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I can’t draw. Can’t. And that’s not just modesty. I once sketched an apple, showed it to my son, asked him what it was, and he couldn’t identify it. No kidding — he really didn’t realize it was an apple, and he knows apples. So…I can’t draw. I resign myself to words.

Mar Jefferson Go Art

My friend Mar Jefferson Go can draw, but he doesn’t draw apples — he draws dreams. In the world of his imagination, oceans are home to planets, fish take flight with kites, paper boats set sail for unknown lands, and the heavens melt in purple strings.

Photo of "CONNECTED" | Wood 23" x 31" | Graphite, color pencil & acrylic
Photo of “CONNECTED” | Wood 23″ x 31″ | Graphite, color pencil & acrylic

“Connected” is Mar’s latest work and it features a child, like so many of his masterpieces. He says it’s a tribute to the limitless imagination of children, to their creativity unfettered by rules or reality, but I suspect — in the same way that many writers’ main characters are actually iterations of themselves — that Mar is also simply drawing a world that the child in him wishes he can inhabit. It’s an expression of his hopes for himself, for his family, and he’s inviting us to travel through, for a while.

You can see more of Mar Jefferson Go‘s work on:

Get in touch with him at boatpaperplane[at]gmail[dot]com.
(He accepts commissions for artwork. I’m actually saving up for a portrait of the non-apple-recognizing kid.)

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