Where to Go in Cebu: Camotes Island


It’s a bit harder to play travel blogger when you’re having to run after a two-year-old with boundless energy. I mean, forget proper journalism; you can’t even take a proper selfie.


But it was special to share my first time setting foot in Camotes Island with my family, and now I’m sharing our experience (and what meager facts I managed to collect) with you.

How to Get There


  • Take the ferry from Danao City, an hour or so north of Cebu.
  • Regular fare for adults is PHP 200 one-way.
  • You can take your car on the ferry to Camotes — we paid P1,400 for my cousin’s van.
  • Alternatively, you can leave your car on the port parking lot overnight for a small fee.

Where to Stay


That's Santiago Bay Garden & Resort on top of that cliff.
That’s Santiago Bay Garden & Resort on top of that cliff.

Santiago Bay Garden & Resort was our home for two nights and we were quite happy with it. The resort is situated on a cliff that overlooks Santiago Bay, with a stairway that leads right to the water. The beach itself is a large flat area, a veritable white sand playground during low tide and very safe for children even when the water level is at its peak. There are also two infinity pools; the higher-up, less-crowded one was just in front of our villa, 4 ft at its deepest portion, with a separate small kiddie pool to the side.

For more information on Santiago Bay, check out their website.

What to See


Mangodlong Beach

The water is nearer and the beach isn’t quite as flat and wide as Santiago Bay. A bonus for Santiago Bay Garden & Resort guests: free entrance to its sister property Mangodlong Rock Resort.

Mangodlong Beach
Mangodlong Beach

Bukilat Cave

There’s a sort of misty, milky pool within the cave that you can swim in (or not).

Lake Danao

Go kayaking, cruise around the lake, or simply sit peacefully on the picnic tables under the trees.

Camotes_Cebu_Lake Danao_02

Camotes_Cebu_Lake Danao_05

Camotes_Cebu_Lake Danao_08

Camotes_Cebu_Lake Danao_09

Santiago Bay

Or you can just laze around Santiago Bay.

Camotes_Cebu_Santiago Bay_01

Camotes_Cebu_Santiago Bay_02

Camotes_Cebu_Santiago Bay_09

Either way, Camotes is a perfect weekend getaway.

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