Outlaws and dreamers

On the way from the Clava Cairns to Cawdor Castle, Andrew MacDonald (of Hame Tours) played us a few songs from Scottish musician Dick Gaughan. As I looked out the window, the landscape seemed to provide the perfect backdrop for the music and I could’t resist shooting a few clips. If you’re here quite often you know I almost never post videos, but this one I just had to share. It’s a short sub-minute mash of two clips, and the song is just as we heard it in the car so you’ll hear a few extraneous sounds every now and then. The song is called Outlaws and Dreamers — you can find the complete lyrics here.

They’ve called me an outlaw, they’ve called me a dreamer
They said I would change as I aged and grew old
That the memory would fade of the things I had lived through
That the flash fire of youth would slowly turn cold

But I raise up my glass and drink deep of its flame
To those who have gone who were links in the chain
And I give my soul’s promise, I give my heart’s pledge
To outlaws and dreamers and life at the edge

Dick Gaughan boycotted the opening night concert of the Celtic Connections festival earlier this year, in protest to what he perceived was BBC’s biased coverage of the recent independence referendum. In this article about the boycott, one commenter said, “Seems a shame that Mr Gaughan is disappointing both of his fans over an argument that was lost in September last year” and Dick Gaughan himself replied, “Who’s the other one?” 😀


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