— travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams —

travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

Where to Stay in Bali: The Royal Eighteen Resort and Spa (Kuta)

* There were several things I looked for when I was searching for accommodations in Kuta: Proximity to the beach – Kuta is famous (or infamous) for its waves and its parties, and though I’m neither a surfer nor a party girl, I thought it would be worth checking out. Proximity to the St. Francis […]

Where to Stay in Bali: Narendra Guest House (Ubud)

It was past 10 in the evening when we arrived at Narendra Guest House. Our side trip to Uluwatu had taken longer — much longer — than I’d expected and we hadn’t been able to give notice that we would be checking in late, so I was feeling more than a bit guilty. Our host […]

How much does a Bali trip cost?

* The answer depends, of course, on how long you’re staying there, how much you spend for your plane ticket, what sort of lodgings and food you go for, etc. The total cost of your Bali holiday will vary widely based on those factors, but I hope the price list below gives you some idea […]

Kecak Fire Dance in Bali

This is the kecak fire dance, which we were lucky to witness at the end of our visit to Uluwatu. The dance drama is based on a battle in the Ramayana that occurs when Sita gets kidnapped and the monkey king helps Rama rescue her. It’s a fascinating performance, accentuated by the whirling, flying motions of the […]

Sunset at Tanah Lot

* It’s important not to let first impressions faze you at Tanah Lot or you won’t even want to get out of the car, especially if you’ve had a long day and just want a nice, peaceful spot to watch the sunset. At the parking lot, the atmosphere will make you feel like you’re visiting a […]