Erenee: The Intricate Handbag

Okay, so I probably shouldn't quit my day job to go into product photography. But this is what immediately came to mind when I read this week's Photo Challenge.
Okay, so I probably shouldn’t quit my day job to go into product photography. But this is what immediately came to mind when I read this week’s Photo Challenge.

A lot of skill and patience goes into the crafting of one Northloom bag. The abel, the handwoven textile making up the body of the Erenee bag pictured above, takes a month to weave a 50-yard roll. The enormous time investment is one of the reasons why abel weaving is a slowly dying art, even among the Ilocanos for whom it is a treasured tradition. There aren’t too many young people willing to learn the intricacies of the loom when they could earn bigger, faster, from a more modern career.

If my Miguee backpack is my de facto travel body, the Erenee I’ve come to think of as my Grown-Up Affairs handbag. I first used it to settle some stuff at the bank. I’ve brought it twice to the lawyer’s office. And most recently I carried it to a dinner with college friends, where two of our topics were “during our time…” and “kids these days.” Haha!

I like that it’s a bag that says “serious” and “unconventional” at the same time. It’s not your everyday monogrammed “secretary bag” — though I should be so lucky to even afford what they’re calling bags for secretaries these days — but it has a certain dignity to it. And of course I love the fact that the fabric is made by a dwindling number of traditional weavers, then assembled into the finished product by underprivileged women. For me, Northloom is not just a brand but a cause, and I’m very proud to be supporting and promoting it.

Review_Northloom_Miguee_Philippines_Cebu_Camotes_05You can buy the Erenee handbag and other Northloom bags through Lazada or you can order directly through the Northloom Facebook page. If you just want a quick look at the other Northloom products first, you can see them here. And if you’re looking for a travel backpack, check out my review of the Miguee backpack.

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