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travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

The Country Between Rome and Florence

Countryside between Rome and Florence

Scenes from the train ride to my final destination last February: . . . . . Details: Departure station: Roma Termini Arrival station: Firenze S. M. Novella Train: Frecciarossa 9420 Seat: 1A (choose this seat if you don’t want anyone sitting beside you) Cost: 24.90 € (booked 90 days prior at Trenitalia) . . .

When The Moon Hits Your Eye…

♥ Cobblestone streets, cafes, trattorias… Trastevere sounded too Instagrammable to still be true. I almost skipped it, if not for the fact that I had no idea how to get back to my B&B from Campo de Fiori. I did know that if I could just get to the bus stop at Lungotevere Aventino — just down the […]

A Tryst in Trastevere

♥ Something about these two just caught my eye. . . Had I stumbled on a tryst? A temporary arrangement? A dangerous liaison? A lifelong affair? A plot? An intrigue? A desperate rendezvous? Something in their look just didn’t speak “happily married old couple” to me. But what I do know? I’m in Italy. In Trastevere. […]

Trust Your Instincts When You Travel

Or how a stringy-haired stranger by the Tiber caused me to do some probably silly things. ♥ ♠ The Tiber’s riverbanks, bathed in the light and warmth of Rome’s winter sun, didn’t seem like the sort of place one was likely to have an unwanted adventure. On the contrary, it looked impossibly inviting and peaceful, […]

Old Rome

♥ My last afternoon in Rome. ♥ ♥ From the Pantheon, I wandered off to the Piazza Navona, said to be one of Rome’s most beautiful squares. Barely a minute after I got there, a cameraman approached me and asked me to hold up a sign saying Niente! as part of a music video they were […]

It Snows Inside This Church

The Pantheon

♥ Or it would if it were also snowing outside, admittedly a tall order for a city like Rome. Nonetheless, snow can and does — check YouTube — drift through the oculus, the astonishing opening in the astonishing dome of the Pantheon. And despite its seemingly wholehearted embrace of the elements, the Pantheon is said to be the only […]