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SGMT | Sumilon Island —
Sumilon Island is one of my favorite places in my home province of Cebu. It’s nearly 4 hours away by bus — plus a short boat ride courtesy of the resort that operates the island — but the experience has always been worth the extra effort and expense. Some people dock on Sumilon’s sandbar after swimming with the whale sharks nearby. It’s also possible to go on the Sumilon Bluewater day tour package that includes lunch, use of the facilities, and boat rides to and from mainland Oslob. The latter I’ve done twice and enjoyed very much, but last year I finally indulged on a 1-year Bluewater Resorts membership, got to stay overnight, and at last had all the time in the world to check off all the things I wanted to do at Sumilon.

My Sumilon Island Bucket List

Starting the day with a welcome glass of iced pandan tea at the resort pavilion in mainland Oslob, waiting for the boat that will take us to Sumilon.

A guided trek around the island. The trail took us past a lighthouse, an old fort, and a wooded area overlooking the island’s marine sanctuary.

Kayaking in the lagoon.

Table with a view. It’s nice to have a meal here and pretend, even for just a single day, that there’s nothing more pressing to be done than partaking of good food and looking out to the sea.

Curling up in one of the oversized chairs with a book (or just one’s thoughts).

Deciding where to take a nap. Inside the cool villa? In one of the native mini-huts? In the hammock? (The hammock won for me.) What a treat to have that be the only decision you have to make for a while.

Having a Dawson’s Creek moment at the rickety wooden pier.

Having the sandbar all to yourself. Spotting the zigzag waves. Swimming.

Finding pockets of quiet. Staring into space. Being still. And just being.

And just eating! Lol. The buffet breakfast at Sumilon is heavenly. The pudding and the made-to-order glass noodle soup were my favorites but everything was delicious really.


The one thing I wasn’t able to try: having a massage here.

Oh, well, an excuse to go back. 🙂


P.S. This is not a sponsored post. 🙂



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  1. This is a good read! I had worked here before and I was not able to chronicle my island living since we were having limited connectivity back in 2010.

    The massage is so nice. 🙂 Trust me. You have to go back 🙂

    — JL [@viajeracebuana]

    1. Thanks Jeane! Um, mahal-mahal sad gud ang massage hehe! But I really want to go back, I love how the amenities are there but the island still manages to remain rugged in a way. It must have been nice to work there!

      1. Yes! It was more than nice. I found refuge in the island. I regretted coming back to the city.

    1. Rhooooods! Mahadlok ko mag-snorkel hehehe! Mahadlok ko masudlan tubig ang kanang thingy for air, and mahadlok ko nga magkaanam kasaka ang water level sa mask, ug mahadlok ko makatunob ug lumot or corals haha!

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