How to save for a 10-day European holiday in HALF a year (with 1 cheat week!)


Need to cram for a trip (or a big purchase) later this year? Here’s a savings blueprint that you can follow to save PHP 100,000 in 6 months.

  • In this blueprint, the amount you need to save per week decreases from PHP 7,000 in the first week to PHP 1,000 in the last week. This is designed to get the hard part out of the way first, but if you want to start small — the discipline of saving does take some time to get used to — you can simply reverse order.
  • The cheat week is designed to allow for emergencies or for those times when it’s harder than usual to save — birthdays, enrollment week (for those who have kids), Christmas, etc. In the table below, I placed the cheat week after the 3rd week (because that first month is heavy) but you can move it up or down the schedule.
  • PHP 100,000 should be enough for a 10-day multi-city European trip, including airfare, train tickets, admission fees to attractions, accommodations and food. Your actual budget will depend on a lot of things — how many cities you want to visit, whether or not you are able to get cheap plane tickets, etc. — but PHP 100,000 is a good starting estimate. You can also adjust your plans to fit your circumstances: for example, if you didn’t luck out on a seat sale for your airfare, you can make up for it by choosing cheaper accommodation. (My other post How Much Does A European Trip Cost? discusses this budget in more detail.)
1 7,000 7,000
2 6,750 13,750
3 6,500 20,250
cheat week    cheat week    cheat week    cheat week
4 6,250 26,500
5 6,000 32,500
6 5,750 38,250
7 5,500 43,750
8 5,250 49,000
9 5,000 54,000
10 4,750 58,750
11 4,500 63,250
12 4,250 67,500
13 4,000 71,500
14 3,750 75,250
15 3,500 78,750
16 3,250 82,000
17 3,000 85,000
18 2,750 87,750
19 2,500 90,250
20 2,250 92,500
21 2,000 94,500
22 1,750 96,250
23 1,500 97,750
24 1,250 99,000
25 1,000 100,000

If you aren’t in too much of a hurry to save PHP 100,000, you can follow this 1-year savings blueprint instead.

Good luck and happy saving! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How to save for a 10-day European holiday in HALF a year (with 1 cheat week!)”

    • It really is heavy on the pocket, isn’t it? Although I’ve found that doing this is more effective for me than slow and steady saving. 😀 Masakit lang talaga, halos hindi na ako lumalabas ng bahay para wala nang extra gastos. 😀

      • I find your blog very useful and informative 🙂 im actually in the initial stages of planning my 15 day european dream vacation. I have to ask you how much do i need to have in my bank to ensure getting that visa. You said 10k a day then that would be 150k. Is that enough for approval? I mean on the financial aspect only. Thanks!!

      • Hi Audrey2776. Thank you for your kind words! And it’s so great you’re starting to plan your dream vacation.

        Regarding funds — TECHNICALLY, the Schengen countries actually have a rather low requirement for funds. In the Netherlands, for example, the minimum is 34 euros per person per day that you’re staying within the Schengen area, so for 15 days that’s actually only around P27,000. The other Schengen countries probably require a similar amount.

        That said, I think it’s not so much the ACTUAL amount that you have in your bank account, but rather whether you have sufficient funds to pay for your entire trip. So even if you only have, say, P100,000 but you’ve planned your trip in such a way that it’s going to cost less than P100,000, that’s far more acceptable than if you have P300,000 in the bank, but you’re planning on staying in expensive hotels and the activities in your itinerary are going to cost a lot.

        The time I applied for a visa at the French embassy, it was a 10-day trip, and…I’m not sure, but I think I had slightly less than P100,000 in my bank account. BUT I had already paid for my plane ticket and some of my train tickets and hotels. So that was fine.

        In your case, I do think P150,000 is enough. I would suggest that you prepare a budget for your trip and include it in your itinerary so that you can show that the trip is definitely within your means.

        I hope that helps. Good luck!

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