It’s Summer/Fall in the Philippines, Sort Of

“I am so over winter!” Not a day goes by that I don’t see this, or something else snow-related, in my News Feed for the past few weeks. I hear one US senator (God bless his simple heart) even brought a snow ball into one of their sessions as proof that global warming is baloney.

Meanwhile, temperatures are already near summer level here in the Philippines. It’s so hot, over half of the grass in our driveway has given up the ghost, and our neighborhood cat — whose name, I kid you not, is Sunny — has to squint while sunbathing.


The Cebu temps say summer, but in the yard, under my father’s lanzones and pomelo trees, it feels like fall.


That’s because we haven’t had a decent amount of rain for over a month; the leaves have dried up and the tiniest gust of wind triggers a shower of orange and brown. In fact, the yard work has become such a burden, we’ve had to enlist a few irregulars to help.


But he gets to learn about plants and synthesize his daily dose of Vitamin D, so it’s all good.


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