Our Family’s One-Week Itinerary in Sydney, Australia

Last June, my family and I spent a week in Sydney, Australia. We intentionally took it easy and did not pack our schedule too tightly with activities; nonetheless, we went home hearts bursting with beautiful memories. For those who’ve been asking about our itinerary, here it is.

SGMT _ One Week in Sydney _ Our Itinerary

Day 1


  • Fly to Sydney
  • Check in: The Pod Sydney
  • Walk around Sydney’s most well-known attractions
    • Sydney Opera House
    • Sydney Harbour Bridge

Day 2


  • Attend Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral
  • Stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Go on a whale watching cruise

Day 3


  • Taronga Zoo

Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


  • Free day
  • Shop for souvenirs
  • Chinatown Night Market

Day 8


  • Fly back to Manila



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8 thoughts on “Our Family’s One-Week Itinerary in Sydney, Australia”

    • Hey! Congratulations on the wedding. I can’t wait to see photos! WordPress very helpfully transferred subscriptions to the new URL so I’m already subscribed to your new blog. I hope your entire family is settling in quite well. Yes, my son was with us in Sydney and he loved it, even went with us on a coastal walk (though he was asking to be carried near the end of 6 km lol). I think your Attilas will like Sydney too. X

  • Hi there! I’m going to Sydney with my elderly parents for 8 full days. I just might follow your itinerary and add a Canberra day tour and visit to a zoo. If I may ask, is there any reason you chose to stay overnight at the Blue Mountains?

    • Hi Sheila! We stayed overnight at the Blue Mountains because we didn’t want to rush through it — my parents are both seniors and we were also meeting up with my mum’s friend, who is also a senior — and we also wanted enough time to walk some of the nearby trails.

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