— travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams —

travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

How Much to Budget for El Nido (6 days, 5 nights)

How Much to Budget for El Nido (6D/5N)) | SGMT  — An El Nido vacation can cost as little as ₱5,000 to as much as…I don’t know…₱5,000,000 or more. This budget, which we used for our Palawan trip last June, is somewhere in between. It’s nowhere near luxurious but it’s not exactly cheap either. It’s […]

Dolphins are always a good idea

Dolphin Watching in Puerto Princesa | SGMT  —  Who doesn’t love dolphins? (No, seriously, who doesn’t?) We had the chance to go dolphin watching on our last day in Palawan and it was absolutely one of the highlights of our 6-day Puerto Princesa/El Nido itinerary. Our flight back to Cebu was scheduled to depart Puerto Princesa  at 3:20 […]

Nacpan Beach: To Go or Not To Go (and Spend P1500)

SGMT — I’ll be honest: if the tricycle driver hadn’t offered to take us to Nacpan Beach for P1000 — instead of the usual P1500 — I might never have gone. Nacpan Beach has been described in superlatives ranging from “the best beach in El Nido” to “the most beautiful beach in the world.” Friends […]

Sunset at Marimegmeg Beach

SGMT | Sunset at Marimegmeg Beach —  Do yourself a favor. If you’re going to El Nido, set aside at least one day for beach bumming. Spend a lazy afternoon at Marimegmeg Beach and stick around for the sunset. You won’t regret it. * * It was more bed weather than beach weather, the day […]

Island Hopping in El Nido: Combo Tour A & C

SGMT —  It was our first time in El Nido, and it wouldn’t be our last — or so our guides assured us. According to both Jack, the tricycle driver we engaged on our arrival in town, and Sam, the boatman who led our island hopping tour the next day, most of the people who come to El Nido […]

How to Survive the Van to El Nido

2016 July 02  |  SGMT —  El Nido, Palawan is paradise on earth, but as with most paradises, it’s a little tricky to get to. Visitors with a generous budget can fly direct to El Nido via AirSwift; everyone else must fly first to Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan, and from there take a 6-hour ride by bus […]