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travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

10 Best Hong Kong Hotels and Hostels Near a Train Station

Hong Kong hostels and hotels near an MTR station

Many travellers — particularly those who anticipate having to drag suitcases and toddlers — prefer to stay in accommodations with easy access to public transportation. Luckily, there’s no shortage of hotels and hostels near an MTR (train) station in Hong Kong.

10 Best Cheap Accommodations in Sydney

♥ ♥ For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing research for a trip to Sydney, Australia and I’ve come to one conclusion: it’s expensive! My nieces’ school choir is participating in an event in Sydney from July 5-16 and in particular I’ve been looking for accommodations that are central, well-reviewed, and at the same […]

Where to stay in Siargao

* My family recently spent a weekend in Siargao and we stayed at Ocean 101 Cloud 9 Surf Resort. To help you decide whether or not to stay there, here’s a list of what we loved and didn’t love about our accommodations. Pros Location — 5-minute walk to the Cloud 9 boardwalk, where the fiercest […]

Where to stay in Bangkok: On8 Sukhumvit

* * The first time I went to Bangkok, way back 2005, my family and I stayed at First House Hotel. We stayed in adjoining twin rooms so we had more than enough space, and we loved their buffet breakfast. First House was also just across the road from Pantip Plaza — we didn’t buy any electronics, but […]

Where to Stay in Bali: The Royal Eighteen Resort and Spa (Kuta)

* There were several things I looked for when I was searching for accommodations in Kuta: Proximity to the beach – Kuta is famous (or infamous) for its waves and its parties, and though I’m neither a surfer nor a party girl, I thought it would be worth checking out. Proximity to the St. Francis […]

Where to Stay in Bali: Narendra Guest House (Ubud)

It was past 10 in the evening when we arrived at Narendra Guest House. Our side trip to Uluwatu had taken longer — much longer — than I’d expected and we hadn’t been able to give notice that we would be checking in late, so I was feeling more than a bit guilty. Our host […]