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Image by Ester Inbar via Wikimedia Commons
Image by Ester Inbar via Wikimedia Commons

According to the Embassy of Israel in Manila, Filipinos don’t need to obtain a tourist visa before departing for Israel. Instead, visitors will be interviewed at the port of entry.

These are the documents you will need to present:

  1. Confirmed round trip ticket with onward flight
  2. Philippine passports – must be valid for more than six months after the intended date of return
  3. Sufficient pocket money worth at least US$2,000 (cash or travellers cheque)
  4. Confirmed hotel reservations


  • If an establishment or tourist agency is sponsoring your trip, you will also need to present a letter of invitation from them.
  • Entry to Israel is not guaranteed even if you have the documents listed above.
  • Visas are required for people who intend to work or study in Israel. To schedule an appointment, scan the data page of your passport, indicate the intended date of travel to Israel, and email it to Answer the security questionnaire that will be sent to you. You will then receive an email indicating your appointment schedule along with a list of documents required for your visa application.
  • Do not transact with people who claim they can obtain Israeli visas for a fee.
Image by Yaakov Shoham (Public domain) via Wikimedia Commons
Image by Yaakov Shoham (Public domain) via Wikimedia Commons



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Filipinos don’t need a visa to go to Israel! Here are the 4 documents you need to go on a pilgrimage or tour.
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46 Responses

  1. Ayay! This is really nice! So let’s scratch off the visa, which makes everything easier! A question though: for the “hotel reservations,” is it really necessary that it should be a hotel? Sheila and I are budget backpackers, and we usually stay in bed and breakfasts or budget inns.

    1. Hi Gian!

      I haven’t actually tried so I can’t say for sure, but I know in other countries that require hotel reservations for visas, “hotel” can include B&Bs, inns, hostels, even Airbnb. I think what’s important is that you have a document that shows that your reservation has been confirmed, so you can just print out your confirmation email from wherever you’re staying. 🙂 Sige adto dayun mo Holy Land!! 🙂

    2. My hubby and I are planning to go this end of May. I’m staying in guam but still filipino passport holder. Meaning i can still go to israel without tourist visa. Right? Haha. Nindot muadto sa holy land one of my dreams gyud.

  2. i am planning to travel in israel together with my bf..He lives in israel, do i need to have a lettee of invitation or hotel accomodation if I’ll stay on his place?

      1. Hi, thank u for answering my question.
        He is not going to support my stay. I will be all my expenses alone. What are the possible questions in israel immigration?

    1. Hey! Did it work out for you? there is a girl I want to invite from the Philippines to visit me, and she will stay with me instead of a hotel, did you have any trouble with the immigration officers saying that?

  3. Hi iv read post about the israeli stamp it kinda scares me, some peoples said it will prevent you to enter other muslim countries. do you have some tips how to avoid it?

    1. Hi olalalababe, I’ve heard about something like that but I haven’t personally experienced it so I don’t have any tips to offer, sorry.

  4. Me and my filipino bf are planning to visit israel atleast 15days.since i am young i want to see and visit where jesus was born.mern po b d2 naka experience to viait israel ano po mga possible n question nla pagdting sa israel immigration?thank u po sa mag aadvice.

  5. Hi, my bf is from israel and hes inviting me to visit him there, all hes expenses and already have invitation letter from worries are all about the immigration here in manila.

  6. Hi,im living in iloilo my bf is from israel he’s inviting me to be there this may,he will send me money for all the expenses,i have just passport,I’ll just stay there for 1 month its be hard for me to get there?

  7. Hi there I am martin from the philippines and now a student in ukraine.. Im still a philippine passport holder.. My friends and his family invited me to visit them in israel im just wondering what kind of documents do I need? And do I get visa upon the arrival in Israel? Can I just fly there straight from ukraine?

    1. Hi Martin. If you’re still a Philippine passport holder then you would just need the documents listed in this article. Re: your last question, you don’t have to come back here to the Philippines, and then fly to Israel if that’s what you mean, because the interview and review of documents will be done at the port of entry (ie, in Israel) and not at the point of departure.

  8. Hi! Ask ko. So, ang visa is upon entry lang to Israel? Kung complete imu requirements that you listed, you can fly directly to Israel?

