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travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

When I first applied for a Schengen visa, my bank account balance was not impressive at all. I could pay for my trip — I travel frugally, for the most part — but I figured the people at the French embassy would be happier if my father were to guarantee to shoulder part of my expenses. He executed an Affidavit of Support, I got a visa, and the rest you can read here.

People often ask me for a sample affidavit of support — as well as a sample cover letter, a sample itinerary, and so on — so I finally decided to come up with this Schengen Visa Pack:

It’s very cheap — less than the cost of most Starbucks drinks! — and since I’ve so far obtained Schengen visas from the embassies of 3 separate countries, I can honestly say that the documents work. Just try to be as meticulous as you can in putting the requirements together and you’ll have a great shot at a visa.

By the way, the Schengen Visa Pack also contains a PDF copy of The Visa Applicant’s Guide to Show Money. I really recommend that you read it.

I hope everyone reading this gets a visa and that all of you have a great trip. 🙂

Happy travels!

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  1. Hi,

    In addition to your father’s Affidavit of Support, did you attach any other documents as proof of his capacity to support your foreign travel?

    Thank you so much.

      1. If your father is presenting his bank statement (since he is sponsoring you), do you still need to present your OWN bank statement? Thanks!

      2. Hi Melissa. Yes, I submit a copy of my own bank statement as well.

      3. Hi!

        Just want to ask, just a bank statement? that’s it?

        Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi!

    I came upon this blog looking for someone to help me out. My Aunt has sent me an Attestation d’accueil for visit to France. The other documents I have also prepared. But I have this problem about my ITR, I am currently unemployed. I had a job between November 2014-March 2015 and that’s about it. I don’t have problems with my bank account etc just this bit. Do you think I will encounter any problems with my application? I would really appreciate a reply.

    Thank you very much and happy travels.


    1. Hi Ericka,

      The ITR and other work-related documents are meant to prove that you have the financial capacity for the trip and that you have sufficient ties to the Philippines. If you’re unemployed, I think you just have to make sure that the documents you do submit can show that (1) you can afford the trip or someone else is shouldering your expenses, and (2) you intend to come back to the Philippines and you’re not likely to stay in France to live/work there.

      Good luck! Enjoy France. 🙂

  3. Hi Ericka,
    My brother (who is married) and I are planning to join a group tour to Europe in March of next year in which I will also be shouldering his share of expenses. Since I am a holder of Australian passport, I don’t need to get a Schengen Visa.On the other hand, my brother who has Philippine passport will have a apply. The problem is, although he owns an internet cafe, the business is in his wife’s name. He operates the business daily by himself but he does not get paid per se, so he does not have an ITR or pay slips to show. He also does not have much money in the bank so I would say, he does not have much to show for. I wanted him to come with me to this European trip because I do not like to travel by myself and it’s my treat for him as well. He is an amateur photographer and I thought if he goes to Europe he will take more beautiful photos. What do you think are his chances of securing a Schengen Visa? What documents must he present in his situation? Thanks for your response in advance.

    1. Hi Suannie! I can’t estimate your brother’s chances of getting a Schengen visa but basically he just has to show that there is enough money available for all his trip expenses. If you are paying for the trip then you should execute an affidavit of support.

  4. Hi! I have some questions re applying but having no job since im a stay at home mom but with an ngo (no compensation yet). Is it ok if a close friend gives an affidavit of support? And do i have to show my bank acct that has been zeroes out since april? Actually my main purpose going there is, i have been selected to lead a discussion in a forum (connected with my ngo position) but the prganizer cannot fund my trip.

    1. Hi Jessica. I don’t have experience with friends giving affidavits of support, but basically whoever is actually funding your trip (whether it’s your friend or the NGO) should make the affidavit of support or give you the necessary papers.

  5. Hello there! What if the sponsor is French National? Can you give me an example of an Affidavit of Support? Thank you

    1. Hi Jhanine. I’ve never been sponsored by a French national so I can’t give you a sample for that, but I imagine it shouldn’t be too different from the usual affidavit of support.

  6. Hi! Im planning to apply for a visa. How much should the valance of my bank account be for my application to be approved? Can someone other than a family member create an affidavit of support for me? Thank you

    1. Hi AJ. The embassies don’t set a minimum — it really depends on your trip. It needs to be enough for you to be able to pay for all your expenses during the trip and yet still have some left over for your savings. Someone other than a family member can make an affidavit of support but he/she will probably need to explain why he/she is paying for your trip. Good luck!

