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travel inspiration for small budgets and big dreams

Paris Gare de Lyon | Image by Mbzt (CC BY 3.0)
Paris Gare de Lyon | Image by Mbzt (CC BY 3.0)

It was a last-minute decision to stay at the Hotel Terminus Lyon (and by “last-minute” I mean that the decision was made a few days before we filed our visa application, 2 months before our trip). We had planned to take a sleeper train from Nice to Paris, to save on time and accommodations, but it turned out there were no sleepers scheduled that night. We therefore decided we would just take a TGV that arrived in Paris right before midnight and sleep at a hotel near the station.

The Hotel Terminus Lyon is just across Gare de Lyon and was exactly what we needed. It’s a no-frills hotel that was nevertheless very clean and comfortable and had the essentials (and by “essentials” I of course mean WiFi). Staying near the train station also meant that we could easily transfer the next day to the hotel where we stayed during the rest of our time in Paris. We got a double room for USD 75 with an early bird discount — we were there on a January — but their actual room rates vary greatly within the year or even within a week.

Hotel Terminus Lyon_2015 03 (March)

Hotel Terminus Lyon_2015 06 (June)

Hotel Terminus Lyon (Official Website) | | TripAdvisor

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  1. on Saturday when I was in Pirot, I met these two amazing ladies (quite by chance) who have travelled the world… and were telling me amazing things about Paris… the more I travel the more I realize I have not seen anything yet…

    1. True, it’s such a big world. I’m starting to accept I won’t be able to see everything I want to see (unless I suddenly win the lottery or something) but I guess what’s important is to make the trips that we DO take count. 🙂

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