Where to Stay in Cebu City: Apartment in Grand Cenia


Well, I actually live in Cebu City and wouldn’t normally stay anywhere other than home, but a Citibank/Airbnb promo gave us the idea of going on a staycation of sorts during this year’s Sinulog festival.

Searching Airbnb, my two most important criteria were:

  1. A location near Ayala Center Cebu, so the parade would just be a short walk away and so we could watch the Sinulog fireworks without having to worry about transpo/traffic afterwards; and
  2. A pool, because this little guy just shrieks with joy when he’s jumping into water.

Mikey’s 2-bedroom apartment in Grand Cenia proved perfect for our purposes. Grand Cenia is right across Ayala, and one of the apartment’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows faced east, so we had a front-row seat to the fireworks shows of both Ayala and SM City Cebu. We also enjoyed access to the amenities of Quest Hotel, which is in the same building, including the seventh-floor pools (a 2-ft-deep kids’ pool and a 4-ft-deep wading pool for adults), the gym, and concierge/reception services. Wi-Fi was free, of course (a complete list of amenities can be found at the Airbnb listing).

The proximity to Ayala meant we could just cross the street to buy whatever we needed (like a rashguard, or dinner) and public transportation was easily accessible. Finally, Mikey, the owner, was very quick to reply to messages — something I always appreciate — and booking was completely hassle-free. Overall, we had a great experience staying at his place and would recommend it to anyone looking for accommodations in Cebu City.

All photos taken with a OnePlus One camera, no filters, some photos adjusted only for brightness and contrast.

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Where to Stay in Cebu City: Apartment in Grand Cenia
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7 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Cebu City: Apartment in Grand Cenia”

  • What a beautiful, comfortable apartment, you hit it out of the park with your airbnb pick! I ended up canceling my airbnb reservation last spring so I’ve yet to try it again however I did successfully refer somebody so I have a credit waiting for me to use…this post makes me more excited to get the ball rolling and find an apartment to stay in somewhere-anywhere!

    • Yes! Does the credit expire? If not, you could wait to use it for when you go to Australia (and hopefully drop by the Philippines). OR you could use it to go on a mini-vacation nearby, like when you need a short break from your studies. Either way, I hope you find a great apartment!

  • love your blog and your reply to comments. very insightful and honest. we’re a family of five from canada visiting Cebu in Feb 2016. we haven’t been since 2009 and had more family there last time we went. anyway, just wondering if you can recommend a trusted tourist/travel guide in Cebu (including transportation).

    also, I’ve seen wonderful pictures of Kawasan Falls/Badian Cebu, and wanted to know if you’ve been and if its worth a trip to (my husband’s relatives live in Mandaue)

    adding the trek to osmena peak to our to-do list. would you say that climb is doable for kids? my youngest is 6.

    • Hi Liz! Thank you so much for your comment.

      * Cebu tour guide – I’m sorry, I can’t really think of an official, accredited tour guide. I do have a cousin — and I would hesitate to recommend him, just because of delicadeza, but I do know he can be trusted — who has a Grandia van and often takes Americans around Cebu. His name is Jason and his number is +63 922 601 2857, so you might want to consider him.

      * Kawasan Falls – It’s been ages since I was there, but I’ve also seen recent pics and people seem to be happy with their experience. 🙂 If you are considering going to Oslob to do whale shark watching, there’s another waterfall there that people love – Tumalog Falls. Nearby Samboan also has a couple of falls, so you can just group your activities to make it worth the 3-4 hour trip.

      * Osmena Peak – I think it is doable for kids. I went there with my nieces, the youngest of whom was 9, and we went at a pretty steady pace — I was actually lagging behind my nieces. 😀 I think 6-year-olds can do it, perhaps with a slight pace adjustment. It’s not very far anyway, so even if you slow down a bit, it won’t take you too long to reach the peak.

      I hope all that helps. Have a great homecoming here in Cebu in 2016, and all the best to you and your family. 🙂

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