  7. Hello,i will be travelling to join my husband in France, but do you think it’s possible to take my sister with me ?she is currently employed,her boss produced her leave already,my husband sent his proof of employment,salary,accommodation,provided with insurance, tickets,bank cert.,proof of relationship with,my visa,etc,completely ready,do you think my husband or I must provide an affidavit? what else do you think she is lack of?please I would love to hear from you,thank you very much!

    1. Hi. I don’t know if the French embassy would consider it an absolute must, but I think that, in addition to all those documents you already mentioned, it would be best if you or your husband also provide an affidavit of support just to make it clear that you have taken on the responsibility of paying for your sister’s travel expenses. You can look at the list of requirements here:

  8. Ok,merci beaucoup, this blog is really helpful, i don’t know where how to start with this affidavit, do you mean i must produce one,and one from my husband?please tell me how to get started, thank you

    1. Whoever is paying for the trip — whether it’s you or your husband — should be the one to make the affidavit.

  9. Hello.. I’m planning a trip to Switzerland with my husband. When is the best time to schedule an appointment if I’m leaving in July? That is like 7 months from now. Does it matter if its early or not? Cause I wanted to get the ticket soon before it gets expensvive.
    Also, my husband is coming with me. He has a blue passport and I only had a greencard. If he is going to shoulder all my expenses, what requirements do I need to bring to the interview?
    Thank you in advance.

  10. Hi! I hope you’re doing great.
    I just want to ask if Australia has their own form for Affidavit of support? And can u please share a copy of the cover letter for tourist visa application? I am going to Australia to visit my boyfriend for a week, he will be sponsoring my trip and all expenses and accommodation while I am there, but I still need to make a cover letter for my application right?
    Thank you so much. And God Bless u more!

    1. Hi Sweet! Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Australia yet so I’m not familiar with their requirements. Sorry I can’t be of more help. 🙁 I wish you the best of luck with the visa and the trip though! 🙂

  11. Hi! I’m planning to meet with a friend in Austria on February. I’m going to apply for visa this month and I have a little problem.
    I resigned from work and it will be effective on February. I’m just worrying if it would hurt my application since I’m unemployed during that time.

    1. Hi Jean! It won’t necessarily hurt your application; you just have to step it up in other areas. Being employed would mean that (1) you are more likely to have sufficient funds for your trip, and (2) you have “ties” to the Philippines and you are more likely to come back and not stay abroad illegally. So if you’re not employed by the time you leave, just make sure that you have other documents to show that you have sufficient funds (bank statements, etc.) and that you have enough ties to the Philippines (family, property, future employment, etc.). Good luck!

  12. HI can you send me the affidavit letter? Im planning to study in france for 3 weeks as my parents finally allowed me. I honestly cannot wait! your document would really help my dreams come true 🙂

  13. Hi,

    The affidavit of support, does it need to be notarized? Because i’m currently unemployed (just graduated) and i will be travelling with my friend, it will be my parents who will support me financially during the trip.

    Also, can I get a soft copy of the affidavit?


    1. Hi May! I think it depends on the particular embassy you’re applying to if they require the affidavit to be notarized, but in any case I would suggest having it notarized to make it more reassuring to the embassy. To get the soft copy, you can follow the instructions in the post. Good luck!

  14. hello can i ask i have Attestation d’accueil with french friend, he is going here in philippines this coming March to go embassy of france to ask if there is a big chance to travel for only 7 days in france, Is it more good if i and my friend french will go to embassy of france ? so that other requirements needed him will be give too
    plus the advantage is i have work so they will not suspicious me

    1. Hi Jen.

      If you’re asking if you will have a greater chance of getting a visa if your French friend goes with you to the French embassy, I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe if the ambassador/consul knows him personally and knows that they can trust whomever he vouches for?

      Either way, I think you would still need to comply with the requirements for the Schengen visa, so I would recommend that you start with that. Put together all the documents that you need, including those that would need to come from your French sponsor, so that you can bring them with you to your embassy appointment.

      Good luck!

      1. Whoever is paying for the trip can execute the affidavit. If it’s not a close relative, it would probably be best if they explain why they are paying for the trip.

      2. kung french po ang magsponsor at gagamit kame ng format ng affidavit of support medyo na confuse lang ako kailngan pa po ba itong mapanotary for example city hall dito sa philippines or sa france?.. kung wala namang affidavit of support pwede bang mga proof of financial documents lang ang mapapakita?

