— travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams —

travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my travels this year, it’s this.

It’s not about what you’ve seen or where you’ve been.

It’s about what you thought when you saw it. It’s about how you felt when you got there.

It’s about who you were before that moment, and who you became after it.

It’s about the sudden shift in the earth, the tremor that went through your heart, the inexplicable feeling of being more alive than you were moments ago.

It’s about the light that suddenly brightened up your eyes, or the light that was just as suddenly extinguished from them.

It’s about realizing you’ve changed, or realizing you’re still who you’ve always been.

It’s about motion. It’s about stillness. It’s about the headlong rush into unfamiliar terrain, or the feeling of being the only one left standing in a whirling, swirling world.

It’s about a million different things, or a million different nothings.

But it’s never, never, never about where you’ve been. Because otherwise…what’s the point?



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  1. Hi there,I’m trying to contact u for so many days.I need some extra info n knowledge papers needed for a philippina to apply n work in france with a long stay visa(Employement)visa..I reviewed all documents on ur website but I nida know u said earlier in ur articles -“better be safe than sorry ”
    Can I contact u on an email where I can get a quicker response?
    Please mail me for confirmation
    Thanks n God bless you..

    1. Hi Dan. Sorry, I can’t help you — I haven’t tried applying for an employment visa so I don’t really know much about it. Good luck though.

    1. Thank you Rashmi! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am you found this post. It’s one of those posts that the blogger feels so strongly about but only a few people ever read lol. On a completely unrelated note, I’ve just read one of your most recent posts, and it’s so cool about that wooden board game — we have something like that here in the Philippines, we call it sungka. I wonder if we play it the same way. Anyway, thanks again for dropping by. xx

  2. Hey! Loved your writing. I just recently went on my first solo trip which made me really focus on my inner self and I think I can agree that no matter how great the places are, it’s really about what happens inside of you and what you make of it. Wish you luck on all your future travels!! ♥️

    1. Hi Jane! Thanks so much for dropping by and for your kind words. I read about your solo trip to HCMC earlier and was inspired by the whole sense of adventure of it. Good luck on your future travels too! xx Gaya

  3. Love this article Gay. Truly inspiring :). It’s not about where you have been, not about the moments you were immersed in sheer wonder. Often times, the real marvel that these travels brings, is the unexpected longing of a better and happier you, to reach home again.

    I miss traveling.

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