Ask and you shall receive

We had just emerged into Little India from Exit H of Farrer Park MRT and were scanning the surrounding buildings for Mustafa Centre. My father had a map of Singapore on hand and my sister was leaning over it, trying to help him figure out where we were on the map and in which direction we should head.

Meanwhile, a tall man of South Asian descent was sitting on the steps of the MRT station entrance.

“Hi,” I said to him, smiling. “Which way to Mustafa Centre?”

“Go straight and turn left,” he replied promptly.

And that’s what we did.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my travels so far, it’s that people are usually willing to help, especially if you approach them with a smile. And also that asking for directions is so much easier than reading a map.

Ask and you shall receive” was created by LSS for travel site Small-Town Girls, Midnight Trains. All rights reserved.

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