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Mar Jefferson Go_Coffee Girl

Remember my ridiculously talented friend Mar Jefferson Go? (I wrote about him here and he created the artwork that we offered to our Typhoon Haiyan donors here.) He posted that coffee painting above on his Facebook page today, and I liked it so much, I just basically stole it — downloaded it from Fb and posted it here without telling him. (Ayaw kasuko, boss!) And I remembered I hadn’t talked about him here in a long while, so here I am, talking about him, which I really like doing because he’s a good guy, a cool guy, and he’s so talented, I think his art deserves to be better known.

Plus, on my birthday a few weeks ago, he sent me this:

Mar Jefferson Go_Smalltown Girls, Midnight Trains

And I was so busy that day, I only managed to say it was very nice and thanks. (Tsk.)

Anyway, here’s where you can find his other stuff:


And if you want to commission artwork, or if you want to collaborate with Mar on a project, you can always get in touch with him at

Happy weekend everyone! 🙂

Art by Mar Jefferson Go | © Small-Town Girls, Midnight Trains. All rights reserved. 

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