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travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

Skye and Stardust

* * A books and crafts store in Portree, in the Isle of Skye, had several DVDs of the movie Stardust (2007) displayed prominently in one of its shelves. I thought the owner simply liked Stardust — I do, it’s one of my favorite movies, the book on which it was based is written by […]

The fairy pools of Skye

* ♥ “There was a drought in Skye recently,” said Donald Nicolson. “It didn’t rain for 6 hours.” Donald and his wife Claire run Skye Scenic Tours and we were in Donald’s van for their popular one-day tour (30 GBP as of September 2015) around Skye. Aside from my sister and me, there were two […]

Midges and mountains and Scotland’s Skye

* “I am being eaten alive!” cried Pippin. “Midgewater! There are more midges than water!” “What do they live on when they can’t get hobbit?” asked Sam, scratching his neck. * Well, Master Gamgee, they live on me, for one — at least that day we went traipsing ’round Skye on a wet, windless, beautifully gloomy day. […]

Scorrybreac Circuit — A Walk Through Clan Lands

* ♥ “How about a short walk?” My sister said at around noon on our first day in Portree, in the Isle of Skye. We had just had brunch and truthfully I was feeling a bit sluggish — well, who wouldn’t, after a plateful of bacon, scrambled eggs, fried haggis, and fried bread — so I eagerly said […]


♥ You know you’re in Scotland when: . . And: . . Though this one has got a good Westeros game going on: . * But Portree, the largest town in Skye, is more than the sum of its puns. Its most iconic landmark is the harbour, with its colorful buildings and numerous fishing boats. . […]

Skyewalker Hostel

* “Skyewalker?” The bus driver immediately asked when we told him we were going to Portnalong. That he could guess where we were putting down our backpacks for the next few days was not a surprise; there are few options for accommodations in Portnalong. In fact, my sister and I were going to Portnalong precisely because we were staying where […]