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travelon_tifA good friend just gave me this anti-theft travel bag that I can’t wait to use. It has locks, cut-proof straps, RFID blocking compartments, the works, but my favorite feature is the cute LED light attached to an internal strap — brilliant for when you’re looking for something in the dark.

I’ve written about the time I almost got robbed in Paris, but I had another near-theft experience on that trip. We were in Brussels Midi, eating waffles while waiting for our train to Amsterdam, when we saw a well-dressed young man lift one of our bags. At first I thought he only meant to move it so he can sit on our table, but on second thought, there were a lot of empty seats in other tables so it didn’t make sense… Fortunately, my companion had the presence of mind to quickly take the bag from him and the well-dressed guy immediately walked away, leaving us rather startled and bemused by the whole incident.

Nothing happened during our mini-layover in notorious Milano Centrale, but something could very well have! There were a lot of dodgy characters about, especially in McDonald’s. (Well, of course — there we all were, obvious tourists just ripe for the picking.) I swear I had one leg hooked around my luggage and the straps of another bag wound around my arm while eating french fries.

So…yeah, an anti-theft travel bag is A Really Good Thing. (Thank you, Tif!)

My erstwhile favorite travel bag is this super-light wheelie that fits most airlines’ specs for carry-on luggage, purchased on an impulse at the Zaandam Primark. Not only does it weigh very little, I love that the metal bars of its trolley are at the sides instead of at the center and therefore don’t interfere with packing. My Roxy backpack — which I bought when my family and I were in Ho Chi Minh, so I suppose I should say “my ‘Roxy’ backpack” — also saw a lot of use in the past year. I usually bring it on weekend trips, or as my carry-on bag and/or day bag on longer jaunts.

What’s your favorite travel bag? Have you ever had a bag lost or stolen while traveling?

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