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travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

Last June, my family and I spent a week in Sydney, Australia. We intentionally took it easy and did not pack our schedule too tightly with activities; nonetheless, we went home hearts bursting with beautiful memories. For those who’ve been asking about our itinerary, here it is.

SGMT _ One Week in Sydney _ Our Itinerary

Day 1


  • Fly to Sydney
  • Check in: The Pod Sydney
  • Walk around Sydney’s most well-known attractions
    • Sydney Opera House
    • Sydney Harbour Bridge

Day 2


  • Attend Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral
  • Stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Go on a whale watching cruise

Day 3


  • Taronga Zoo

Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


  • Free day
  • Shop for souvenirs
  • Chinatown Night Market

Day 8


  • Fly back to Manila



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    1. Hey! Congratulations on the wedding. I can’t wait to see photos! WordPress very helpfully transferred subscriptions to the new URL so I’m already subscribed to your new blog. I hope your entire family is settling in quite well. Yes, my son was with us in Sydney and he loved it, even went with us on a coastal walk (though he was asking to be carried near the end of 6 km lol). I think your Attilas will like Sydney too. X

  1. Hi there! I’m going to Sydney with my elderly parents for 8 full days. I just might follow your itinerary and add a Canberra day tour and visit to a zoo. If I may ask, is there any reason you chose to stay overnight at the Blue Mountains?

    1. Hi Sheila! We stayed overnight at the Blue Mountains because we didn’t want to rush through it — my parents are both seniors and we were also meeting up with my mum’s friend, who is also a senior — and we also wanted enough time to walk some of the nearby trails.

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