How to Create Your Own Travel Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Or any blog for that matter.

flipflops_When I first toyed with the idea of blogging, I was frankly skeptical. Who would want to read my blog? Who cares what I have to say? Isn’t it just vanity and presumption on my part to think that people out there would want to waste their time on my writings?

Others have their own doubts and roadblocks. “I don’t write well.” “I’m not Internet savvy.” “I’m not sure I’ll have the time to keep it up.”

But there’s just one question you have to ask yourself: do you want to have your own travel blog?

Perhaps you want to have a place to store your travel memories. Perhaps you want to share all the things you’ve learned to others — tips, tricks, things you wish you’d known before you arrived at a certain destination. Or perhaps you just want a venue for collecting your thoughts: sifting through moments, distilling life lessons learned on the road. Whatever your reasons are, if you want to do it, then do it.

And as for not being good enough —

One of my favorite inspirational quotes right now (and ever) was actually just a throwaway line uttered on a noontime show by a little girl who is most known for being funny and dancing the cha-cha. She probably doesn’t even remember saying it. She said:


“I’m not really good at what I do. I just have guts.” (Ryzza Mae Dizon)

And that’s all one really needs: just enough courage to go ahead and do it (no matter what anybody thinks).

Let’s count down how:

1_choose a blogging platform
Choose a blogging platform.

That is, choose which site you want to host your blog. You can go for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or any of the other blogging platforms out there.

Years ago I started with Blogger — it is very easy to use. Tumblr I haven’t had experience with, but they say it’s great for blogs that focus on photos and videos. And Small-Town Girls, Midnight Trains is obviously on WordPress (or maybe not obviously — I treated myself to a custom domain name that eliminates the .wordpress from the URL).

I like WordPress myself. It has more features than Blogger, which I love because I like tinkering. That also means that it takes slightly more time to learn how to use — I found myself intimidated by the Dashboard at first — but you don’t have to worry. WordPress has a lot of clearly-written Support articles that will hold your hand through the learning process. The Learn page, for example, is a great step-by-step guide for absolute beginners and is the page I probably referred to the most when I was creating my blog.

I’ll be talking about WordPress features for the rest of this article (because it is obviously the platform I’m most familiar with) but feel free to choose whatever you decide will suit you best. And don’t overthink it. It’s easy enough to switch to another platform if you feel your first choice isn’t working — or challenging enough — for you.

2_sign up and set up your blog address
Sign up and set up your blog address.

Signing up is very easy. This is what the WordPress signup page looks like:


Just 4 boxes to fill up! All you need is a working email address.

On this step you will be choosing a web address for your blog. Now, because the possibilities are endless, you’ll probably also find yourself hesitating and procrastinating endlessly. But, again, don’t overthink it. You’ll have just-as-endless opportunities to change your blog address later.

You will also have the choice of sticking with your free address (eg, or buying a custom domain name (eg, Having your own domain name is obviously very nice and it adds a bit more legitimacy to your blog (as well as providing you with extra incentive to post — surely you’re not going to pay $18 for an empty blog!) but you don’t have to worry about it if you’re not sure you want to commit just yet. It’s something you can decide on later.

For more info, see: Learn WordPress >> Get Started >>
Picking a web address

3_name your blog and create your tagline
Name your blog and create your tagline.

If you’re creating a travel blog, an ideal name would be something that at least hints at the fact that it’s a travel blog — while differentiating itself from the million other travel blogs out there.

Small-Town Girls, Midnight Trains probably isn’t the best choice for a blog name. For one, if you type that phrase in the Google search bar, all you’ll get will probably be lyrics and videos of the Journey song Don’t Stop Believin’. Also, some of the people who stumble onto my blog are actually searching for, um, girls. (Move along, peeps; it’s not that kind of site.) Overall, though, I’m pretty satisfied with my blog name because: (1) it’s a little catchy (at least for those who know the song); (2) there’s no other blog with a name like it (as far as I know); and (3) it’s pretty representative of what I envision my blog to be: a source of travel inspiration for people who may not have a lot of money (“small-town girls”) but have dreams of traveling the world (“midnight trains”).

Your title will be the face of your blog, but your tagline will give you an extra opportunity to communicate your blog’s personality — that is, what it’s about, who it’s for, what it aims to accomplish. Taglines are a bit of an art form; there are many taglines out there that I wish I’d thought of first. If you feel like you need more time to create a witty tagline, all you need to do is erase the generic tagline assigned to you by WordPress and come back to it at a later date.

For more info, see: Learn WordPress >> Get Started >> Configure basic site settings

And that’s it! You’re done!

You have a travel blog. That was easy, wasn’t it? Okay, you have a zygote of a blog. It’s not even a skeleton, a framework of a blog, just yet. But you’ve accomplished the critical first steps; and as you explore your chosen platform’s features and start channeling your creative energy into it, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily your blog can grow.


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