— travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams —

travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

Exchanging pesos to pounds

* For months, I’ve been telling everyone that they can get the best exchange rate from their home country’s currency to the local currency by simply bringing their ATM card and withdrawing money wherever they are. In Bali, for example, the rate I got through the ATM was nearly equivalent to the actual exchange rate, meaning […]

Packing tips: How to fit 10 days’ worth of clothes into a single backpack

* Somebody asked me how I fit 10 days’ worth of clothes into a single backpack, considering my beloved Northloom Miguee isn’t that big. There are a lot of articles containing packing tips out there, so I’m just going to list down a few tips that aren’t as publicized. Compress your clothes in Ziploc bags. […]

Thrifty eating: How to save on food while traveling

“Where to eat” is one of the last things I research for a trip, if at all. I usually eat wherever I happen to be at mealtime as that just makes sense to me time-wise. Plus, it seems to me an exercise in heartbreak to hunt down the area’s most raved-about restaurants only to realize […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Traveling by Train on Your Next Trip Abroad

Countryside between Rome and Florence

* * For those who take them day in and day out, trains are probably as romantic as, oh, lawnmowers. And when they’re not running as well as they should, they’re often a source of consternation (and/or mini-heart attacks) for regular commuters. In fact, I’d probably be hard-pressed to explain to people who have to take trains […]