    1. Hi Macel! Yes. This is the direct quote from the Israeli embassy: “According to the Bilateral Agreement between the State of Israel and the Republic of the Philippines, Filipinos do not need a tourist visa prior to departure for Israel. All visitors will be interviewed at the Port of Entry. After having sufficiently answered the questions of the immigration officer, a visa will be issued prior to entry.” 🙂

  9. hi. My mother want to invite me and my 2 year old son, my mother is a Filipino but already acquire her Israeli citizen.
    I just want to ask if its realy need to have 2000$ as a show money? meaning we need 4000$? 2000$ for me and 2000$ for my son?

    1. Hi Ednalyn! Yes, the $2,000 pocket money is one of the requirements listed by the Israeli embassy and presumably it is per person. (But don’t worry, you won’t have to actually spend it, and it can be in cash or travellers cheque.)

      1. Hi nina i want to talk with you we are same situations add me on fb my name is ayieh MO ..i wait ur mesage there tnx

  10. Hello I live in us for 38 years. and I have a green card holder. and still Pilipino passport. my company wanted to send to Israel. do I need a visa just for staying a month or two? Thanks

    1. Hi! My name is Marjorie, I am so glad to read all of your posts: please, May i have suggestion: I am working in Amman and wish to visit in a Holy Place in Jerusalem and Bethlehem this coming Easter holiday season with my Auntie and uncle. We are Filipinos. We just go by Land or car to boarders.We already made a hotel reservation and it was confirmed. and of course we have enough allowance i mean pocket money for we want also to buy a Souvenir. I was in Jerusalem 6 yrs ago but my auntie and uncle haven’t. is it difficult to enter? We only visits for 2 nights and 3 days days and go back to Amman for work. what else do we need to bring? are there any buses from the boarders to Bethlehem? how much it cost? thank you so much. your kind response is appreciated!

  11. Thank you for your quick response 🙂 actually i read some blogs about the exit from Israel to shar emshiek that is an island located at egypt, that they dont need a visa upon entering in egypt, and then fly back to Israel.

    1. Ahhh, okay! Thanks for passing on that info. Is that for people working in Israel? Is it hard to get a long-term working visa there?

  12. Hello! my bf is an Israeli guy. He wanted me to be with him in Israel but I am married but separated here in the Philippines. What is the best thing to do? He wanted me to go there first as a tourist and stayed with him. Is it alright if I have a letter of invitation from him instead of confirmed hotel reservations???

    1. Hi Nina! I’m sorry I don’t know if that would be okay, considering you’re still technically married here in the Philippines. To be safe, I would probably suggest just booking a hotel that you can cancel for free later on. You can find them at

  13. hi.. i would like to ask if i will visit in Israel then i came from Dubai what process i should do? My boy friend he will pick me up in the border so no need for hotel booking and all? can you please help what i will do for the procedure and some requirements to visit the Holy Land….here’s my email add

    1. Hi Jona! I’m afraid all I know about the topic is contained in this article. If you need more help, perhaps you can ask acquaintances who have been in the situation as you, or you can approach a travel agency. Good luck.

  14. hello po! I’m planning to go to Israel by next year to visit the Al Aqsa Mosque, do you know some travel agency that can help me? Thanks

  15. Hello.. My bf is Israeli guy we already meet here in philippines and we have some photos to prove in immgration that we meet and we have relation..he wants to invite me to visit and stay with him for 2 months.he will support my expenses and stay there. Its possibly i can pass the immgration officer or its possible ma offload aq.anyway i been in Israeli last 2016..i was invited of my cousin to visit her..

    1. Hi, Miss Ann – Just a quick question lng sana, hndi nmn kuti ung immigration when you visited last to Israel noh regarding the mga questions nila? I’m planning to go there with my grandma on May 2018 kasi, may roundtrip plane ticket and accommodation kami as proof. Hoping to get a response from you. Thanks!

  16. So nervous for my Israel trip tomorrow. Hoping all is well. Is it really hard to pass thru immigration of Israel.

  17. Hello i have a question… I hope I can get an answer here… My friend was invited by her Israeli friend to come and visit Israel for 2mos… She will be staying at her Israeli friend’s house and will take carr all the expenses… She doesn’t even have half of that pocket money but she can secure a letter (notarized) that this Israeli friend will take care of everything…would that be ok?

  18. Hello, i arrived philippines last feb. 11, 2018 the daughter of my employer invites me to visit them, do you think i can enter to israel,,, regarding to the daughter of my employer she is ready to send me her id number as my guarantee,,, ty fo the response

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