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travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

Yikes! That’s S$4 not S$5.

Bloopers in my Singapore article (shame shame shame) * SGMT — If you read my Rappler article on Singapore, you may or may not have noticed that one line had a horrendous bit of math in it: Budget for food: S$5 (₱175/meal) x 2 meals/day x 5 days = ₱1,400 * Short story _ That […]

Eating Cheaply in London: How to Spend Only £4 a Day on Meals

SGMT – It’s surprisingly easy to eat cheaply in London — one of the most expensive cities in the world — if you’re not too picky and don’t mind convenience store food. It’s a big if, but when traveling you have to work with what you have, and if what you have is a food budget of £70 […]

7 days in Paris for PHP 50,000

Over a year ago, I wrote How Much Does A European Trip Cost, where I advised people to budget PHP 10,000/day of their trip. That estimate was largely based on a 10-day trip my sister and I took a few years ago and included everything from: Airfare (Cebu-Manila-KL-Paris-KL-Manila-Cebu) Hotels (all double/twin en suites in central […]

Thrifty eating: How to save on food while traveling

“Where to eat” is one of the last things I research for a trip, if at all. I usually eat wherever I happen to be at mealtime as that just makes sense to me time-wise. Plus, it seems to me an exercise in heartbreak to hunt down the area’s most raved-about restaurants only to realize […]

How much does a Bali trip cost?

* The answer depends, of course, on how long you’re staying there, how much you spend for your plane ticket, what sort of lodgings and food you go for, etc. The total cost of your Bali holiday will vary widely based on those factors, but I hope the price list below gives you some idea […]

How much will a Batanes trip cost?

* A trip to Batanes, the breathtakingly beautiful island chain in the northern tip of the Philippines, can easily break the bank — but it doesn’t have to. Here’s a quick guide to budgeting for your Batanes trip. Airfare Look out for seat sales. * A regular topic of conversation among tourists in Batanes is […]