All of this talk about the iPhone 6 reminds me: I’ve never owned an iPhone in my life. Or a Samsung, for that matter.

It’s not that I’ve never been tempted to buy one. When it came down to it, though, I just couldn’t not balk at the cost. I have a completely serviceable phone (free from my $8/month plan) that I use for calls, text, Instagram, reading ebooks, and occasionally checking the weather in the Isle of Skye in the hope that I may get there someday. That’s really all I need.

nokia1110I like to tell people — when discussing travel funds — that I went to Paris in 2011 with a Nokia 1110 in my pocket. So, as much as I’d like to think that I’m a completely sensible person who’s immune to this keeping-up-with-the-Joneses, latest-is-greatest gadget race, the truth is I just have a different hierarchy of priorities, one that precludes splurging on an iPhone for now. It probably won’t make sense to many people (phones are important) but anyway, that — prioritization — is how I afford to travel.

How do YOU afford your travels?


My 2 cents on how you can afford your dream vacation:

  1. Create a travel fund — start now!
  2. Make it grow — take a look at your current expenses and see where you can save.
  3. Force yourself to save by following the golden rule: INCOME minus SAVINGS minus TRAVEL FUND equals EXPENSES.


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  • I’m so with you! I don’t have a phone at all. I DO enjoy things that cost money sometimes but I am kind of strict throughout the year and very picky how I spend the little bit of money I have…bargain hunting, couponing, clearance items, on sale, garbage sale, used, ect…that’s how I shop. No phone, nothing fancy technologically really…and some people (playfully) make fun of that but I know its worth it when I’m boarding a plan or starting up the car for a road trip. I’ve thought about this a lot and you’re right: phones are important, they’re the way people stay connected & informed, stay safe, document & record, conduct business, ect these days but it’s not my priority and I’m lucky that my life works fine with out that…”stuff” can be fun or make everyday life easier but experiences are more important to me and travel experience is way up there on my priority list.
    Great Post!

    • Absolutely agree — experiences are better than things in my opinion. I mean, if someone told me, do you want an iPhone 6 or return tickets to, say, London, I would probably go for an iPhone 6, but only because I’m willing to work really hard and pay for London tickets myself. 🙂 I love how you point out that you’re lucky your life works fine without all that fancy technology — I suppose some people DO need those gadgets, like if they need them for work for example, then the extra expense would probably be justified by the better quality. I’m lucky in that respect too.

  • Hey! I relate to you so much on this. I also possess a descent smartphone and am very satisfied with it. I even skip shopping on expensive brands to make my travel fund richer.

      • I posted twice…thought my first one didn’t go through. 🙂 Anyway, the photo quality is ok. It’s not as good as the iphone, but certainly better than a lot of the cheaper smart phone versions. Check out the reviews on it, it’s got a lot of good ones. I only use the camera for snapshots, etc.

  • Prices on phones are coming down now. I recently got a Moto G and its a great phone at a very reasonable price. Although I’m not sure you can find it in the Philippines. Anyway, I agree with you that spending huge amounts of money on gadgets that we don’t really need is pointless. At least prices on Smart phones are coming down without loosing quality. The Moto G is really an outstanding phone for the price. http://www.motorola.com/us/Moto-G-%282nd-Gen.%29/moto-g-2nd-gen-pdp.html

  • I agree with the prioritization 🙂 I still have a Nokia 3120, I’ve had it for almost 10 years and I’m so happy about it. I’ve decided to switch to a smartphone (thinking about moto G) since having internet might be useful for my next trip, but I will miss the robustness and the long battery life of my old nokia

  • Same here, I like the way your thoughts bloom. And no matter what others just do what you feel like you wanted to do. You’re going in a right way. And i do think that’s cool way of living.

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