Skyscanner why u so cruel?

(Update 10/31: Skyscanner PH sent me a nice note explaining what happened. See comments below.)

Today, October 29, will go down in history as the day Skyscanner gave me a mini-heart attack.

I mean, who wouldn’t get a heart attack from these prices?

Screenshot (524)

Nepal for PHP 333? Australia for PHP 380? South Africa for PHP 456? Shut up and take my money.

Screenshot (525)

Germany for PHP 843? Belgium for PHP 1,408? I DIE.

Screenshot (526)

Italy for PHP 1,415?!?!?! *faint*

Sadly, the Thai Airways website didn’t seem to know what Skyscanner was talking about. I don’t  know if it was a bug in their system, or a bug in Thai Airways’, or if there was some magic way of getting those fares (“Accio unbelievable fares”?), but…I wasn’t able to. No matter how much I tried to “game” Thai Airways’ website.

Hope can be so cruel sometimes. I so wanted to use my Schengen visa again, before it expires.

Don’t laugh. I am seriously heartbroken.

Okay, maybe a little laugh.


*big sigh*

Oh, well.


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