Early birds

On our second to the last day in Kuala Lumpur, we rose early, determined to get to the Batu Caves and walk the nearly 300 concrete steps up to the main temple before the sun became unbearably hot. We wolfed down our free breakfast of coffee and kaya-on-toast, said a hasty goodbye to the hostel receptionist, and hurriedly navigated the detours caused by the massive construction in the middle of Bukit Bintang.

But then I saw this from the entrance of the monorail station, and I just had to stop to take a quick picture:

_KL2015_old ladies crossing the street

Isn’t that the cutest sight? Five old ladies, similarly dressed, most of them with handbags matching their clothes, taking an early morning walk together.

Oh, I know there’s probably a staid story behind it — probably going to a free orthopedic clinic, my friend said, or maybe collecting their senior citizen allowances and getting an early start to beat the queues. But I like to imagine they’re just off to have fun. I like to think they decided, just for that day, that they’ll leave their responsibilities at home, ignore their aching joints, and just have a romp ’round the city. Adventurers grow old too, but why shouldn’t their hearts remain young?

Early birds” was created by LSS for travel site Small-Town Girls, Midnight Trains. All rights reserved. 

12 thoughts on “Early birds”

  • I would like to imagine they are out with their friends just having and enjoying what life and its days has to offer. Age and any reasons for that matter should never be a reason for us to have the most amazing times with friends and family. Have a fun weekend.

    • Absolutely. What you wrote just gave me an image of these ladies posting selfies on Instagram with the caption “YOLO.” 😀 Overused or not, I think the wisdom behind YOLO is true, and no one would no that better than someone who has been through most of the days of her life already. 🙂

  • How thoughtful was your thinking…why not ‘young’ at heart when you grow old? Ahh…those ‘Aunties’ as they are called…may be going out for early bird ‘Kopi’ or even work at MacDonalds 🙂

  • Hey! Enough with the old ladies bit! And enough with the aching joints bit! I suppose your general characterization of them comes from their clothes and appearance, and is probably justified. But we’re not all like that 🙂
    And yes, it’s a cute photo 🙂

    • Haha, hi Alison!

      I guess I was actually thinking of my mom — her hair is still 99% black and everyone tells her she doesn’t look like someone over 60, but having lived with her most of my life, I can say (and she would be the first to admit) that she can’t move quite as lithely as she used to, and her joints have a greater tendency to ache after activities that would never have caused joint pains a decade ago. And most of my aunts/great-aunts/neighbors have the same experience, so I guess it was all too easy to transfer their characteristics to the ladies in the pic, since the latter look like the older ladies in our family/community. But you’re right, I shouldn’t generalize!

      My parents are both senior citizens now, and though we like to tease them about it, it actually comes with a lot of benefits. I think I’ll actually LIKE being an old lady (just hopefully not with chronic ailments). 😀

  • Life’s moments never cease to amaze us in what we see in our journey. Good post. Oh and welcome to Kuala Lumpur.

  • Yeah, it’s a cute shot. But I’m thinking just around the corner there are like six dudes waiting. My mother got remarried when she was 65…to a guy much younger. And it’s true, when you get old, you get old. You don’t have to sit in a rocker, but you ain’t 20 any more.

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