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Busking in Amsterdam

SGMT Amsterdam Free Things to Do

If, on the 25th of next month, you happen to be in Amsterdam, and you see a busker that you think sorta maybe slightly possibly looks a teeny tiny bit like me… Come say hi. It’ll probably be me.

Free Things to Do in Amsterdam

SGMT Amsterdam Free Things to Do

As anyone who’s ever planned a trip to Amsterdam probably already knows, the Dutch capital can be an expensive place to visit. Surprisingly, however, there’s still a lot of fun, free things to do there, from boat rides to concerts…even jazz improv sessions!

7 countries in 18 days: A sample European itinerary

What do you do if you’ve got 18 days in Europe and want to see a little bit of everything? See a little bit of everything! 7 countries, 9 cities in 18 days. (Well, it’s actually 5 countries, 1 city-state, and 1 principality, but the latter two are technically countries, and “7 countries” somehow makes it […]


Rain puddles reflected the somber sky as I stepped outside Centraal station. The giant Christmas tree in front was brightly lit, though the clock inside clearly said 9:30. Where I lived, the 9:30 sun would render Christmas lights irrelevant — it would be high in the sky, blinding with tropical glare — but not here. […]