Second Impressions

SGMT | Hong Kong — 
It’s been more than 10 years since my last (and only previous) visit to Hong Kong and my sole memory of the airport was the moment we left it. We’d thought, wrongly, that Hong Kong would have the same weather as the Philippines and were caught unprepared by the blast of cool air that greeted us as we left the terminal. Now I’m pleased to say that I have more than a thin shirt on and I’m collecting more (and warmer) memories of the airport, where I’m currently spending the day.

Here’s a quick unedited look:

I love the lines of the Hong Kong airport: the light they let in, the shadows and silhouettes they create. I love how spacious the interior feels, almost as if it were an open-air structure and not in fact a carefully regulated environment. And I love how helpful and pleasant people have been so far, because my other memory of Hong Kong was of tons of people just bumping into me at the trains.

It’s nice to get the chance to form new first impressions.

Catch up later.

7 thoughts on “Second Impressions”

    • Thanks for asking Alex. The center of the quake was far from where I live, so we didn’t suffer any damage. We still [apparently] experienced the quake but I didn’t notice because I was too busy packing. I’m in Rome right now! Heading to Florence tomorrow. It’ll just be a short trip though. Too bad Sofia isn’t right around the corner!

  • This photo you took looks like a photo in a magazine. It’s great!

    When thinking of HK, it’s usually the crowded streets or trains that come to mind! It’s hard to think of it as a minimalist city 🙂

    • Thanks Boots! The crowded streets and trains were what stuck to me too. But their airport is something else. When I came back on my way home, I was still struck by the feeling of space. It was very well-designed.

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