      3. It’s just a SAMPLE affidavit, not the official affidavit, so you don’t have to follow every single thing. If ang sponsor mo nandun sa France, at doon sya gagawa ng affidavit, mas mabuti sigurong sundin nya ang format nila doon. I’m not familiar with their processes there. Kung pupunta sya dito, pwede namang dito na lang sya gagawa ng affidavit at magpapa-notaryo. I don’t know if okay lang ba na financial documents lang at walang affidavit of support.

  15. hi,

    I am planning to take my family for a trip to Italy and France.
    I will be supporting the entire trip.
    We are also taking my nephew (not traveling with parents) who is 8 years old.
    For the cover letter, can I write it on his behalf since I am sponsoring the trip or shall the parents do it?
    Also, do I need to provide my COE and bank certification to justify that I can support the trip or the affidavit of support is good enough?


    1. Hi Dindin. I think (though I don’t know for sure) that it would be better if his parents write the cover letter on his behalf, since they are the ones with the legal authority to speak for him. It would also be better if you attach a copy of your bank certificate to the affidavit of support. Good luck!

  16. Hi! Can you send me a copy of the affidavit in Word format too? You have a nice and a very helpful blog!!! (That’s why I’m so thankful to you! Lol)

    Thanks again! Have a great day!

  17. Hi!!I only prepared an certfcate of bank account that i ahve like 500k on it..but its a visa loan..since its a time deposit the bank wasnt able to give me an statement of account..DO u think the BAnk certifcate is enough ?

    1. Hi Bella! I can’t really answer that. I think it depends what country you’re applying to, but in my experience embassies usually ask for your bank statement of account for the last 3-6 months, precisely to make sure that the money is yours and not something that was deposited there just for the sake of the visa application. Usually the bank certification will also show your average daily balance for the year to date, so that will indicate whether you’ve had the money for a long time or not. There are a whole lot of factors involved, but generally speaking I think it’s better to have around 150k money that has been in your account for a long time, rather than 500k that was only deposited recently.

  18. Hi again, do you have a checklist form for France embassy,?
    I cannot find in the website
    Thanks in advance

  19. Hello, I have question. what i need of my son requirement we travel both. what requirements i need.

  20. hello… if my friend french national support my expenses of travel what requirements we need.


  21. Thanks so much for posting this! Is very helpful….can you email me a copy of the word document?

    1. Hi Dyan!

      On our first time to use an affidavit of support, it was a lawyer who prepared the affidavit.

      After that, we prepared the content of the affidavit ourselves and just had it notarized by a lawyer. I don’t know if this is true for all lawyers but generally (like with this lawyer) it would be cheaper to make the affidavit yourself and just have it notarized, than to have the lawyer prepare and then notarize it.

  22. Hi! Thank you for the info – can I get a word format of your affidavit? I’m going to apply for a UK visa, I have my own business but my parents would pay for my Trip so I think I still need to submit one… thank you!

    1. Hi Rochelle! They probably have a different format for the affidavits there in the US — it’s probably best to just ask your parents to have an attorney prepare this for them.

  23. Hi ,i was wondering if can give like two affidavit or if best to just give one, im planing on visiting my husband in Canada and i don’t know if is best to get one from him or from my mother in law since she has better bank statements and shes a lawyer and my husband recently started a new job and also recently opened a bank account ,i would appreciate if u can tell me what’s best .thanks

    1. Hi Cristina! Yes, you can submit affidavits of support from more than one person — that’s probably what I would also do in your case. Good luck!

  24. Hello. Since you have the Affidavit of Support of your parents. What did you present to the Immigration in NAIA? Do I still need to present the Affidavit of Support? I will be travelling with my partner with the same airline booking. I am just worried if Immigration requires Affidavit of Support since I read at :

    #3 that when travelling with sponsored-travel, they require it.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jane. The Immigration Officer didn’t ask for a copy of my affidavit of support, but you might as well bring a copy of it, in case they ask to see it.

  25. Hi Gaya! Can I ask for a copy of your affidavit in word format? I would very much appreciate it! 😀

    ps. I just read and love your travel manifesto! Keep it up! 😀

    1. Hi Nikko, I just sent a copy to you. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

  26. Thanks! Have you written a blog about Australia? I would very much love to listen from you if you have had! 🙂

    1. Unfortunately I’ve never been to Australia! Is that where you’re heading? 🙂

  27. I am USA citizen. My cousin brother live in INDIA. He has no money to trip to france. I would like to pay for his trip to frace. i will pay for his 10 days trip to france. i will buy his air tickets, motel reservation and i will give him $2500.00 (USD) for his pocket expense. so what documetns i have to send to my cousin from USA to INDIA inorder to get a Schenegan Visa.

