter.
  • If you’re on a layover, Airport Express same day return tickets cost the same as a one-way ticket so your ride to the airport is basically free. (See more layover tips here: 9 Ways to Hack a Hong Kong Layover.)

All that being said, the Airport Express isn’t exactly cheap so some people understandably hesitate.

But there’s something I learned only recently, something I wish I’d known the last time I was in Hong Kong:

You can get cheaper Hong Airport Express tickets at Klook.

You would think you could get them cheaper from the official website but no.

Here’s a comparison:

Hong Kong MTR Website Klook
Tsing Yi Station (One Way) HK$ 70 (₱467.51) ₱273
Tsing Yi Station (Roundtrip) HK$ 120 (₱801.45) ₱492
Kowloon Station (One Way) HK$ 105 (₱701.27) ₱439
Kowloon Station (Roundtrip) HK$ 185 (₱1,235.57) ₱778
Hong Kong Station (One Way) HK$ 115 (₱768.06) ₱479
Hong Kong Station (Roundtrip) HK$ 205 (₱1,369.15) ₱858

All prices are as of 24 March 2018.

As you can see, there’s quite a difference between the prices. The one-way ticket to Tsing Yi Station, for example, is 42% cheaper at Klook.

(I’ve used Klook before — for my Taipei 4G SIM Card — and found them reliable. You can also check out the customer reviews at the Klook page for Airport Express tickets for specific feedback.)

(Also, for what it’s worth, you can also get an Airport Express ticket + a 3-day MTR Travel Pass at Klook.)

That’s it — I hope this helps you travel smart to Hong Kong!

P.S. Disneyland tickets are cheaper at Klook too.

Disneyland tickets at Klook are much cheaper than at the official Hong Kong Disneyland website:

  • A 1-day standard ticket is HK$619 (₱4,036.81) but only ₱3,533 at Klook
  • A 2-day ticket is HK$799 (₱5,210.67) but only ₱4,755 at Klook

Happy travels! 🙂



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