Sample Daily Schedule for Japan Visa Application

SGMT Japan Kyoto Fushimi Inari 01To get a Japanese visa, you need to submit (among other requirements) a daily schedule for your entire stay in Japan. The website of the Japanese embassy has a sample daily schedule — or Schedule of Stay, as they call it — but if you want to see something a visa applicant actually submitted, here’s a look at mine:


SGMT Japan Visa_Schedule of Stay_Sample

It was November and I was mostly there to check out the fall foliage (because, as you may or may not know, it’s always summer in the Philippines). Usually, on trips, I make an itinerary and then, when I’m actually there, deviate freely from it. My Japan trip was no exception — I didn’t get to visit half of the places I listed here, but I accidentally got to Nara, which was nice. (Tell you about that later.)

Anyway, this was the Daily Schedule / Schedule of Stay that I submitted as part of my visa application for Japan, and I hope it helps other visa applicants out there.

Read my other article How to Get a Japanese Visa in Cebu for a quick and easy guide on, well, getting a Japanese visa. Some of the information in the article — like the contact details for accredited agencies — are geared towards visa applications filed in Cebu, but everything else, the procedure, the requirements, are the same for anyone anywhere in the Philippines.


Good luck and enjoy your Japan trip!

Sample Daily Schedule for Japan Visa Application
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