    1. Hi Ronak! Please see this article: — This contains, among other info, a list of requirements for getting a Schengen visa from the French embassy in Manila. I’m not sure if the requirements of the French embassy in India are exactly the same but hopefully you can get an idea from that article. Basically, you will need to give your cousin a copy of your financial documents, as well as any of the requirements that you might be booking yourself (such as the hotel).

  28. Hello! My husband and I are planning to go to Europe for our honeymoon. May I also ask for a copy of your affidavit in word format? I would very much appreciate it!
    Thank you very much!!


    1. Hi Cielle! Just sent a copy to your email. Sorry for the delay, the end of every month is usually a crazy busy time for me. Best wishes to you and your husband. 🙂

  29. Hi. Im planning on visiting france for an interior design exhibition. My 4 month baby and my husband will be accompanying me for obvious reasons. How much financial support should my husband show because he has a steady income yet we havent really saved anything for the past 6 months. But he can put away an amount close 1000 euros per person for 6 days of stay in paris. Will this be enough?

    And we are residents of saudi arabia so returning to his job is a must.
    The exhibition is during september 2016. I hope its soon enough to apply now

    1. Hi Ds! I can’t really guarantee whether this or that amount will be enough to convince the embassy of financial capability, but I think that as long as you can show that your estimated expenses for your trip are well within the budget you’ve set aside for it, that should be okay. Good luck and all the best to you and your family. 🙂

  30. Hi..sorry me again
    My mother wishes to sponsor my travel, however, in her affidavit must she mention names of my family members as well or is it enough if she just mentions that she will be sponsoring my (only my details) travel or accommodation although my family is also going with me? Because my mom is still not aware Im married …… 🙁

    1. Hi! I think it should be fine if your mother only mentions you in her affidavit of support; anyway, visa applications are per person, not per family, so it’s understandable that in *your* visa application, you are including an affidavit of support that only mentions you and not anyone else. Good luck!

  31. Hi! Can I also use this affidavit for a visa for australia? 🙂 Can you also send me a word format of this affidavit. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ina! Just sent it to your email. I think you can use this for Australia as well. Good luck! 🙂

  32. hi can i ask for the MS word format of the letter? and by the way did you have it notarized? or it doesnt matter anymore? thanks

  33. Hi poh can u also send me word copy of ur sample affidAvit. My sponsor is from dubai, pwd ba dito sa pinas magpa notarized after he sign the affidavit of support?

    1. Hi Gen. Just sent it to your email. If your sponsor is in Dubai, I think you need to have it notarized there and authenticated by the Philippine embassy there.

  34. Hello, good day! May I also have it sent to mail? Can it be used for Japan Visa application? Thanks in advance!

    1. Just sent it to your email. 🙂 Just tweak it for visa applications to other countries. 🙂

    1. Hi deb! This sample is available to subscribers. Are you by any chance subscribed to the blog under another email address?

      1. Hi! I have question, my aunt would be sponsoring my ticket and accommodation, but she is in USA, can scanned documents with her signature still be valid for my application provided that I will let it be notarized here in the Philippines? Thank you for your response.

      2. Hi Deb. I don’t think that would be possible because the point of having a document notarized is that the notary public is basically attesting that the document was signed willingly in his/her presence. So if your aunt is in the US and the notary public is here in the Philippines, there’s a pretty good chance the validity of your affidavit will be questioned. I think the best thing to do would be to have your aunt execute the affidavit of support and have it validated by the Philippine consulate/embassy there, and then have her mail the affidavit to you.

  35. Kudos to your blog! Very helpful indeed! Can i have the copy of the word format too? Pretty please… and also, my sponsor ( pinay friend) does she have to notarize the affidavit in Spain (I will be applying for Spain) or my sponsor could just mail me the documents and have everything notarized here? Looking forward to hear from you! TIA

    1. Hi Queenie! Sent it just now to your email. Regarding the affidavit, what I understand is that the process of notarizing a document means that the notary public personally witnessed that the person signed it and that he/she did so without any coercion from anyone else. So…if your friend is in Spain but the notary public is in the Philippines, the validity of the affidavit might be questioned. Best to have it notarized there and then mailed here. Good luck!