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A day in Bath, the Cotswolds and Stonehenge

A Day in Bath, the Cotswolds and Stonehenge _ It sounded too good to be true: Bath, the Cotswolds, and Stonehenge all in one day. With time always a precious commodity during travel, the City Wonders tour covering all three caught my eye while I was doing my research and I couldn’t get it out […]

Hello from London

_ My sister and I have been in London since the evening of the 4th and my feet are now hurting like hell we’ve had a jam-packed three days so far. Our friends have been very kind, taking us around London and feeding us, and it’s been a wonderful introduction to the city. On the first day, we […]

How to get tickets to the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London

The Ceremony of the Keys has been taking place at the Tower of London every night for the last 700 years — to put that in perspective, that’s roughly 200 years before Ferdinand Magellan “discovered” the Philippines. Talk about tradition! The only time in recent memory that the ceremony was interrupted was during an air raid in […]

The London List

There are so many things to see and do in London that doing research on them tends to turn rather quickly into travel planning quicksand. The secret, they say, is to not even try to do everything in one visit. This list is less about ticking off the “must-sees” and more about immersion — trying […]