Traveling the True North: Batanes, Philippines

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It’s the Philippines’ northernmost province, but beyond that fact not many, until recently, knew much about Batanes. The few privileged to have paid a visit to this singular string of islands extolled its myriad virtues, but still Batanes hovered below the average traveler’s consciousness.

Until breathtaking photos of rolling hills, verdant pastures and stunning cliffs started making the rounds. Until word started to spread of a place up north that was unlike any other in the Philippines. A place whose landscapes recalled Scotland or New Zealand; a place, in a tropical country, that counted winter as one of its seasons. A place where people leave their bikes unchained by the roadside, knowing no one would ever dream of stealing them. A place whose nature, culture and values are well-preserved, largely untouched by time.

And just like that, a few years later, Batanes is the Philippines’ best-kept secret no longer.

Here, in photographs, is why Batanes is on everyone’s bucket list — and why it needs to be on yours too.

North Batan


Basco Lighthouse and Naidi Hills

Basco Lighthouse_01
Basco Lighthouse_08


Fundacion Pacita

Fundacion Pacita_03
Fundacion Pacita_01


Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel Chapel_02
Mount Carmel Chapel_03


Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills_01
Rolling Hills_06


Boulder Beach

Boulder Beach_01
Boulder Beach_02


South Batan


White Beach



Boat Shelter Port

Boat Shelter Port_01
Boat Shelter Port_02


Alapad Hill and Rock Formation



Chawa Viewing Deck

Chawa Viewing Deck_04
Chawa Viewing Deck_02


Racuh a Payaman (Marlboro Country)

Racuh a Payaman_02


Tayid (Mahatao) Lighthouse

Tayid Lighthouse_01
Tayid Lighthouse_04


Sabtang Island


Sabtang Lighthouse



Savidug Village

Sabtang_Savidug Village_02
Sabtang_Savidug Village_01


Chavayan Village

Sabtang_Chavayan Village_01
Sabtang_Chavayan Village_03


Morong Beach and Mahayaw Arch



Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint

Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint_02
Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint_03
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