— travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams —

travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

How to Save $400 on Philippine Airlines Flights to London

SGMT —  Four words: fly through Hong Kong. Yep. Because of…reasons…a Manila-London-Manila ticket will actually be cheaper — and not just cheaper but cheaper by 400 US dollars — if you tack on a Hong Kong-Manila leg and a Manila-Hong Kong leg. –

8 Things Doctors and Nurses Need to Do During an In-Flight Medical Emergency

In all the times I’ve traveled, I’ve only ever witnessed one in-flight medical emergency. A middle-aged businessman had temporarily lost consciousness but was okay within a few minutes; altogether, nothing too serious. Still, there was a moment of heightened alertness when we all heard over the airplane’s PA system, “Is there a doctor on board?” […]

Does your Cebu Pacific ticket include the terminal fee?

. . Have you ever finished checking in to your flight then wondered if you should still join the queue at the terminal fee counter? (No? Just me?) What makes it a bit confusing is that the answer to “Does your Cebu Pacific ticket include the terminal fee?” varies with where you are and where you’re […]

Before you book a flight with AirAsia Zest (Philippines), consider this.

They cancelled flights between Cebu and Cagayan de Oro starting last July 1, 2015. They are cancelling flights between Cebu and Davao starting September 1, 2015. If they’re cancelling flights between major cities, who knows what flights they’re going to cancel next? For those of us who take advantage of seat sales to book flights […]

Piso Sale! How to Get the Cheapest Airfare Deals

I get asked this a lot: how do I find cheap flights? It’s a great topic to explore especially now that airlines have dropped fuel surcharges, a move mandated by the government when oil prices dropped. Last year, a “piso” flight from Cebu to Singapore (that is, a flight with a base fare of PHP1) cost […]

Can you pool your baggage allowances if you’re traveling as a group?

* If you’re traveling as a group — if you’re traveling with your family, say, or with a group of friends — will airlines allow you to combine your respective baggage allowances? That is, if there are 4 of you, and each person is allowed 20 kg checked baggage each, can one person’s bag weigh more than […]