How to get a Japanese visa in Cebu, Manila or Davao (it’s very easy!)

Although this article is mainly about how to get a Japanese visa in Cebu, Manila, or Davao — because these are the cities in the Philippines where Japan’s accredited agencies are located — the requirements and procedure are the same for anyone anywhere else in the Philippines. Those not living in the 3 cities mentioned above simply have to go through an agency affiliated with the officially accredited agencies. Scroll down to learn more.

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Getting a visa to visit Japan is a very simple process. You only need to:

  1. Gather your requirements; and
  2. Submit them anytime to an accredited agency — no need to make an appointment, no need to go to the Japanese embassy for an interview or biometrics.

There is a Japanese embassy in Manila, as well as consular offices in Cebu and Davao; however, starting in 2007, they no longer accept direct visa applications (except in special cases). Instead, visa applicants should just submit their requirements to any of the agencies accredited by the Japanese embassy (see list of accredited agencies below).

Moreover, a Japanese visa is completely free for all Filipinos. Applicants only need to pay the handling fee (usually around PHP 1,000) of the agency processing the visa application.

There were rumors a few months ago that Filipinos might no longer need a visa to visit Japan. This is not true (not yet anyway). What Japan did was to relax the requirements for a multiple-entry visa. You can check if you qualify for a multiple-entry visa HERE. The requirements below are for a single entry tourist visa.

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