Mark Strong!!!!

One of life’s purest pleasures is walking into a movie house expecting to see a film starring so-and-so and discovering it actually also stars Mark Strong.


I’ve just watched Kingsman: The Secret Service and while it’s an absolute shame Mark Strong doesn’t get top billing for these things, it’s also such a delight to squeal (silently), “OMG, Mark Strong is in this movie too!”

I feel so strongly about it that I am writing about it in a travel blog.

I wasn’t even a fan until I started seeing him everywhere. Stardust. Robin Hood. Sherlock Holmes. The Eagle. (I mean, I can’t even believe I’ve seen The Eagle, much less found Mark Strong in it.) A host of other films I haven’t seen. And some really good ones. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy! Zero Dark Thirty! The Imitation Game! And now Kingsman.

Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do if I go to London, get on the Tube, and see Mark Strong. Would I be like “OMG, Mark Strong is in the Tube too!”? The surreal-ness would kill me.

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