Culloden Battlefield

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Because I don’t have the words.

If you want to know a bit more about the Jacobite Rebellions, Andrew Ross MacDonald’s website is a good place to start. Andrew, of Hame Tours, is a local historian, folklorist and traditional Scots singer and his guidance was extremely valuable to us in understanding Scotland’s heritage and culture, including the circumstances surrounding and consequences of the battle of Culloden. It’s a tragically fascinating chapter of Scottish history and the events that followed were just horrible. If you take my land from me, give it to some Sassenach, break up my clan, forbid me from, basically, being myself, and replace me with freaking sheep, I think I would like independence too! (As a person from a country that was under cruel Spanish rule for over 400 years then sold to the Americans, ransacked by the Japanese, and then looted by our very own credentials-faking shoe-hoarding couple, you bet I can relate.) But that’s another issue…

Anyway, Culloden battlefield was, unexpectedly, the part of Andrew’s Highlands tour that touched me the most. Those three yellow flowers in front of the Mixed Clans gravestone are actually mine. If you are ever in the Highlands, don’t hesitate to give Andrew a call — (+44) 7742 011300 / (+44) 7768 180061 — or email him at

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