The Best Cheap London Hostels: 15 under 1500 php

London lodgings are expensive — even Sherlock needed someone to go halves with him on 221B! — but these 15 hostels strike a good balance between comfort, location, and most of all, price. Here are 15 London hostels with beds less than PHP 1,500 ($33/£23).

15 London Hostels Under 1500_Safestay London Elephant & Castle 03

“What are you up to now?”

“Looking for lodgings,” I answered. “Trying to solve the problem as to whether it is possible to get comfortable rooms at a reasonable price.”

It was Dr. Watson who actually said that — in a conversation in the beginning of A Study in Scarlet with Stamford, his medical colleague who introduced him later that day to Sherlock Holmes — but Watson might as well have been talking about what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been trying to put together a budget trip to London — not for me, for a challenge — and it’s been, well, a challenge. When my sister and I went to London last year, we were incredibly lucky because a high school friend invited us to stay in his flat. (Thank you Rey and Adam!) Unfortunately, not everyone has friends or family in London, so I set out to find lodgings within a Pinoy backpacker’s budget.

Here’s what I did:

  • I ran a search in for accommodations in London (I used my birthday as a sample booking date) and filtered the results to reflect only those properties that had a rating of 7 (Good) or higher. I then sorted the results from lowest to highest price. All rates under PHP 1,500 were for beds in hostel rooms that accommodated anywhere from 6 to 33 people per room — but none of us were exactly expecting a suite at The Goring for that price, right?
  • I cross-checked the ratings with each hostel’s rating and ranking at TripAdvisor.
  • Finally, I opened Google Maps and determined the distance of each shortlisted hostel to its nearest Tube/rail station.

So here it is: my 15 under 1500, in alphabetical order. A summary of the best hostels in each category — price, ratings, distance to Tube, etc. — as well the hostel I would personally choose to stay in if I were to go to London right now are at the end of the post.

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