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travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

7 things you should know before planning your trip to Batanes

Answers to frequently asked questions about the paradise in the far north of the Philippines *   1. How much will a Batanes trip cost? * First of all, I’m not going to play the my-Batanes-trip-was-cheaper-than-yours game. My Manila-Basco-Manila ticket, bought during a Philippine Airlines promo, cost me less than P1,500 (yep, round trip) but if […]

The Rolling Hills of Batanes

The Rolling Hills of Batanes, joked the guide, are so called because it is very easy to accidentally go rolling down the hills — if not to painful injury (or worse), then certainly to acute embarrassment. Not only are the inclines steep, the winds are very strong, and you have to make your way carefully through every ascent and descent. […]

The Ordinary

* 7/17/2014 I’ve just watched my first sunset in Batanes, though it’s already my third day in this beautiful island and I’m staying at an inn with unhampered views of the western sea. Somehow spectacular sunsets are a bit of an anticlimax here, where stunning sceneries are the norm during the day and even the […]

Because He has nothing better to do?

The Honesty Coffee Shop in Batanes was born out of economic imbalance: the demand (for mid-morning coffee) was greater than the supply (of shopkeepers — the owner was a schoolteacher who could not afford to be late for class). Faith in humanity (and spot-on business intuition) led the schoolteacher to set up a shop, untended, […]

How much will a Batanes trip cost?

* A trip to Batanes, the breathtakingly beautiful island chain in the northern tip of the Philippines, can easily break the bank — but it doesn’t have to. Here’s a quick guide to budgeting for your Batanes trip. Airfare Look out for seat sales. * A regular topic of conversation among tourists in Batanes is […]