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Last week, my family and I made the most of the final days of summer by having an overnight staycation at 8 Newtown Blvd, the three-tower complex of luxe condos located at Mactan Newtown. H is a little water monkey — he can spend hours frolicking and jumping into pools — so I was looking at either a beach resort or a hotel with a nice pool for our staycation. A friend of mine suggested booking 8 Newtown Blvd and it turned out to be perfect.

What we loved about it:

  • Location. Mactan Newtown is just a few minutes away from Mactan Cebu International Airport, which is where my father works, so it was very convenient for us. He could stay in, go to work, and then come back and enjoy.
    • The beaches of Mactan are also nearby, so 8 Newtown Blvd makes a great base for divers, people who plan to go island hopping, guests at a beachfront wedding…basically anyone doing anything in Mactan.
  • Convenience. There are a lot of dining options within the Mactan Newtown development. Our favorite, only a couple of meters away from 8 Newtown Blvd’s lobby, was Conching’s, which serves delicious manok Bisaya (native chicken). There’s also a McDonald’s in the next building, a 7-11, a coffee shop, and ATM machines for various banks. We were staying at the 18th floor of 8 Newtown Blvd, so it felt like we could just descend to reality whenever we had to and find everything we need nearby, and then go back up to our little cloud and just chill.
  • The people. The building staff were all very courteous and professional. It was obviously part of their training to always greet guests with a smile. And Seiko and John of Capitarise went out of their way to make our stay in their apartment comfortable.
  • The apartment itself! We stayed in a unit with one bedroom, one bathroom, one toilet (separate from the bathroom), a living/dining area, and a small kitchen. The smart layout — together with the floor-to-ceiling windows and the liberal use of mirrors — made the apartment feel very spacious, even with four of us staying there. The windows also provided nice views of the sea and the distant mountains, which I loved; nothing like the sight of sunlight breaking through clouds and the varying hues of mountains beyond mountains beyond mountains to lift one’s spirits. There was a cable TV and DVD player; the WiFi was reliable. The kitchen had a huge fridge, an electric kettle, and a microwave. And the apartment had a legit Japanese toilet with all sorts of nifty buttons, which delighted me to no end. 😀
  • And our favorite: the pool. The clean, new 60-m long infinity pool was perfect for doing laps, while the endless supply of green and yellow lounge chairs was perfect for doing nothing. There was a separate smaller pool for kids but even the big pool had steps and shallow-ish parts where kids can stay safely, gradually becoming deeper towards the “infinity” edge. And we had the pool to ourselves when we were there so…perfect.

A few pics from our stay at 8 Newton Blvd:

Where to stay in Cebu_8 Newtown Blvd_Condo_04

Where to stay in Cebu_8 Newtown Blvd_Condo_03

Where to stay in Cebu_8 Newtown Blvd_01

Where to stay in Cebu_8 Newtown Blvd_Pool_02






Where to Stay (or Staycation) in Cebu: 8 Newtown Blvd (Cebu Airbnb)
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10 Responses

  1. Wonderful you got to do a staycation!! Your little monkey is just about the most adorable thing. Beautiful family. And boy would I not mind moving into that apartment complex!

    1. Thank you!! How about you, do you have anything special planned this summer, or are you going to stay in and have a wonderfully lazy stress-free break?

      1. I’m busy between work & some family stuff buuuuut a friend & I are talking over traveling in mid-late December or January. It’s 50/50 right now but the plan is for me to visit friends in Colorado and then meet up with my friend in California. Hope it works out! And, I guess this doesn’t count for summertime since it was spring but in May I went to the Adirondack Mountains and got a li’l break then=)

        Did you get to finish the movie yet?
        What’s your next trip?
        Happy summer!

      2. I’ve read of the Adirondack Mountains before (just the name, really) but I just Googled it and it’s gorgeous! Bet you took a lot of great photos there. Your winter plans sound great too — I hope they push through. I don’t have anything planned till January either, it’ll be a family trip to Baguio, which is in the biggest island in the Philippines, a plane and bus ride away from where I live. We don’t have winter here but Baguio is up in the mountains so it’s as close as we can get to winter. 😀 Though it’s lowest temp is really just around 10 deg C but it’ll be a nice experience 😀 I have yet to finish the movie! End of month is always busy but definitely making time this weekend. Hey it’s the Fourth of July on Monday, isn’t it? Happy independence day!

      3. Blarg! I only have a second so I’ll come back to properly comment later but thanks for the Happy 4th of July remark & your next visit up in the mountains sounds WONDERFUL! That weather will be refreshing I bet and around 10 ° C (50° F here) is my favorite weather temp so I really really do think it will be nice!
        Enjoy the end of your week & I hope it’s filled with happy stuff.

      4. Maybe I’ll post some pictures from the ADK mountains trip sometime soon! Baguio is gonna be lovely. What will you do while you’re there? Just relaxing or lots of activities?

      5. Would love to see your ADK photos! Baguio — I haven’t really figured it all out yet but I’ll be with my parents and my son (and my sister) so probably nothing too physically challenging. My mom likes trying the local food so we’ll probably do something along those lines. And I want my son to try horseback riding. Actually *I* want to do horseback riding 😀 I’ve only tried riding a horse maybe 2 times in my whole life so I really want to do that too. 😀

      6. I remember you mentioning horseback riding before so that has got to make your list! I hope you can do it. Maybe I can post some pictures tonight or tomorrow=) Thanks for the interest<3

  2. There have been a lot of new buildings to be raised in Mactan Newtown. And I can’t wait to see all of those. This one looks cool, the poolside is what I love the most. Thank you for sharing this post. Looking forward reading more on this.

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