The NORTHLOOM Miguee Backpack (Review)

Review_Northloom_Miguee_Bali_Jatiluwih Rice Terrace_02Ever since I saw my sister carrying a NORTHLOOM backpack in her photo at the Barcelona airport, I’ve been crushing on it and raving about it. The backstory of these backpacks — which I wrote about a month ago in “NORTHLOOM: Carry Your Culture” — particularly appealed to me, but I also just really liked how the bag looked. I promised people I would review the Miguee backpack once I got mine, so here goes.

(Spoiler alert: I love it.)

It’s big enough for a 10-day trip…

Review_Northloom_Miguee_Kuala Lumpur_Petronas Towers_01

I used my NORTHLOOM Miguee on my recent trip to Bali and Kuala Lumpur, and I was able to fit in 10 days’ worth of clothes (and swimwear) into the backpack. The main compartment has a dedicated cushioned space for a laptop — my 15″ workhorse could fit easily, securely. The pocket on the side is big enough for a Nalgene bottle (one of the things my sister loved about it) and I used the front pocket to house my transparent Ziploc with toiletries.

…but not too big to bring on a day out.

I also used the Miguee as my day bag for a 2-hour excursion to Lake Danao in Camotes


…a half-day food tour in KL…

Review_Northloom_Miguee_Kuala Lumpur_Random_01

…and a whole-day ramble around Bali.


It’s particularly handy to bring during a daytime jaunt that might include shopping, as its red body easily expands upwards to accommodate more contents. For example, on our way from the Batu Caves to the Petronas Towers, we picked up several packs of Malaysian coffee and noodles (they’re yummy!) at a supermarket in KL Sentral and decided to forego dropping by the hotel to save time. It was lucky I’d decided to bring the backpack, as it saved me from having to lug grocery bags around KL. (That’s my friend Hershe in the second picture, in case you’re wondering.)

The Miguee’s back and straps are padded so it’s quite comfortable to carry.


And it just really looks good.


The day after I got home from Bali, I had to wake up at dawn to catch the early ferry to Camotes Island (pictured above) so there was no way to wash the bag first. The pattern of the abel tends to hide the dirt, while the red draws the eye.


The only improvement I can suggest would probably be for the front pocket to be secured by a zipper and not two magnetic buttons, so that we’d feel more comfortable storing important stuff there if necessary. But like I said, I used that pocket for toiletries, so security wasn’t an issue (anybody desperate enough to steal shampoo probably needs it, so help yourself and welcome).

All in all, I loved my NORTHLOOM backpack and I would absolutely recommend it to everyone looking for a unique, sturdy, sizable backpack that’s also a piece of Philippine culture by itself. You can buy the Miguee and other NORTHLOOM bags through Lazada or you can order directly through the NORTHLOOM Facebook page. (Special thanks to my friend Hershe and my cousins Emilia and Janine for modeling the bag for me.)

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